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    Hello....I was waiting for someone to report that they have been also corresponding with her too....Yes, she has long dark brown hair and is a beautiful looking woman...She never directly asked for money but was probably waiting for me to volunteer to send it to her....Her "dumping email" came just a couple of days after she signed an email as "Your Bride, Katya".....In one of her emails to me a couple of months ago, she called me by name in the beginning of the email and then referred to me as "Bob" later on in the same email....Send me whatever you can...She sent me a number of stunning pictures of what had to be a model....Have you been asked for money or, has money been hinted at yet??....Send me whatever you can....Thanks...

    quote:Originally posted by statik

    hey coach-just wanted to send a thanx for alerting me to Katya aka Ekaterina,Kosareva
    I have also been emailing with her and received her emails--very similar to yours but was surprised they were not exactly the same--are her pix--long brown hair, beautiful eyes--mostly headshots?? the same??
    I thought it might be a scam, as her responses have nothing to do with the emails I send her--
    if you like I'll forward some to your email on your profile--
    let me know


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    I would appreciate it if you could send me some of those emails that you received....How long have you been writing to Katya??....When I got her dumping email I just fell silent and did not even send any kind of response back. I am now trying to decide if I should blacklist her as being a scammer....It would be interesting to know where you are right now in your communications with her....My communications with her started in the middle of October last year...Whoever that woman is in th epictures she sent me is abaolutely knock-ou beautiful is al I can say....So I got some pictures of a beautiful woman out of this whole exercise and had a vicarious thrill over it all to boot.....Let me know what you can about Katya....Thanks...

    quote:Originally posted by statik

    hey coach-just wanted to send a thanx for alerting me to Katya aka Ekaterina,Kosareva
    I have also been emailing with her and received her emails--very similar to yours but was surprised they were not exactly the same--are her pix--long brown hair, beautiful eyes--mostly headshots?? the same??
    I thought it might be a scam, as her responses have nothing to do with the emails I send her--
    if you like I'll forward some to your email on your profile--
    let me know

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    Well I think this scammer forum is great! My Russian sweetiepie dumped me but then again I must admit it was sort of a vicarious thrill over the last almost four months.

    Any, I got to practice the art of composing loveletters which I never did in my life and it was rather fun I must admit.

    Us guys in here all just better realize that the people doing this stuff when they ask for money without you ever having met them are just plain common criminals and thieves after all. That you must realize as soon as possible or you are going to get fleeced and skinned out of some very hard cash and wind up with no sweetiepie to boot and a very damaged ego and pride.

    Invest in girls on your own turf. I do not have any problems with that but this certainly was an adventure to say the least.

    Since she never requested money from me I am wondering if I should post her as a scammer. What do you guys think??

    Her dumping email to me I just let go unanswered and this scammer forum alerted another guy who was corresponding with the same person.

    So come on guys....Smarten up and get wise!!!

    ************************************************** ******************

    quote:Originally posted by careerandjobcoach

    February 2, 2007.....Now take a look at the email I just received today where she-he is dumping me. I guess since I didn't bite on yesterday's email concerning money she-he decided to call it quits. My, my, what a surprise about that and the excuse now about her Mum. In previous emails she mentions that her Mum gave her blessings to us and now all of a sudden out of the blue Mum has cancer and she-he can't go anywhere. In previous emails she referred to her Mum as Mom so again just another clue that there are many people writing these emails.
    It was an interesting, vicarious and somewhat charming experience since last October to say the least and I got pictures of a very pretty woman and nothing ever got nasty. LOL....[]

    P.S. Hey Guys.......Should I put her out on the Blacklist??

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Here is her "dumping" email received today - Feb 2, 2007.....Sniff, Sniff.....[:0]

    Forgive my lovely Bruce, but I stop to search on the Internet of men
    as my mum was ill a cancer of a breast. And I am not going to go
    anywhere. As I cannot visit the Internet of cafe any more because all
    money will leave on treatment of my mum. I hope you of me understand.
    You for were certainly very dearly, but to be to us together I was not
    fated so I believe. Therefore farewell also do not forget me. In my
    heart always there will be a memoirs on you. Katya

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    February 1, 2007.
    WOW!! Now get a load of this email I just received today!! Here comes the request for money. Just read the email and we can all have a good laugh. All the pictures she-he sent to me are of course of a gorgeous beautiful girl and I am getting a vicarious kick out of all this tom-foolery somehow. I just wonder when she-he will get tired of waiting for me to send money for her to come to the USA. Their command of the English language is really hilarious sometimes. Any suggestions here as to what to with her-him?????

