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Thread: To Ham

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    After reading your posts, you sounded like a very well educated guy and I, for curiosity, have googled your name. I was not surprised at all after reading your CV.... it's amazing we have such an educated guy on this forum!
    Good luck
    Bruno Hamel (otherwise known as Ham)
    Consul (Investments) and Trade Commissioner
    Canadian Consulate General, Boston
    Dr.Bruno Hamel has been in this position since Sept 2001.He also served as Vice-Consul and Trade Commissioner in Milan, Italy from 1998?2001. He graduated from the Universit? de Moncton (1987) and the Universit? de Montr?al (1989). He obtained a master's degree (1993) and doctorate (1999) in political science from the Universit? du Qu?bec ? Montr?al,where he also taught from 1993?1997.

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    wewll, i shall point out that
    I am [u]not that person.
    Funny, because i had a friend whose name was Eric Dandurand.
    Now if you google that name, most hits lead to a singer: he was no singer, however.
    We have a few things in common, however: we both attended the same universities & have a similar formal education.
    I once received an angry email from someone complaining about some missed shipping and i found out there was someone with my same name & surname in Argentina (actually more than one) who was a freight forwarder.
    That is why i shortened from hamel to ham, because i wanted no confusion with other people.
    Hamel is quite common as french canadian name, same as Levesque, Gauthier, Cormier etc.
    I'm not french-canadian.
    Mr. Hamel stopped serving in 2001 because i guess that is when Quebec closed down its own diplomatic missions.

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    Apologies ham,
    You said you attended same universities and you have similar educational background and you are in italy.... That was exactly what was on the google.... well, things like that always happen.
    Good luck anyways..

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    quote:Originally posted by ham

    wewll, i shall point out that
    I am [u]not that person.
    Well Damn, Mr. Ham, I'm disappointed. ( HaHa, only joking)
    My fathers best friend was called 'Ham'. Short for Hamry. He is the only person that I have ever heard of that was named Hamry. When asked about the name he told the story of his parents being immigrants from Poland sometime in the 1930's. At the time when he was born in NY, neither of his parents spoke any English.
    Turns out that they had actually named him Henry but a mistake had been made on his birth certificate in the spelling.
    His parents never bothered to correct the problem on the certificate and called him Henry. He did not discover that he was actually Hamry until he started school.

    A man's mind, streched by a new idea, will never re-gain it's original dimension.
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