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    Giles Guest

    Default Just been asked for my Bank account Details

    Haha yeah, I'm really going to give you them. Been talking for a few weeks. This is part of what she said. She's not listed as a scammer.

    Yesterday my sister Marina has arrived to me with her groom. They have got acquainted through the Internet and now are going to go to America.
    I am very glad for them and when I look at this happy pair, I involuntarily present us with you.Today we spoke about my travel to you and about financial charges.
    We have enough money to the ticket and to the visa that I could arrive to you.
    I will be helped by the groom of my sister. But we had small problem and to be necessary for me your help lovely.
    The groom of my sister can make transfer only to credit card bank of USA, and to receive money here from his account it is not possible.
    And we have thought up simple variant of the decision of this problem. Loved you might receive money from a credit card of the groom of my sister and then send this money to us?
    It is necessary for me to know number of your credit card that we might transfer money to your card. As it is necessary for us to know Routing number, yours surname and name and the address of bank and yurs credit card Credit Line!!!
    It is completely safe for your credit card lovely.
    If you can give me these data about which I has written to you that ???? soon we shall together and to you will not come to spend your money.

    Further lovely when money will arrive on your account you should take off them and send us. You may take advantage for this purpose of system of remittances Moneygram or the western union.
    Loved do not overlook to inform us when money will come on your account!!!!
    Also he very much worries that you can deceive him. I know, that you are not capable to deceive, but before he will send money, he wants to know your full name, your home address and the phone. he speaks, that it with a view of safety. he is going to help us and he very good person, but he the person cautious. Therefore I should give him the sufficient information on you. You understand me? I hope, that you understand me. We are going to be together all our life and we should trust each other. When we shall meet, we together shall tell "thanks" to the groom of my sister. YOU agree?

    Now I'm not Buffy's Watcher I need a new Hobby.
    Well I could get the Kawasaki ZX-9R out. Warp speed Mr Sulu.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    randy peters Guest


    I recieved a letter similar to that last week. it must be the latest fad in the FSU. Apprently some american male let out that all working americans have creditcards. excerpte from my letter"my uncle Richard still travels on Russia with my aunt.
    He can not understand why you do not want from him the help?
    He thinks that you do not trust him. Richard speaks that it strange,
    nevertheless it is possible you with him the future relatives.
    If you refuse to give the information on the credit card, you
    can give Checking Account Number and Routing number. He can send money there. I
    hope that yours not trust not
    will sadden our relations. The uncle sincerely wants to help us.
    I hope that you understand that thanking to him we can be together.
    he to pay all my charges on trip to you. And still the gift wants to give me with
    Though he yet has not told what it. I think that Richard very good person. he does
    not regret money for ours happiness.
    he does not demand to return to him money spent on mine trip to you.
    Uncle Richard does it because he almost my relative. he frequently asks my aunt
    about you.
    he sincerely is interested in mine with you relations. Richard is very sad that
    we not can to meet because of money.
    He for a long time agrees to help to meet to us, and does not
    understand why you have refused his offer with a credit card.
    Now he speaks that you can give me Checking Account Number and Routing number
    connected to your credit card. I should not know your number of a credit card, I
    only should know:
    1. The address and the phone your bank.
    2. Aviable credit line.
    3. Checking Account Number and Routing number.
    Your number of a credit card to me is not necessary to know.
    Uncle Richard will send money there without any problems, though to send money
    on your a credit card to him it would be more convenient. But it is not so important.
    However you can agree and on the first variant with a Credit Card." and"reality.
    > He has explained to me, that is required from you.
    > He has the big sum of money on the Credit Card which has remained in USA.
    > He was afraid to take this Card to Russia, because of fear, that it will be
    > Therefore is required your help to receive this money.
    > He has told, that he can transfer money from his Credit Card to yours Credit
    > You should have a Credit Card. He has told, that all working Americans have
    a Credit Card.
    > He learned in the bank, that it is possible, but your Card necessarily should
    be Credit.
    > Not Debit Card and not Prepaid Card, and only Credit Card.
    > It refers to balance transfer.
    > If you do not know that this such, call in the bank and to you there everyone
    will tell about it.
    > Ask in your bank, whether you can accept balance transfer on the Credit Card.
    > Find out, how many money you can take off from the Credit Card.
    > You should inform me the post address of bank and number of a Credit Card.
    > Find out all in detail. I think, that it is a unique way to which the groom
    can help us.
    > What you think about it?
    > My love I repeat if you have not understood.
    > Richard will send money from his credit card on yours.
    > he has told that at you should have a the credit line not less than 1000 usd!!!
    > Then he will can send money to you on a credit card.
    > Richard will send you money from his credit card in America by the phone on
    your credit card!!!!!
    > As soon as money will arrive on your credit card you will go to bank and will
    take them.
    > Will take these cash and send me them with the help western union.
    > 15 from cost of a remittance will be already included about the sum of money
    which to you will send on a credit card.
    > I repeat do not worry. My trip to you will be paid by uncle Richard.
    > You should not spend any dollar for my trip to you. Therefore do not worry!!!
    > Richard speaks that you should not return money to him.
    > It is his gift to us!!!!!!!!!" All I can add is not to give out any personal information. And this includes your phone number and addrress and birthday.It does take that much to get acredit card issued to them in your name

    Randolph J Peters

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    Dag Guest


    What's your line of credit? hahaha I'd give her some Bullsht credit card # with a credit line of $20,000 USD. In fact, I'd notify a credit card company and set up a sting with either the Russian or Ukrainian police.

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    Giles Guest


    What's the point, nothing would happen. they won't get caught ?

    I knew it was a scammer because of the very good pre-written letters

    Now I'm not Buffy's Watcher I need a new Hobby.
    Well I could get the Kawasaki ZX-9R out. Warp speed Mr Sulu.

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    randy peters Guest


    I would check with my bank or credit card company first aboutthe responsibility of the recieving party. It's been my expierence that credit card companies will go after the parties making the charges, not those recieving them. Going one step further in most cases, they would also need they security codes snd pin numbers to make any transfers or charges to your cards. This may be a way to turn the tables on the scammers for a change.Sending a fake number could implicate you as an accomplice. It is better to check with the Bank routing numbers, yeah right.keep them to yourself.Always check first. Better to keep your assets safe.

    Randolph J Peters
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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