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    Default mid-life crisis?

    well I'm 44, good looking guy, awesome job and a very good income.
    So how could a gorgeous 29 year old Russian girl possibly resist me?
    She contacted me on singlesnet.com, her profil says she is from Overland KS.
    Her first email let me know she was from Irkutsk,Russia. Time went on money was not a problem for her. As we got closer and both wanted to meet, she would now get the money from her uncle to come to Calgary, Alberta, Canada(where I live). Then it changed again, her uncle would send the money to me so I could send it to her. Is everyone confused yet, well I'm not done yet! Some where in the middle of this I offered to help(she's beautiful and in love with me)
    She declined, she didn't want me to spend money for us to meet!
    Eventually it did come to where yes I would send her the money($2000.00)it is sitting right here in front of me, no I haven't sent it! It's in the forum of a money order that would be taken to western union and sent to her cousin now because her passport is being used to prepair documents for her to come to me!
    I could go on but I think you can see where this is going, I was pretty much at the point where I was sure it was a scam but wouldn't it be worth the two grand just in case? No I guess not! Does this sound like anything that has happened to anyone else out there?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    On another forum these days there's another person being played with the "uncle" twist of the good old travel scam, with an additional Nigeria fraud streak requesting bank account numbers.

    her cousin 165kg Oleg?
    Well, it's probably Oleg himself you're corresponding with...

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    Guys thats weird I was a member of singlesnet and this girl keeps emailing talking about been together and she cant wait to meet she sounds like a real nice girl but then she told me she was in a model seminar in Nigeria she writes everyday about herself and it all sounds good but it looks like its a machine

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    Listen dude...

    We all know most stuff out of Nigeria is scammish. So with that is mind...here;s my story.

    Here's what's happened to me so far from Singlesnet regarding Nigeria. She is from Greenland on singlesnet but then tells me she is actually in Nigeria living with her uncle. Her story is she used to live in the UK with her parents and then they both died (what are the chances of that) so she went to live with her uncle. She also told me her boyfreind of three years just left her. Do you see teh sympathy victim memntalist here?

    We were chatting on yahoo messenger for the firt time and there were some mild suggestion of love and sex but she seems pretty sincere and was being very light about it not tyring to fall in love with me in 5 minutes. So, that aspect was pretty attrctive compared to what i have expeeinced in teh past. I asked her what type of conenction she had and she dai dial up. I then asked about a phone number and she wated to give me a mobile phone number. I explained it was MUCH more expensive to call a mobile than a land line and why could I call her on the her home number. She said she didnt have one when I poiltly remined her that her computer was on dial up and why not plug a phone into that line.

    Then I asked her if she had skype but she didn't know about it. So I decided to look up the WIFI hot spots in Nigeria and explained she could go to any on those spots with a skype phone and we could chat. I was even willing to send her the phone. (well I said I was as I may have just been calling her bluf) After I sent her the links of the WIFI spot to verify which was closer...she never replied and just vanished.

    Two days later she re-appeared and we had another conversation (listed below) and she once again seemed sincere. Notice that she just disspearred once again after her last comment of "coming to me would cost a lot of money. Gone like the wind once again when I asked her what she meant. I know I'm only a couple conversation into this woman and for all I know it could have some validity to it. However, she is from Nigeria, she mis-represented herself on the singlesnet site by saying she was from Greenland and disappears at weird times.

    I also noticed it tales her a long time to reply on some occasion dn not on others. I feel that when she comes online she is writing a few more people (guys) besides myself. I'm sure I will see her once again and come back her to post our conversation so we can get everyones input.

    Now here is the last conversation...

