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    lonelyboy Guest

    Default American girls can too !!

    Well I decided to look for girls from States.
    And what did I find ! A huge amount of very beautiful girls !
    Look much better than any Russian girls !
    I sent 3 letters. Got soon 1 answer from a white girl. The girl informed in her profile that she looks for a man 40 - 60 yrs. So my age. She is 28.
    In the second letter she is in love with me !!!!
    Even faster than any Russian girl before !
    By the way I wonder very much why men from US are looking for Russian girls. There are so much good looking girls from your country !

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Nov 2005


    I really did not mean to focus on the diaper issue.... You have the right to do whatever you want... and I appreciate your willingness to do so if needed. All the best and have a merry christmas.

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    elenag Guest


    thank you, the same to you.
    i find it interesting that you didn't answer my question

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    Nov 2005


    If you are talking to me I did not know what was your question? Is it why north americans wear diapers after they retire?? or is it how our bladder can handle all the juices we drink???
    I will answer both of them and let me know if you need more info. I have no idea about the diapers and north americans since I came to canada in 2004... diapers usually are for incontinent elderly patient who have some problems with the pelvic floor muscles. females are more prone to this condition specially those who had vaginal delivery in the past (C-section is not a risk factor). Some urinary incontince is also related to estrogen (estrogen actually is very important preventive measure for urinary incontinence) and that's why this condition is not seen in younger females (except those who have some neurological issues like multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy).
    However, fecal incontinence is something different and again local factors versus neurological problems are the main reasons for that. Sometimes patients with rectal or perineal surgeries will end up being incontinent requiring a cecostomy tube or a colostomy for social control.
    Briefly, incontinence is a disease of elderly mainly, doesn't have to be from certain ethnic background.... being an american is not a risk factor and being a russian is not a preventive measure.
    Have a good day

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    ham Guest


    your willingness to ignore the point is amazing and brings back the psychological issues i talked about earlier.
    It is your sole business, however.
    It's like claiming that being killed during a robbery, burglary, drive-by-shooting or else gang violence happens; and it has happened a number of times this year so and so.
    You relocate in a minority slum ridden by a motorbike gang whose members are just bailed out of jail, because hey...if that is meant to happen, it will happen without asking you first, right?
    That accounting frauds happen: they have this year so & so, so i have no problem with an accountant indicted twice for embezzelment...hey...if that is meant to happen, it will happen without asking you first, right?

    you purposefully hide behind the "everyone can divorce" to justify biblical age gaps...well, it's not the same thing. Everybody can get a stroke, but if you're 100kg overweight, your artheries are clogged, suffer from high blood pressure and have a family history of stroke, [u]thenof course even some olympic gold medalist can get a stroke, but you're 100x more likely.

    You're old news...i understand you are (now) convinced that you can beat all the odds & that you're the true exception...i think 95% of people think so, despite the 50%+ divorce rate, otherwise they wouldn't get married to start with.
    I just say couple relationships are difficult; adding culture/language clash can just make them more difficult; huge age gaps can only make them worse.

    Of course your case is your sole problem, but i don't see what you're pushing here...that everybody can have a blissful relationship with 30 years age gap? That most do? That you know you do? Or that "it all depends"...?

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    elenag Guest


    detective, if you have medical background, i would love to ask you a few more questions.
    i observed that the diaper problem (or whatever it is called properly) is considered ordinary here in the US, and I almost never heard of it while living in Russia (with several elder members of the family and very elderly neighbors). while living in Russia I only read about it in books. given that ethnical bkgrnd doesn't add or demenish chances, then what in your opinion could be the probable explanation?

    my qestion to you (that you apparently didn't notice) was: would you change your parents diapers if there was such a need? i am just curious.

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    ham Guest


    Men stand high risk of prostate discomfort.
    from common infections spanned to/from the testicles to serious conditions like enlarged prostate etc.
    Once prostate is tampered with successfully, incontinence is a must, not an option.
    How many men do suffer from mild to severe prostate conditions?
    I have no idea: many, however, judging from people i know.
    I understand the "diapers" item is a polemic item.
    A man who is 70 or 75 may very well hold his urine, but he'll very likely run into age related problems such as stamina, chronic pains, neurological problems etc.
    While his 40yo wife probably wants to screw all night, he's barely able to perform now & then using viagra...forget dancing nights, exotic vacations etc.
    My mother had many younger female acquaintances who were into chasing hunks, exotic vacations, aerobic classes, you know...
    once hit menopause around their mid 50, most of them started experiencing mild to severe health problems, all gave up exotic vacations and a few were left by their "still performing" hunks...
    In the evening now they watch movies, the hell wih aerobic classes.
    Reverse question: what would a 25 yo guy do with such a 55yo woman?

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    elenag Guest


    with the divorce rate 50% (or at least you say so, i do not know the statistics), can you then say that marriage itself is worth persuing? according to your logic, if rich and famous failed it at so many times, what can we expect of the of ordinary Joe and Jane Smith, blue collar workers? i am asking you to defend your own argument which you used in some of the examples above.

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    elenag Guest


    and i see you finally made up your mind: I am a psychologically disturbed (or half way there) rather han a merchionary.
    ok, it is actually a nice change for the usual "gold-digger" i get...

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    elenag Guest


    but if the wife is not into dancing (more like cooking and things like that), doesn't care about having sex whole night, and they have no money for exotic vacations anyways, then is there a possibility for such marriage to succeed?

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    elenag Guest


    and i am still waiting for the statistic numbers that show that, all other factors being equal, the age gap marriages have lesser chances than an average same age marriage. and by how much, and for which countries.
    because when you argue "statistically more likely", i expect you to have a statistic to be able to argue that.
    for easier calculation, let's leave the marriages with the cultural and language difficulties aside.
    or, if you wish, we can take only Russian-Italian marriages (since Italy is your country).
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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