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    Here I am doing a copy and paste of what I have posted on another part of these scammer forums concerning this Russian sweetiepies name. No one has yet commented whether she has turned up as a scammer with anyone else. She is from Cheboksary, Russia so I am reposting it here for further comment. Thanks.

    No one has commented on whether this woman's name has come up in anyone else's experiences in here with Russian women scammers. She has only made one rather obscure reference to money and was generally talking what it costs to come over here and no real demand for money from me as yet anyway. She continues with loveletter emails that are very, very sweet as to our future together when that finally happens. I am now requesting more firmly for her telephone number and to sign onto Yahoo Messinger at the internet cafe that she uses so we can chat live online and also asking her to turn on their web cam if they have one. She says she is looking forward to meeting me. In the meantime I have told her I will be contacting the US Embassy for visa details and costs and that I will be wanting verification as to the fact that she is who she says and depicts herself to be in words and pictures. I am also requesting she get her passport and give me a copy when it is obtained. This is one interesting experience for me that I thought I would never pursue but she has caught my attention as I have blown off hundreds of scammers for years and yet somehow this person has gotten through to me and I have not yet had verifieable confirmation in here that she is a real scammer. I continue to lead her on until I can get definite proof one way or another. Once I verify she is a scammer I will drop her like a hot potato and turn her over to any appropriate authorities especially if she is in the USA. If she is not a scammer I will be very much surprised.She has indicated she is working through some sort of "agency" and I have also requetsed the agency name and location with no response to that question yet anyway.This saga continues as I am completely intrigued to see who this person really is and I fully expect that she will turn out to be a fat, hairy, Russian Boris behind this whole scheme.

    Here is the name of the person who is scamming me from Cheboksary, Russia. She uses an internet cafe with an IP including "the BAT" and is now going to lead me to her "agency" to collect the money she wants me to send to come to the USA to marry me. I am setting her/him up to be counter scammed and any additional help here would be appreciated. I can give the email headers too which from what I understand helps. Also, I have not yet been able to find her name (yet anyway) on any blacklists. Any help here?

    The name she gave me is; Ekaterina Kosareva, Cheboksary, Russia.
    Has anyone else come across this name?

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    Here is the email I just received yesterday from my Russian sweetiepie. They are very clever and must have nothing to do all day except dream up this lover's prose which, I must admit, looks and sounds very convincing. I will be pressing her for her address and telephone number and also wherte she stands on getting her Russian passport and US tourist visa. I understand that there is a visa called a "Fiance' Visa" that will expedite someone getting into and staying in the USA if he or she is engaged to marry to a US citizen. Can anyone verify this? If true, then no wonder all these girls want to get to the USA and the hell out of Russia. Anyway....Here is her latest to me just received yesterday....

    Hello my heart...my dream...my reality...Bruce
    When you read these lines, Probably I am here Thinking about you...
    I do it so often. Probably I am smiling With this smile that comes to
    lips When I think about you. When you read these Few words, I hope that
    you think, Only for a moment, Everything what you mean for me In this
    And what forever you will mean. And when you continue with the things
    you will have to do in the day,smiles for me, and remember ....That I
    will be thinking about you.You never touched my hands,But I can feel
    hands Interlaced to the mine,Whenever we speak. Never rozates your lips
    my lips, but I can feel Your hot lips in every kiss That in our
    we give us. I never saw your eyes, but I can feel Your look to cross me
    up to
    the soul,I can look in your eyes And to contemplate this love In that
    it does
    not exist
    Neither barriers nor distances. What had happened of not having known
    What would be doing? How would it be my life?.Often I think about all
    And always I come to the same conclusion- Without you,I would have a
    sad and empty life. I know that we knew us for a motive,
    And this motive is that our destiny It was to love us. Our lives were
    destined To joining to fill Our world of happiness.I give thanks to
    the course That took our lives,Joining forever. You are my world, You
    are my love Bruse.

