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    Default Stop Money Grabbers!!!

    I am just a concern married filipina that also wants to stop this net scammers.I am greatly embarrassed to many filipina posting to different chatrooms about they need someone to help them with their financial problems.I talked to a lot of people from different countries telling me that they met some filipina who were asking money to them as well as those shemales posting as a woman.This topic encourage me to share this woman together with her live in partner, both jobless with 2 yrs old daughter.The name of this 25 yrs old woman is Genoviva (Geno) Pontoy and her live in partner name Sherwin.At first this woman chat at her uncle internet cafe for for hours to look for someone to scam.She asked money to western men telling them she is a single mother,but in truth while she's looking money in the net the husband/live in partner is the one taking care care of their baby and brought her a snack in cafe.Everytime she received money She and her husband went on shopping.After a while he met this innocent oldman from Churubusco Indiana name "Merlen D Seslar",62 yrs old.He bought her a personal computer,some material stuff.This old man greatly believe all her lies.All her neighborhood knows everything because they came out and boast to everyone what they got and received.Everytime that old amn sent her money she and her husband claimed the money while this old man never know everything where his money goes.She bought motorcycle for her husband,expensive clothings,jewelries,and touring to different beaches to different places together with her husband and friends using the money of that oldman.One time she took a picture of water from the overflowed drainage caused by very hard rain and sent it to that oldman and telling him it was a flood so she received again a big amount of money to repair their house,According to her their house is very small and broken whom everything are lies because they have 2 storey house,as this woman told this oldman that she lost her cellphone the oldman automatically sent money again to buy a new cellphone but the truth is she never lost her cellphone.Her parents now stopped working because they used the money for Lending business,20 percent interest to people who lend money from them.According to live in partner if Ever Geno going to live that old man in the states he gonna ask the amount of 100,000 thousand pesos and a car to this oldman according to them this old man is a millionaire in US...hahahha...Thats what all her family told to neighborhood that he owned a lot of businesses that he sent 80 thousand pesos to Genoviva Pontoy twice a month.I feel very pity to this innocent oldman of what this people do to him.So whoever relatives,friends or neighbor of this "Merlen D Seslar" kindly help him open his eyes and let him know that he is a victim of scammers.Pls tell him if he want everything the background of this woman he needs to get an FBI or NBI for a surveilance of this people.This kind of people bring embarrassment to my country,they ruin the great and wonderful image of filipina.I love my country very much so I want to help to stop money grabbers.
    This is what few men know her tells her about.
    FromC Date:30 Jun 2006 23:56 Subject:Re: hi Message:yes, I realized she Genoviva(Geno)Pontoy is all about making money. I noticed that before. I canceled and started again after mails piled up.

    From:Kenneth Date:30 Jun 2006 23:47 Subject:Re: hi Message:Thank you, but I am aware of her scam. I have told her, I want nothing to do with her. And I know and noticed that Geno after I talked to her so I blocked her to my list.

    From: H "Rocky" Rockwell

    Date: 01 Jul 2006 03:51
    Subject: Re: hi
    Message: hello
    Geno has approached me on one occasion, saying send me money so we can go private, for a sex show and i see she has a baby to, I did find out from her cousin that she has live in partner, I understand there are a lot of girls who do this, and I am just a man, and yes i like to see a nice girl to, even naked, but I am talking to several pinays, and I do wish I could come to the phillipines and date a few of them. o I am not still communicating with her...I am hoping to meet someone really real nice woman, I am a single man, I am 61, but I get these replies from young girls, 20 19 25 and I know its a very poor country and they are willing to leave under any circumstances to..but then they get to the states and I have heard of several that leave the said older man and go find someone there own age .


    This is the complete name and address of this woman
    Genoviva (Geno) Pontoy
    Purok 2 Tambacan Iligan City

    hearty Philippines
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Thanks for your post,
    It's obvious dear... INTERNET DATING IS FOR STUPID PEOPLE...
    Scammers even proven otherwise,

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    for every desperate/lone sucker sending $, there is one or more crooks laughing their way from the bank or WU office.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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