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Thread: Waste of time

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    Default Waste of time

    I think trying to find a decent woman through the internet is close to impossible...
    I am still receiving emails from different kinda girls and most of them are from russia and ukraine... Recently, one of the smart scammers said in his/her email that this is the first time she is corresponding with someone via the internet and she doesn't know what to say (trying to look innocent)... I find these scammers very highly qualified people.... they're not stupid people at all.
    These guys are creative...am really amased by the letters I receive although it's all fake...
    Anyways, the message I wanted to convey is: scammers are very very very smart people and please do not underestimate them... They can scam ya 1000 times....
    I myself am having fun.... and I do not send money whatsoever... I even asked one of the friggen russians to send me money so that I can go and see her....and obviously, haven't heard from her again ...but I am still hoping coz I loved her from the first email...
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    The scammers are betting on the fact that you will never hop on a plane to visit them. In fact, most western men who write do not travel to these countries. One way is to just hop on a plane and meet people there without writing to all these so called women. It doesn't take much work to search the internet for Universities over there, as most of them have English clubs, english teaching professors, and they are more than happy to have you visit and talk to their classes. You will meet many people, make many friends and who knows, meet a wonderful woman. If you're a younger man, you will have many opportunities to meet with the college age students and their friends. If you are a older man, over 30, there are many single female teachers at these universities who would be happy to show a gentleman around their city. Everytime I go visit my fiance in Ukraine, I go speak to students at the University where her best friend teaches English. It's easy to defeat the scammers. Stay off the Internet dating sites, and seek out the genuine people out there.

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    thanks for the info and good luck with your ukranian fiancee

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    Hi !
    Thanks for serious comments. I agree with you.
    You are right about the scammers. One way they are clever because they have all the time new tricks to deceive people. Unfortunately they get new info and ideas how to do it because they are also reading these sites and our comments.
    And sending money is not the biggest risk though most easiest for the scammer. The worst scamming will surely take place when you go there and meet her ! You can really lose a lot of money and much more.....
    So if a woman is insisting on to meet you there be careful ! In many cases you will even never meet her ! She cheats you this way because she could not get money from you...
    At this moment I have a young lady who wants it.. but it smells...I am very suspicious.

    I wrote about it earlier. If you are a young man 25 ...35, go and meet people in the universities ! It is a very good idea ! There you can meet a lot of decent girls. And you will CERTAINLY find a nice girl there ! I studied in the Uni in Peter on a special short course for businessmen. I lived in the Uni residence for 3 months. I met many nice girls who wanted my company ! The only problem was that these girls were too young for me (I am over 50...) But I had really a good time with them and also some girls seemed to be serious even for a relationship with me ...

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    If a woman is outside from Peter or Moscow you can travel there and ask her to meet you there (Peter is much cheaper than Moscow).
    You can test her. Ask her to meet you in either of these cities and promise to pay her one way. If she is really a serious woman she will CERTAINLY travel even 1 day to meet you. It will cost about 40 $ one way.
    If you like her you can even pay both trips. But never send money beforehand ! I have made this several times with a good success ! Women have always arrived. None of them cheated me. But ofcourse you must be carefull! Never use a lot of money with them ! It is not necessary ! Go and eat at McDonalds ....or a normal Russian restaurant. A lunch will cost about 100 rubles for each . Even this is a big money for a Russian girl. It makes 3000 rubles per month. She will probably earn less...
    When the rules are clear, no cheating will take place.

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    since the wallet is ours, let's hold it tightly.
    everything revolves around there: money.
    plots, scenarios, scenes and settings can vary, the money issue doesn't.
    Again i agree going there is the best option overall.
    most men -on the other end- want to purposefully play the braggart & the big spender, and that attracts the worst company.
    As well, most men purposefully fish in a limited pond, women fluent in a foreign language.
    As we can guess, big cities have their share of foreigners...all thinking the same thing, EG to find women who speak their language.
    Now, besides language school teachers (what, 2% of all women? ), who's around speaking english [u]fluently (because most can barely stitch together a decypherable sentence )? The professional dater, the lounge fox, the good time/novelty seeker.
    Now, what are your chances of something serious fishing in the pond where all other men fish?
    You meet this porn flick cutie in her early 20's, well dressed, fluent in english, who knows all the best entertaining & eating places in the city...
    I have a tunnel vision of Pedro, Jim, Leroy, Kojiro, Wong before me.
    In my opinion it is similar to visiting a fancy stripclub...seen one, seen all, whether it be Tallinn, Montreal or Milan, right?

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    It is not a waste of time. They are not all scammers. How do you detect a scammer? You read this site. You become so familiar with a scammer that when one comes along you'll be able to recognize her instantly. I have never said they are all scammers. I said they are scammers UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. What this means is you do not give them the benefit of the doubt. You are suspicious of all of them until they prove otherwise.

    In the internet site there are a mix of real ladies, gold diggers, scammers users and abusers. Just like you have in any country.

    They are all scammers until proven innocent.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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