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heree is my reply to the Money letter:

Dear Natasha

I am sorry for the delay, I needed to make a big decision to trust you with all my heart.
I do have good news about money, i have a large chunk of money ($30,000) (thirty thousand) in a Long-Term Surety Bonds. I can withdraw it, but I must withdraw it all, and there is a stiff penalty for doing so. I will lose about Four Thousand dollars to the Bank, and I must pay 1% up front before they will give it to me. That comes to $300, which i will not have until next week, I just paid my Monthly rent and Cable/Phone Bill.
You say you have $500 American. If you can send me $300 by the Western Union, I can have the money in 2 hours, I will mail you back your $300, plus a Thousand more so you can fly First Class to me. you can drink Champagne, not red Wine!! I prefer you fly such a long distance in luxury anyway.
We can still make this happen, my love. please send the $300 (Three Hundred) by Western Union to:

++++++++++++ MA 01027 USA.

Western Union is the best way to send money, safe and fast. the sooner you can send it over, the sooner I will send you back $1300, (or more if you want to go to a nice Restaurant while you are in Moscow). I am still netting Twenty-Six thousand so a few Hundred more makes no difference to me
Since I have decided to take my money from escrow, we will be able to live like Kings here, new shoes for you and your mom!!! Maybe new shoes for me, too
I really think we have a special bond, you and I.
I hope you feel it too, my love.
Please reply as soon as possible, I will be waiting for your response. I miss your letters so much, your beautiful pictures too.
your ***

P.S. They tell me you will need to send me a Western Union Confirmation number, or code of some kind with the money. once if get it, my Bank (TDBank North) will only take two hours, I will send you back all the money you need within 3 hours, so don't go too far from the Western Union Station!!!!

See you soon, my one love!