    Read this and give me your comments and suggestions as to how to play this out.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Hi my love Bruce!!!!!!! I have not forgotten you. I still I like you
    and I
    want to be with you. I present our meeting and as you will be my
    husband. I shall be your wife and to care of you. You are very
    expensive to me also I never I shall forget you. I wait for our
    meeting each day when you to me will say that you have enough money
    that I could issue my visa and I was brought to you on wings of love.
    My love I called to you on I think that you have given me a wrong
    telephone number. I asked to you but me have said that I a mistake
    number. Send to me once again your telephone number. I like you
    and I shall like always you. My feelings to you do not vary. I write
    you very seldom because it very dearly to sit in the Internet of cafe
    and I is compelled to save to feed itself and my mum. You have not
    offended me I want to be with you. I already very long wait to be
    yours. My love I ask you to hurry up to be together. I thought that
    soon shall with you but you to me all to speak that is necessary to
    wait and I thought that the reason in you. You want that we were
    together? I ask you to be faster that we have met. I want to be with
    you and I want to divide with you to a mountain and happiness.
    We shall be one family. I dream to be with you and to be family. I
    shall be honour with you and I do not want to break your heart. If
    your heart will break that and mine too to break. I can not without
    you. You my life!!! You my love!!!!!! I like you my angel!!!!!!!! I
    grieve without you! I want to be near to you. My mum gives best
    regards to you. She wants that I was happy with you. She the god glory
    us and our love. She has said that she will be one but will know that
    its daughter is happy. I like you!!!!!! Your future wife Katya

    ************************************************** ***************

    As folows is the latest email received today in which we are still dancing around the issue of where to meet and she is saying she does not want us to meet in Russia. Because of the mention of "we" and "us" meeting me it appears for sure she is working with an agency to protect her and screen her potential men friends. I have even replied that I feel that is the case and saying that I can't really blame her for doing that for protection. She keeps evading answering my direct questions. No request for money as yet anyway. Maybe she is waiting for me to volunteer it to get her over to the USA.

    What do you guys think? I have not been able to veify her as a scammer as yet and she may just be a girl paying an agency to find her a husband here in the USA and she (they) picked on me.This has been going on now since October but everything has all the classic earmarks of being a scam based on everything I have seen in here. You input please! Thanks!

    Text of her email follows;

    Hello , dear Bruce !
    How your day? I hope, that at you all is normal.
    We with you already so are for a long time copied,
    but we and cannot connect our hearts. Perhaps it
    is necessary to reflect on it, you so do not think?
    Perhaps it is time to us to meet you. I believe,
    that we have already ripened for this purpose, and
    it is necessary already to start to take the first
    steps for this purpose. What will you tell about it?
    We can meet in a place convenient for you, but it is
    desirable, that it there was not Russia as our country
    as it seems to me, is not suitable for a meeting of
    us with you as it can spoil our impressions. I so
    have strongly become attached to you, that I can not
    without you any more, I am eaten from within with
    emptiness, that I do not see you. I cannot is simple
    without you, you are necessary for me, and I am
    necessary for you, is not that so? We should be
    together and to be happy. And I do not see other
    opportunity, except for how to meet, you in fact
    understand about what I speak?
    Very strongly I love you, yours Katya

    ************************************************** ****************

    January 28, 2007. Just got another email which is another duplicate email of one I received awhile ago. So I guess whoever this "sweeetie" is, is getting tired of emailing me. Whatever, no request for money yet so I will continue this game and keep reporting here. Maybe if she is genuine, she really is hunkering down and taking English lessons or maybe, she just doesn't have enough money to keep paying the agency translators anymore. I will keep everyone posted here.

    January 26, 2007. Today I received another email and it is a duplicate of one she sent me over a month ago. In it she details now that she is now studying English very hard and trying to learn as much as possible about the USA so that she will have an easier time of it when she gets here. No request for money (yet anyway). I still have not been able to confirm that she is a scammer. Somehow I think that some of her emails are being done by some sort of agency or translation service. The emails can vary in speech pattern and grammar so I think there is more than one or two, possibly more, persons involved on her behalf. She still does not answer a lot of my questions and this still has all the earmarks of a scam that gets posted here in these forums. However, if she turns out to be true blue girl and the photos that she sent me are really her, then she is one heck of a knockout looking girl. She could be a model!! But then again, aren't they all!! I have not seen one picture of a hag involved with a scam yet SO, stay tuned here as this continues to unfold.