    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:17:05 AM): Well, look who?s back
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:17:21 AM): Hi
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:17:45 AM): thought you were gone for good after you disappeared last time
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:17:59 AM): nope i am not
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:18:08 AM): and i am so sorry about that
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:18:18 AM): What happened?
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:18:25 AM): i lost the internet connection last time
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:18:29 AM): And you didn?t answer my e-mail either..hmmmmmmmm
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:18:41 AM): and hope u are not mad at me?
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:18:56 AM): Just wondering why you were gone so long
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:19:30 AM): i went to church yesterday
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:19:43 AM): and it was up late when i got back home
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:20:03 AM): Oh...I see
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:20:18 AM): and how are u doing today?
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:20:30 AM): and its nice talking with u today again
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:20:56 AM): Well its still Sunday here or shall I say early Monday morning 12:30 am so I'm just finishing my day
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:21:18 AM): oh ok
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:21:22 AM): Looks like it 8:20 am there
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:21:26 AM): and are u having sleepless night?
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:21:46 AM): yes its 8;20am here
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:22:01 AM): Oh no...I love teh night life when all is quiet. Good time to be with your lover just hanging out too
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:22:01 AM): and i just got up and am wanting to talk with u
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:22:40 AM): oh yes thats right
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:22:53 AM): and i really wish we were together then
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:23:28 AM): So what would we be doing if we were together right now...?
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:23:36 AM): Paint me a picture
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:24:08 AM): We will be making much passionate love together
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:24:25 AM): and make sex as well for us to be happy and excited
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:24:51 AM): I thought making love was sex after you fell in love?
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:25:11 AM): yes
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:25:15 AM): But I will take either...
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:25:31 AM): but u might decide to make love to me and without having a sex with me
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:25:42 AM): And how would I do that Monica
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:26:03 AM): ok good
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:26:12 AM): lol
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:26:31 AM): cos i need a loving and careing man that know what he want in life
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:28:10 AM): Well making love usually involves sex at some point but I guess it could be passionate kissing
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:28:27 AM): And holding and snuggling with each other
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:29:05 AM): ok yes
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:29:18 AM): and i want to feel that in me now
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:29:35 AM): cos its has been a long while i have make love with a man
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:29:49 AM): and have u found someone to share that with u yet?
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:29:51 AM): Guess how long its been for me Monica
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:30:06 AM): sorry i cant guess
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:30:13 AM): and how long?
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:30:42 AM): 7 years
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:30:55 AM): oh
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:31:05 AM): what a long years
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:31:25 AM): I've had a couple close encounters but never went all the way
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:31:25 AM): and how have u been coping with yourself since then?
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:32:08 AM): Its mind over matter Monica. I am complete when I am alone and I am not lonely because I enjoy my own company
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:32:22 AM): oh
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:32:28 AM): how have you been coping for three years
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:32:43 AM): ok
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:33:25 AM): but being with your soulmate would make u feel much complete
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:34:01 AM): No...not complete. I am complete my myself but she would be a HUGE compliment to my life
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:34:02 AM): i have being lonely with myself living with uncle
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:34:24 AM): Well then maybe you can figure out how to be alone and no lonely
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:34:51 AM): oh yes that?s it
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:35:16 AM): It takes confidence and great self esteem Monica
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:35:16 AM): and have u found the right love with u yet?
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:35:27 AM): No I have not found her
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:35:28 AM): oh yes thats right
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:35:41 AM): and are u ready to true love now?
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:35:59 AM): I thought I did the last 6 months but she wouldn?t come meet me because she was afraid I would reject her...SAD
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:36:21 AM): I am ready for a one true love but she has to be the right one
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:36:33 AM): I will NOT be with someone just to be with them!
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:36:34 AM): and do u found yourself interested in such woman like me?
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:36:44 AM): oh yes
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:37:02 AM): and u are right to be with true one and the right one
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:37:03 AM): I don?t care how old young they are or what country they are from. I want my soulmate to be my lover
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:37:32 AM): oh thats nice to hear from u
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:37:44 AM): and do u find yourself interested in me?
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:38:06 AM): You are very beautiful on the outside Monica and I think you are nice on the inside but I don?t know you very well
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:39:05 AM): yes i am good inside and out which u can see that through my beautiful picture
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:39:18 AM): but i think we will have to get to know each other better
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:39:51 AM): The inside is discovered through phone calls and ae-mails and being with teh person
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:40:06 AM): and i am a woman of Honest, loyal, trustwothy, passionate, sense of humour, caring and loving that do care alot about my true love
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:40:17 AM): I will say this...when I say I love you...it will be forever as I don?t say those words to just anyone
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:40:38 AM): ok
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:40:48 AM): I'm sure you are very caring and maybe I could fall in love with you at first sight because of the great chemistry.
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:40:57 AM): but u will have to be careful by finding the right one
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:41:01 AM): We will never know until we meet
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:41:20 AM): but if your interested in me i would love for us to give this a trial and see where its goes
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:41:27 AM): I have been careful for 7 years and I'm in no hurry
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:41:48 AM): If it did work out between us would you come live here in the states with me
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:41:57 AM): ok good
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:42:06 AM): and i am in no hurry also
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:42:20 AM): That?s good,,,I like your attitude
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:42:27 AM): yes i can come live with u
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:42:45 AM): but the problem is that can u be able to bring our love together ?
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:42:59 AM): thanks
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:43:09 AM): Nobody know that until you meet each other
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:43:09 AM): and its nice to hear that from u
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:43:32 AM): LOVE IS FRIENDSHIP ON FIRE so you first have to have a friendship...dont ya think?
    MONICA STEPHEN(4/9/2007 12:43:39 AM): by coming to u would cost a lot of money
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:44:03 AM): why would it cost a lot of money?
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:45:44 AM): cat got your tongue?
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:46:41 AM): well...?
    Steven Gibb (4/9/2007 12:49:15 AM): Okay...I'm going to sleep now...Good night!

    Also keep in mind just because they have been writing you a lognn time doesnt depict they are serious. they are probaly wrting 10 guys at teh same time.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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