While a few scammers use this device, i don't think there is any gang of "russian thugs" going to pay anyone a visit in case they don't wire $300 because "daddy dies & needs a new liver". We're dealing with loners and losers whose biggest strenght or "undercover" feat is walking to & from the WU office to cash suckers' money.

However, men are best advised to use throw-away cell phones ( here you can buy one with under 30?) and hire a PO box or a maildrop while fishing in the MOB/LD/WWW pond...better safe than sorry, although i repeat i don't think there is any mafia connection. The main problem is with privacy. While using agencies, websites or corresponding, your address or phone number might end up in unexpected places (EG agencies publishing it on newspapers/dating sites as a part of the deal; disgruntled people wanting to pull a nasty prank ). While i personally couldn't care less what strangers 3000 km away might think of me, it's wiser to err on the side of caution hiring a PO box or a disposable cell phone.

I once made a mistake and handed my phone number out ( domestic online dating scene ) and for ages i got plagued by hang-up calls in the middle of the night...only because i was silly & wouldn't buy a disposable cellphone.
Another time i saw my address plastered on several sites. When i complained about it to the agency i was using, they pointed to small print & said that was part of the service i had requested. I had been wiser & the address was just an anonymous PO box.