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    lonelyboy Guest

    Default SCAM OR NOT ?!!!!!!!!

    Hi !

    I received this a very convincing letter today.
    I have had only 3 letters with this woman when this arrived .....
    I have no idea to send money but what should I answer to her ???
    How should I go on with her ?

    this is her letter:

    Hello my sweet xxxxxxx,

    Thank you very much for your letter and nice pictures and that you are still in my life!!! If you could only imagine how much I am tired to be alone.
    How is the weather at your place? Here it is rather cold and windy, but unfortunately no snow. The work is very busy before the winter
    vacation and the most unpleasant thing that my salary is delayed for
    the second month. You know I have one problem and at first I didn't
    want to share it with you, but then I realized that you are very important for me and that I can rely on you. It is a great shame for me to tell you about it, but , please, try to understand me.
    My salary is delaying but the director told is that it should be paid
    out at the end of this month, but I need to live and feed myself now .
    I have also a great bill for the flat which I rent, for the electricity and gas. The owner of the flat demands to pay for the rent but I don't have such money, and I am in a very difficult situation. Can you borrow me about 200$?
    I will return you the money in 3 weeks, when I will be paid at my work.
    I didn't want to bother you with my problems, but I tried to borrow the money here at my friends, but they don't have any money to borrow. So I decided to ask you, darling. Please, don't blame me for the asking, and don't think bad of me, I am just in a difficult situation and I ask you for help.

    Please, reply to me soon, because I should know if you are able to help me or not.
    Hope to hear from you very very soon,
    Kiss you,

    Well, I am going to do the following.
    I will ask for the exact name, address and telephone number of the company where she works.
    Then I ask for the name of her director. And still the copy of her passport. Let's see how she answers...

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Sonar Guest


    It's funny that with Russian women, the subject will always turn to money. The three main words in the typical Russian woman vocabulary are money,problem and difficult.
    For me, it's easy to become detached from women who continually try to involve me in their problems. Sure everyone has their share of problems in life. But Russian women definately have more than any other women that I know of.
    When I was involved with my former Russian fiancee' for almost 4 years, I heard the words "very difficult" more than any other words. It seemed that before we could do anything, there were always problems that had to be addressed first.
    There are many women in Russia that have absolutely no intentions of having a serious relationship. Therefore, they bring their problems upon themselves. Russian men are very wise to this and do not offer their sympathy as easily as a western man.
    $200 is not alot of money. If there were a way to know for sure that this women were really sincere and not just another liar, then I think that most men would be willing to help. But the odds are that she is just another money grubber.

    A man's mind, streched by a new idea, will never re-gain it's original dimension.

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    Join Date
    Nov 2005


    This lady/guy is definitely a friggen scammer.... Russians do not ask for money and they prefer to die instead of asking you for money... Do not ever trust him/her.... Do not even bother....if she is an honest she wouldn't talk to you like that. I got exactly the same kinda letta and she/he turned out to be a scammer... FORGET ABOUT HER IS MY ADVICE

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    ham Guest


    the first coming, never met WWW idiot asks you to pay for her rent?!
    I'm speechless.
    To make a comparison, if one met a woman in his country living in a distant city, and she asked for $ for rent, internet fees or pulled some pulp fiction story about car accidents or airport lockups, [u]what would one do?
    Probably think she is a thief or a disturbed individual and forget about it.
    Yes, i noticed even many aloof visa queens or novelty seekers eventually turn to the oh but you must contribute financiallything, even visa queens claiming to have $200000 scholarships AND say a Sorbonne chair professorship...how lame.
    They can hang themselves high for all i care...every moron i meet wants my money, starting with taxes.

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    lonelyboy Guest


    In matter of fact I have already earlier told here in one topic area how I knew a young woman in St.Petersburg. When I lived in Peter for 7 months I met her several times a week. Then one day she told me that she found a nice apartment near the sea and wanted to rent it for the summer. She asked me to lend her 100 $ per month for 3 months. I did. I also visited her apartment many times. But she NEVER after that talked anything about the money and NEVER paid it back ! So if you lend money to a Russian woman there is a VERY big risk that you will never get your money back even though you know the woman well! Neither did she pay it back by sex.....

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    Dutchy013 Guest


    Scammer maybe.
    But the golden rule is: "Never send any mone?!!!"

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    lonelyboy Guest


    And the other good rule.
    NEVER LEND ANY MONEY TO A RUSSIAN WOMAN even though you know her well !
    You will never get it back.....

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    ham Guest


    quote:Originally posted by lonelyboy

    And the other good rule.
    NEVER LEND ANY MONEY TO A RUSSIAN WOMAN even though you know her well !
    You will never get it back.....

    NEVER LEND $ TO ANY WOMAN, irrespective of her ancestry, passport etc.

    Even the $<->sex thing must be carefully run, balancing the buck for the bang, because if you "advance" her the buck for the next 6 months of bang, she may have plenty of headaches and/or be gone the very next day.

    90%+ women have this thing about themselves, no matter how ugly, old or whatever (so guess about the young, pretty ones ): they feel entitled to very much anything...i read & witnessed countless stories where men splurged $ (college debts, business start-ups, financial drawbacks, etc ). Not only it never got back, but men were called greedy, abusive bast@rds for asking.
    The old rule says: never lend $ you cannot afford to loose on a "friends" basis (Eg outside bank/notarized etc channels).

    Even the bang<->buck thing must be properly run, because if you advance too much buck for upcoming bang, then she's either going to have headache and/or be gone the very next day.

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    lonelyboy Guest


    In our country there is a minimal risk in lending money to a woman whom I know. In 95 % of cases they always pay back.
    In RUSSIA it seems to be different .......
    The women trust on the fact that men are so considerate that they never ask for the money back....

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    lonelyboy Guest


    Hi !!

    Now I got the answer from the "woman".

    Hello my sweet xxxxxx,

    Thank you very much for your fast letters, and thanks for your intention to
    help me . Thank you for your care of me and that you understood my
    situation. I can provide you with all the information about me, but why
    you need the phone of my work and the name of my director? Also why
    you need the copy of my passport?
    I contacted my bank and asked about the international transactions.
    Can you send me the money via Western Union? It is rather easy and fast.
    The address and my name :Ukraine, 49000, Dnepropetrovsk city, xxxxxx
    street 117-2, on the name of xxxxx xxxxxxx.
    And I promise you that I will send you the money back as soon as I will be paid
    at my work at the end of December. I will also send it via Western
    Union ,so I need your address and full name, my xxxxxx.
    Ok, my sweetie, write to me soon
    Talk to you later,
    My thoughts are of you,
    Kiss you passionately,

    Well this seems again very convincing...but I am sure that if this woman would be a serious one she would give all the info which I asked her directly. Now she is only willing to give her all details for the WU money sending...
    I told her again that I need ALL the info which I asked from her. I do not send money before I get it. So let's wait for her next step in this game...

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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