Months ago was talking to someone in the Ukraine which had the following IP addresses in the header and I know they resolve to MAGEAL-NET-UA in the Ukraine.
But on another web site those addresses are listed as being used by scammers.

inetnum: -
netname: MAGEAL-NET-UA
descr: Interprise Mageal ISP

So I?m just wondering if you think it was a scammer. They wanted to come here of course but did not have the money.

She feel in love with me wanted to visit me and get married !, But couldn?t afford too, so when I said I would send money she accepted straight away.
I didn?t send the money and I stopped talking too her. As something just didn?t seem right and also because of the advice never send money. Also the pictures she sent were of model quality.

We spoke for around 2 ? 3 months. She had a profile on Rbrides which was removed.
I had been looking around the net for her using Google, but she disappeared until a few weeks ago. She has joined 3 Russian dating sites.
A few months ago, I remember seeing someone post a message in Google saying that ?Xxxxx from Rbrides is scum?, but the link didn?t work.

Your Thoughts ?