    As of today, Januaryry 22, 2007, this is becoming more and more interesting. I just received an email stating that she has finally just told her Mom of her intentions with me and I guess to basically get her mom's blessing which she said has happened.She also said she was a little afraid to tell her mom too. She said she even read parts of my emails to her Mom and that her mother was favorably impressed. These emails from her now are so very personal now that it is hard to believe they are formatted or contrived in advance. In some earlier emails I am sure that they were. I still have not been able to confirm that she is a scammer either so it is starting to look more and more like this girl is genuine. This is a May/December romance in it's truest context and I even explained to her what that means here in the USA as well as in a lot of other westernized countries. But she is making a very conscious choice. So, unless she is so criminally cunning, clever, and slick, she is starting to appear to me as being genuine and warm and caring person. But, Hey! I am not letting my guard down that far yet!!! Stay tuned as this continues to unfold. Even she says fairy tales have sad and happy endings and that she thinks ours will have the happy ending. We shall certainly see!! Right guys??? [?]

    As of today, January 17th, well my Russian sweetiepie is discouraging me from the idea to come first meet her in Cheboksary and said it would be best if she came to me. She just said she will get all the necessary information on documents, visa's, etc. and let me know. Here comes the setup to ask for money. This is going down like all the other scams shown in postings in these forums yet I have not yet been able to postively identify her as a true scammer. I think that I will wait for the request for money and does anyone in here have a good response when that request does come in? I would really like to know your experiences and the outcomes. I predict that she will either act hurt, or nasty, or both if I refuse to send her any money which is what will happen but I would like some recommendations from in here.If I can positively identify her as a scammer I will post all her vitals in here for all the world to see. So far, she has not given me a phone or an address nor even an agency that she is working with.Suggestions...recommendations????

    P.S. Her reasons for not wanting me to meet her there is that she no longer wants to live in Russia due to the corruption and lawlessness that is so prevalant there. I have confirmed that what she says is quite true about Russia unfortunately.


    The tempo of her emails has picked back up and really are so very sweet she places me in a quandry that I may have misjudged her as a scammer. I have not been able to verify on any sites, including the blacklists, that she is a scammer as I cannot find her name or picture anywhere. She sounds so innocent and sweet that I may have misjudged her right from the outset. She is either a so clever and cunning scammer or really just that sweet and loving that she now has me really wondering and feeling a bit guilty that maybe I misjudged her as a scammer. She wants to meet and appears to have no objection if I come over there to meet as a precondition of anything else.She apparently also wants to get married and my investigation indicates that would entail coming to the USA on a K-1 fiance' visa which I understand is the easiest to obtain rather than a tourist visa. I am still checking that out. She says she wants to make me happy and is studying English now to better understand our culture and to communicate better with me for her English is really fractionalized but yet I can always understand it and has always been very sweet despite whoever may be doing translating for her too. At times, I do get an email in almost perfect English and proper prose and construction so I believe she has some people assisting her in her efforts.Stay tuned as this unfolds. I will still be taking every precaution against this being a scam and certainly no money will be sent without personally meeting her.

    Here is the text of two emails I received just minutes ago. Curious, one is dated Jan 9th and the other Jan. 14th (today).She is now studying English in preparation to come to the USA. Interesting to say the least. Any comments here?


    Hello my lovely Bruce!!!!
    I simply can not find words of the pleasure.
    I so am happy that I have found you in this huge world.
    You the unique person to which I can tell all ideas and dreams.
    When I write you the letter, I in soul have something such that it is
    impossible to explain, it It is necessary to feel.
    Some days I simply sit at the computer and I look at your photo, And
    all time I think of that to see you.
    I present as you drive me for a hand on a coast as you embrace me, and
    I feel Loved by the expensive person for me.
    The grandmother looks at me with a kind smile and speaks that she is
    happy to see me such what I now.
    I and itself am happy, that again I write you the letter. It is filled
    with all my love and Tenderness to you.
    I very strongly want you to see near to me, but much to our regret I
    can not yet.
    Now I constantly look news hoping to learn something about your
    With big Interest I study English. Besides that it is very interesting
    to me, it to me now also It is necessary.
    To me in general interestingly to study in all that is not known to me.
    In total certainly to not learn,
    but it seems to me That it is better to know about all slightly than
    all about the little.
    And consequently each dialogue with the person For me a lesson.
    But the most important dialogue for me when I communicate with you. You
    see you most The main teacher
    for me, and I want you to listen.
    To listen to your ideas, reasonings, to know about you It is as much as
    I think you not against. On it I want to finish the letter my lovely.
    I wait with impatience of your letters.