    I try to find the word that defines you reflected in the stars, but
    I can look at the eyes and thank you for to give every second of
    If we are capable of living and dreaming, of sharing the sighs of the
    and kissing every word, if we are capable of promising and fulfilling
    happiness ... then you and Me...we exist. I want to live in your life
    and to breathe in your happiness, to call love to my feelings and to
    the sky with your kisses,I want to know that you exist and I exist for
    I wait for you every day in my dreams and gather you in my wake up, I
    you a smile with your eyes every morning, and on having slept return
    to look
    for you up to the awakening. I also say to you that I love you, that I
    want to
    reach the moon for you and to fall down in your arms every time. I
    confess to
    you that the second ones close to you are a peace, and that I long for
    every second that you are not.We must to say us silences and kisses,
    and dreams, tendernesses and peaces, sweetness and destinies, plans and
    recollections, pleasures and looks, rests and passions ...We must to
    say us
    love.And this way we will conquer the world,we will open our hopes and
    we will
    manage each of the illusions. Walking together of the hand we will
    reach every
    goal, every feeling.

    Sometimes it's difficult in the loneliness To remember that somewhere
    loves me.Someone loves me only for whom I am,Not for what he believes
    I must be,Or for what thinks that he could do of me,But only for whom I
    know that sometimes it is difficult to agree To be so far away and to
    meet so
    small ?.But I must believe that when the moment comes Of to be
    united, nothing
    nor nobody will be able to separate us.And you, my love, are constant
    with me
    In my dreams, in my plans, in everything what I do.
    But more than anything, you are in my heart,And it, my love, is
    something that
    no distance-It does not matter how big - it will be able to prevent.
    P.D.= Don't worry my love ...I cannot write you every day but I will
    try to do
    more often because I miss you and I need you.
    I Love you and I will love you forever..

    Here is the latest I just received today. It is sometimes very hard to believe that they are criminal scammers when you read some of this stuff. This particular email is back to her very fractionilized English and other times I get emails in just about flawless English to the extent I even asked her a day or two ago if she is using someone to assist her. In the past she has disclosed she is working with an "agency" to assist her coming to the USA so is it at all possible that she is not a scammer?? I would appreciate some more input in here. I am still confident that she is a scammer but then again may be just a girl wanting to find a guy on her own in the uSA and is working through a agency to help along in such a relatioship. What do you folks think in here? I certainly will be interested in your input. I have already told her I would want to meet her in Russia and that to come to the USA there is a lot of work to be done and she would have to go through a rigorous visa application process to come here to the USA and, I told her the US Embassy will have to thouroughly document her. This does not seem to be a deterrant to her "dream" of hooking up with me. All input appreciated!! She has now agreed to hook up in chat using ICQ which I am not familiar with as I only use Yahoo Messinger. I wonder if she does not have Yahoo available there?

    [/green]Greetings Bruce, how you? I'm fine. I only have come to Internet - cafe
    and I am now heated at the warmest place in Internet - cafe. At me so
    hands have frozen, that it is difficult for me to write to you. But now
    I shall warm the hands and I shall start to write to you the letter..
    When you write, that at you warm days and you can spend a free time on
    the rivers and lakes for sailing navigation.. mmmm to me becomes so I
    envy you.. Only I envy you with good envy!!! I am glad. That you do not
    test such frosts what at us now in the street...
    But I any more do not want to think of a cold when I to think of that
    cold I become cold to me also start to shiver.. I was better introduce
    than myself at you in the country as I go on a beach with you with a
    bathing suit and the big hat from the sun.. I introduce as you start to
    play with water and you exhaust me in water!! =)
    You cannot imagine at all as I strongly want to swim for a while in the
    warm river or even at the ocean!!!!
    But it only dreams, but all the same all dreams should be carried out,
    if in them to trust!!! Of what you dream??? I to think, that the dream
    of everyone of the man it to have big expensive the machine and the
    beautiful girl near itself... And it is a lot of money always to have that
    would be desirable!!! You dream of it???
    Today at my girlfriend a holiday!! She it is pregnant!!! her name Lena.
    She becomes fast mum and She wants to make me God She the child!!! It
    so is wonderful!!!! It true happiness to have the child and to be good
    mother for him... you sometime held in hands of the small child??? My
    girlfriend on 1 month of pregnancy and in 8 months She will have the
    small child.. I shall go to my girlfriend on a visit in the evening and I
    shall help She to prepare for a celebratory supper. She will invite the
    parents and parents of the husband. She wants that She those people
    which love She. She surrounded only If you lived in Russia and were with
    me now I necessarily to take you with itself and to acquaint with my
    very good girlfriend. Lovely, I so want to go with you under a hand and to
    feel, that you only mine and your I... To me so it is sad, that you
    cannot feel my love to you because of distance between us. I want that you
    knew, that I constantly to think of you and to miss on yours of the
    Recently I to find out, that I can communicate with you as in a chat
    and to communicate with you faster. The manager of Internet - cafe in
    which I go have told to me, that they have program ICQ. This program will
    help us to communicate fastly and better! I shall give you the address
    on which you can be registered there: www.icq.com on which you can load
    the program on the computer and after that we can communicate with
    you!!!! I hope, that we shall soon communicate with you!!!!!
    I wait for your big letter.. I hope, that you as think of me as I about
    you and you will write to me the good letter..
    I send you the big kiss, and the big embrace!!!!!!!
    With love Katya

