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    Default I acquired a new habit!

    I dunno if what I acquired is good or bad habit.. I just decided to scam russians irrespective of there sex.
    Elnag, please when u say who hates the russians mention me only. Sonar and lonely boy do not hate them and they should not be blamed. I think I am the only one who hate russians irrespective of there age,sex and background. I am not nazi but I believe that the russian society as a whole is ****ty coz the society knows about all the bad things happening there and there law simply ignores that. I do not blame individuals coz wherever you go you find bad people (Even in the best place on earth.. the United States)... I blame the system that allows these things to happen. North Americans are successful coz they respect everybody and do NOT discriminate at all. They have a wonderful system and rules. Americans who disobey the rules will be sent to trial.... even the president. The system is above the individuals. Whereas in russia there are no rules... they just ignore the scamming issue.... and many other issues.
    Russia is way behind! It is just a crappy country and russian women should never be equivalent to our North American women
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    yahoo news? haha yahoo is where most the scammers break through. talk about naive, either that or ham sounds to be an raghead emigrant to Italy.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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