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    Default beware of agency ridden/populated forums

    Really it isn't rocket science: [u] beware of agency-run/ridden/plagued/sponsored forums, discussion groups & sources.
    It is not equally a "secret" some "prominent" forums are just business-pimping machines, which cash referral's fees and lend web spaces to various "sponsors", while running crusades in their favor. I still remember the early departed "advice column" the Elena P* franchise had on a big "guide" forum, which was untimely terminated as soon as the "sponsorship" ended i guess.
    There are many undercover...or not so undercover agency owners and shills posing as "watchful shepherds" while perhaps staging mud-slinging contests to generate traffic ( bad word of mouth is word of mouth nonetheless).
    What can you get from them?
    Most out there are just multiple aliases and cross-posters.
    Just mind how comes equally old forums have a few hundreds members ( and just a few regulars ), others have perhaps over a thousands members yet just a few regulars, [u]yet some have many thousands (or so they say) and very many regulars? Is it by chance they are business-oriented outfits...or is it by design?
    Of course they'll tell it is because they are soooooooooo overly concerned with your well-being & relationships, or else...oh, right.

    quote:JB: At least Richard has been up front about his desires in this regard, I recall his post where he admitted he's rather not post on RWG, but felt he had no choice. I suspect Bruno will sooner or later be enrolling there and posting away. Especially when he discovers how "agency friendly" the RWG is compared to the RWD. [u]Does anyone else remember when Doc Woody was the owner of LTP? It is my distinct recollection that Tver was on the lips of everyone at RWG for at least a couple of years, and the Witchdoctor's agency reaped huge rewards for his association with the board. In fact, if I recall correctly, Richard made his first trip to Russia as a "guest" of LTP.

    It just makes good sense for agencies to maintain a presence on the boards and I don't have a problem with that as long as newbies are made aware that the possibility for recuitment is always lurking in the background. All they hope for is the chance to have the shopper click on a link and view their wares. As for agency owners dispensing advice to the bereft of love, that should be banned, IMHO, I would suggest no one take advice from someone who has an agenda in the business.
    Now the above alias used to be ( or still is, i have no idea ) one of the high-priests at a big forum. Irrespective of feuds, colorful personalities, big feet, etc, i recall they were birds of a feather flocking together and none ought to ask impudent questions or bother questioning the "inner circle guys" with such questions as how do agencies weed out scammers or how do they handle due diligence or what do underage girls on a famous "international dating authority's" website (back then; i have no idea right now ). "inner circle" guys -on the other end- had "license to kill" and could freely practice charachter assassination. The biggest news is on some big "guide" forum many "moderators" were shills for agency paying (back then; i have no idea right now ) 50% referral fee...yes, 50% of any sucker's hard-earnt cash. No wonder one could/would do and say almost anything to get his fee, because i don't buy it's a welfare effort to benefit humankind. Hear from them, then, what's the secret behind overly active forums and "friendly watchful shepherd " kind of aliases: don't take my word. Of course once members of the "inner circle" get (routinely) banned, loose business interest or disappear, the truth about them is released, at least in part. If such is the truth behind yesterday's "inner circle guys", is today's truth behind today's "watchful shepherds" any different?
    Buyer beware!

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Dropped in there (RWD) just for the hell of it after reading your post. After spending about an hour reading various comments, opinions and ideas, this is what I came away with. A damn headache!!!
    Every aspect of every topic seems to be micro analyized to the 10th degree.
    If this is miss g's idea of what should be happening here, I don't need it myself. As I and a few others here have said IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.
    It is not necessary to micro alalyze every aspect of a relationship right down to the color of a womans toenails.
    If you dig deep enough there, you can find some usefull information. But be prepared to dig deep. Seems that every rocket scientist on the planet is now interested in Eastern European women.

    A man's mind, streched by a new idea, will never re-gain it's original dimension.

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    well, as far as i can guess, RWD is RWG's garbage bin, with many colorful personalities & (former) pundits from RWG landing there upon disposal time.
    These aliases have a lot to say & plenty of colorful & amazing personalities to sport, but only on a couple of forums where they enjoy impunity.
    While i have been everywhere and took all the heat they could give, without frowning, how long did they last outside the vacuum tube?

    It is not rocket science...none can argue they have the iron clad key to women...any woman for the matter; or to a successful relationship...looks are a pass and money even a much bigger one, but that's about it...

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    the starting post (as if wanting to prove my main point ) was first closed, on another forum.
    Note that i had omitted the WWW link to the source.
    Later the "quote" was edited by 2 idiots, former lunch buddies of the clique depicted in my post.
    The excuse was "no copyrighted material can be posted without permission from the source"...so since when are public forums copyrighted property?
    Oh, well i was the first case of such a rule being applied.

    Which just proves my point:
    beware of all those do-nothing, thumb spinning clowns trying to set you up.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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