    Boy, oh boy, They sure are smooth with their line of stuff aren't they? She is apparently switching to someone who has a better command of the English language too.

    My Dearest Sweetheart Bruce,

    You were and still are the great love of my life. My every waking
    moment, you entice my thoughts with sweet words and deeds.
    Hearing your voice brings peaceful comfort and a smile to my face
    at the mere thought of you. My heart beats for you alone,
    sweetheart! As each moment passes us by, I feel myself drawn
    more closely to you. My heart soars blissfully when I am ???????
    ?????? ?? you.
    ????? I close my eyes and dream of your close
    embrace, our fingers interwined and my soft lips pressed against
    yours. Sweetheart, everything about you takes my breath away.
    I really had a sleepless night, moving here and there on my bed
    and thinking about what happen to me? I could hear was my heart
    beating much faster than it ever has. Sweetheart, you must believe
    me that my love for you will either stay the same or grow to be
    more because without you I am lost. I can?t stop thinking about
    how much I acctually love you. I dont know if you have been thinking
    about the way I do or not, to tell you the truth if I could cry about
    it I probable would because I get watery eyes just thinking about
    how much u meant to me and how happy I am with you by my side.
    I love you Dear, with all of my heart and much more. I love you so
    damn much. It hurts me so much to sit here thinking about you
    and knowing that I will not able to see you for now. I became
    emotional just looking at your pic and thinking about you. I can?t
    even begin to say how much I acctually do miss you. You mean the
    world to me. I am always so lonely when there are long periods of
    time between the times we chat. I always find myself trying to keep
    busy because if I sit still for too long, my heart begins to ache and
    I feel your absence. At night, I make believe that you are beside
    me, caressing me, holding me, loving me. I want to feel you inside
    me. I adore you and even though I have not looked into your eyes
    or tasted your lips, I know that, in doing so, it would exceed all of
    my expectations. Sweetheart, I love you with all of my heart and all
    of my soul and I have no regrets for falling in love with you, even
    being able to feel the magnitude of this love for the first time, would
    have lasted a lifetime for me because its so strong. I am really
    longing for you, want to see you and hang out with you. Sweetheart,
    if loving you was wrong, I dont want to be right and if living without
    you is right, I would rather be wrong all my life. I love you so much
    and never will I think that I can forget you. All I can do now is
    say the words that I couldnt say then : I love you and always
    will love you..I love you, I love you, I love you.

    I remain yours!
    Sweetie KATYA

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I am going through a similar thing right now.

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    This girl is only having some game with you. And if she gets money from somebody in this way certainly she does not refuse to take it !
    It is how scammers operate. They think that if somebody sends money to an unknown person he must be very stupid and earns to lose his money !
    This game belongs to the Russian culture.
    Be sure that no Russian person will never send you money in this way !

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    I will not send any money to Russia

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    Her letter is full of typical warning signs of a scammer.
    She(he) is a scammer !
    If she does not want to meet you in Russia, it is a sure warning sign. Ask her telephone number. If she says she hasn't, it is also a typical warning sign. Nowadays all young Russian women have a mobile phone or a telephone at least. Think about it reasonally. It is 100% sure that if a woman seriously wants to find a husband abroad, it is the first thing to buy a phone to have contact with the man !
    Keep your money in your purse and your dick in your trousers !
    NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT SENDING MONEY to an unknown person !

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    For a fiance visa, you need to have met. As she cannot visit your country without money to spend, your meeting will involve you travelling somewhere.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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