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    Default About replies ......

    Hi !

    I see that probably only 5-10 % of all readers will give some replies. Why ? And there are only 5-10 active writes.
    My estimation is that less than 5 % of all who have been scammed will inform and write about it...
    I know it is a hard situation to think that there is real LOVE and then get so much disappointed....

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    quote:Originally posted by ham
    i do [u]not care, to be honest.
    i just state my experience with the few forums i've been at.
    My option is not to become some internet guru (like many RWG/PL clowns ), but to contribute a cent to awareness. I have been on RWG and it ended with charachter assassination first (they said i was a "pedophile", go figure ), then (once the pedophile item burst in their face as i made no such statement ), they said i was not 1 but 3 or 4 different aliases, while it is enough to browse around to know i am the only one with the same nickname (ham/ham2 if the previous is taken ) everywhere
    I asked how do agencies thread people to weed scammers out and other unpleasant questions and lately a thread about the Elena P* franchise got deleted on antiscam-net because i raised unpleasant topics there too & it ended with the (usual) charachter assassination attempt.
    Interesting. Can you give me a link? I am curious.

    You said you questioned Elena P. agency? Ouch!
    I am sure there was some noise about that! But do not worry. I have seen several posts already when her agency came under some questioning.

    But again, sure I agree, fights and un-necessary tensions happen on all forums, I have not seen any forum without some sort of power and personality struggles going on all the time. You were called a pedophile there. I have been called a scammer and fraud on this one... it's all hurts of course but in the end it is all usually just personal disagreements between the posters, it does not speaks to the quality of the information on the forums. Here the personal disagreements and attitudes seem to be the basis of the forum.

    Another thing that this forum suffers from is a neglect from the administrators of the forum. Things get ugly on many forums, but this is the only forum where I watched people using the most offensive and abusive language toward each other for several days and even weeks worth of posting, and absolutely no intervention from the moderators.

    Maybe other forums are business driven and whatever else, but at least they have some kind of rules of the game. Here there are no boundaries to some poster's bad attitudes and behavior.

    quote:Originally posted by ham
    you run an investigation business and deserve a fee you agreed upon with your clients.
    I just say that many men are soo naive and ignorant...again, check how many fall for fake photoshopped visas.
    A person must be in charge of his own destiny.
    I am not talking about me. I am a different story. I am talking about the other people on this forum vs. people on, say, rwg. I just don't see the level of knowledge here that is on rwg. Some people there, even though not gurus by any means, still know more about the subject than all 5 posters here put together, at least in my opinion.

    And yes of course, many men are ignorant, and naive, and some are just dumb. And some well deserve what came to them. When my husband reads my black list, he sometimes just shakes his head and says, "Some of these people are stupid, some are desperate, and some are both". But does it mean that we need to just leave them to their fate? Well, sometimes I think we should, because the frustrate me enormously, but on the overall I prefer to try to help them to see their own naivety and hope that it will be sufficient to keep them out of trouble at least as far as Russian dating scams are concerned.

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    well, while i don't care for mud-slinging or feuds, there are reasons why business-oriented forums are "censored"; i posted it here:
    They censor & moderate only whatever suits their needs, aka is bad for the business.
    Don't take it from me: hear one of their pundits.

    I remember i got personally attacked in many ways unrelated to the debate, including pathetic ravings about "italian women being hairy" (???) as if they knew my ancestry or else to comment and as if i cared what they think about italian women. Next they ran wolfpack attacks against me. Idiots from there followed me to RWA and spent days forging aliases ( at least 4), attacking me with items like my education sucked ( while they didn't even know in which language i had studied ) and (hear this) [u]writing the RWA owner to ban me for i was a threat and this & that. Some even sent me hatemail.

    Now can you get more twisted and show your mental imbalance more?
    Still, those were (at the time) RWG "cool guys": no wonder they routinely delete half of their posts, so that they cover tracks about past endorsements, feuds & other embarassing business.

    So i agree they are censored, but it is a one-way censorship & it stinks.

    quote:I just don't see the level of knowledge here that is on rwg. Some people there, even though not gurus by any means,
    I don't know exactly what you mean by knowledge... what i saw there all the time were cryptic agency slogans and ensuing feuds. Oh yes, the alias popping up criticizing an agency, and the ensuing feud exposing the poster's business like he was a sex addict, a thief...

    And the "russian women item"...what a pearl...
    They had NONE for ages, then they had 3000, which is 40x RWA...give me a break...that is a multiple alias rally to make black panthers & KKK pale in comparison...
    Why would legions of FSUWs flood such a place?
    I understand RWA, but there is pointless.
    I myself spotted say member #2000 carrying some agenda, then disappearing to be replaced by member #580 (supposedly registered years earlier ) behaving the same way.
    Again, they are the only big site periodically erasing most of their posts.

    quote:Interesting. Can you give me a link? I am curious.
    it got deleted.
    Well, i basically said they are no better than one's average big junk network agency and some "Elena P*" alias (whoever was behind there) popped up taking the holier than you approach (only on THAT forum even if my post was on RMP, RWA, Antiscam-org etc ).
    Well, in 5 minutes i located a false/misleading claim on her "testimonial pages": that person confirmed to me repeatedly he didn't meet his wife through Elena's, nor had they anything to do with them, although he had been a client of hers (as well as many other agencies ).
    I even PMed the name of the person to the site owner, yet the thread got deleted.
    So if the first coming idiot locates a false or misleading claim, go figure.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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