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    Hi everybody !

    Here is a story about the meeting with a Russian girl Nadezhda from Volgograd. We had some correspondence and agreed about the meeting in St.Petersburg and then to make a visit to Helsinki and Stockholm.
    She told me she has 700 $ and will take care of all her costs during our meeting. Well, we met in St.Petersburg and got her the VISA to Shengen countries in 3 days. I had also reserved us the ship tour Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki + one night in Stockholm. Package price 190 euros. Also I paid beforehand her train from STP to Helsinki about 50 euros. We stayed in Peter for 4 nights to wait for the visa and see around there. All went rather well sofar. We had decided about a serious meeting and looking for the marriage from both sides.
    But already at the first night she came very "aggressive" about the sex. Actually I was not quite sure about our real feelings and also she looked very different from her photos. I see she sent me photos where she was about 22-25. Now she is 32 yrs and looking already different so I decided to behave rather like a friend. But she got her visa and I had paid all our reservations so I decided to go on as we had agree beforehand. But after getting the visa and trip to Stockholm she changed her behaviour. She became very unpolite and did not want to pay me back her costs which she had promised to pay for her trip. She was accusing me about cheating her and that I wanted more money from her. In reality all costs were lower than usual because I had got many special discounts. In this stage I want to tell that she did not know English but we managed to discuss somehow because I know a little Russian. But all the time she spoke very fast language and did not want to use dictionary to explain better. So probably I did not understand all what she explained to me. It was her meaning to behave so to cheat me. Her emails before our meeting were good English and she told that she has a good translator who helps her. But during our meeting the situation was different as I told you. So this kind of behaviour is also a good sign about the intensions to cheat in some way.
    Well, when we arrived back to Helsinki she suddenly told me that she has a friend in Aland. A small island between Finland and Sweden. And she wanted to go there. So I understood that she only wanted me to pay all her costs to meet another friend or a man in Aland !
    And it was also strange that during our meeting she often wanted to look around alone for 30 mins or one hour. But this was because she contacted her other friend by phone and probably planned how to cheat me. She seemed to have some Russian speaking fiends also in Helsinki and Stockholm.

    Finally after a long discussion and quarrel she paid me back part of her costs for the trip to Stockholm and Helsinki as we had agreed beforehand. But not our hotel costs in St.Petersburg and many other costs.
    So I did not want to have any sex with her because I realized that she wanted to use it only to say that I am her boyfriend and should pay all her costs ! This is a common habit in Russia. And we had also many obstacles between us. First it is very difficult to agree about anything serious with a woman who does not know English (or other common language). And what do you think about a woman who does not know what is Christmas or a Bible ? Also she told me that she does not drink or smoke. But she drunk a bottle of strong wine and 7 half liter stoups at night club without even getting drunk very much ! And she tried to smoke behing my back. I do not like smoking women and told about it to her before too.
    So finally I am happy that I could get rid of her because she even did not try to behave correctly.
    I did not lose very much money but anyway about 500 Euros for a trip which was not any success and necessary for me. And finally I got from her 150 Euros back after quarrels and was very happy to get rid of her sooner than planned !

    So what can we learn about such meetings ? Many RUSSIAN WOMEN want to meet you only to get some holiday, trips, presents and good life without any purpose to meet you for making any serious relations with you ! But I was any way happy because I went to Peter one day before our meeting and I met a nice girl for 3 hours in Peter. This woman was very nice and the 3 hours with her were much better than the 7 days with Nadezhda !! So I hope that all the trip was not a disaster and we can have a better meeting with this other woman soon again !

    So I wait for your comments and would like to hear other stories from men who meet Russian women. Also successful and not only scam stories. I think it helps us a lot to understand how to meet a Russian woman ....

    Good Luck !

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I think that many older men who look for younger women do so because they want to start a family, which is something they have "struck out" on in previous relationships. I.e., first wife in his 20s was a bitch who did not want children, second wife in his 30s began showing manifestations of borderline schizophrenia, third wife in his 40s was a career-minded feminist, and so on down the road to half a lifetime with no family to show for it.

    One positive and reliable way to seek out women from the FSU is to make contact with successful couples, who have wide circles of friends and family both here and back in Russia. They often know women who are stable and reliable who would jump at a chance to meet a western man, but never took the chance. A starting point would be a forum just like this one, or better, one dedicated to discussion about relationships with Russian women, both positive and negative, such as you find at http://www.russianwomendiscussion.com/

    Edit: One other way that comes to mind is to visit your nearest Russian Orthodox church in your community and/or the Russian community center that can be found in nearly all cities.

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    Hi babe !

    Good idea ! Now it came to my mind that a friend of my friend found his wife from Thailand in this way ....
    He contacted the Siamise Association, one married Siamise woman answered him and told that her girlfriend wants to come to my country and get married here. And so it happened ! They are happily together !

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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