    Yours Katya

    Hi my dear !
    Your letters kindle in me a fire and I was unable to extinguish it!
    I can not wait instants when we shall meet. I think before I shall turn
    in ashes
    and only you in forces to prevent it!
    I all time present our meeting and each time on any other business,
    Because of it I all day fly somewhere in clouds! My girlfriends of me
    do not learn!
    They speak, that I look happy and ask the reason of it crazy happiness.
    I speak, that this reason you!!!! You my happiness!
    At me ideas are confused and I do not know what to write.
    But it would be desirable to tell so much!!!
    I think a lot of time will be fast at us to speak.
    loving you!


    After six days here is the email I just received seconds ago. She in the end alludes to me coming over there to meet her, as she requests to "speed up our meeting" which I said I wanted to do in many emails. I am beginning to wonder if she is for real. I have been checking many Russian scam sites and blacklists and cannot find her name or picture anywhere. What does everyone else think of this? Of course I will not send money and will continue to tell her that I will be coming there to meet her which is the recommended course of action. I still cannot get specific details from her such as her address, telephone number,, etc., etc. Anyway....Here is the email I just received and please let me know your input and if this is a duplicate of emails anyone else has received. Thanks.

    Hi my love Bruce.
    I am happy to read your letter. I very strongly to miss without you.
    But I very strongly to want them to see.
    Today at work at us very heavy day. We to work since morning
    and before dinner.
    Then we will to check the patients of children and to us to show the
    very high requirements.
    It is the very much intense day and I very strongly to get tired.
    But I to think of you, my love and my heart to be filled life.
    All my ideas only about you and all to be surprised, why
    I such happy per such difficult day.
    On my person all day a smile. I to think of you, my love.
    I to dream of us together, about our life.
    Your love to me to make me by the happiest man in the world.
    Each day, each hour, each minute, you in my head and in my heart.
    Know, that my love only for you. All my life belongs to you.
    I very strongly to want to receive the letter from you,
    in the end this heavy day.
    I to want to hear from you words I love you. You to make it?
    I very strongly to wait it from you. I to want be with you and to wait
    this day.
    I you to ask, that you to speed up our meeting.
    I shall wait from you the letter. I love you my Prince.
    Yours Katya.

    She has just sent me a couple of very shortened emails as she is now celebrating their Russian Christmas time and, she is trying to save to get a cheaper apartment. SHe also says she does not have enough funds to go as often to the internet cafe and always wants my emails but hers have now become very short she regrets for this reason, yet still her short emails are still in a very loving tone. It will be interesting to see if she picks up the tempo again or, if she is now becoming discouraged by me asking for more information and telling her that the immigration process to the USA is very time consuming and expensive among other things. So, she may now be losing interest in me as a potential source of money.I still have not been able to confirm that she is a real criminal scammer or just some Russian girl wanting to get to the USA. I still though presume she is a scammer until she can prove otherwise to me.

    Still no emails after five days so this is getting interesting. Somehow I think she is either working an agency or using an agency for this scammer thing. Well, time will tell and because of all the good work being done in these forums maybe we can just shut some of these outfits down and find the ones that are legitimate and that have legitimate girls. She sure has my curiosity though as I have not found anything yet to prove she is a scammer. We shall see.

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    quote:Forgive my lovely Bruce, but I stop to search on the Internet of men
    as my mum was ill a cancer of a breast. And I am not going to go
    anywhere. As I cannot visit the Internet of cafe any more because all
    money will leave on treatment of my mum. I hope you of me understand.
    You for were certainly very dearly, but to be to us together I was not
    fated so I believe. Therefore farewell also do not forget me. In my
    heart always there will be a memoirs on you. Katya
    at THIS point you are supposed to blow your life savings running at brack-neck speed at the WU office to wire $ to her, so s-he can be relieved, mommy can have the operation for $377 and they have "dear money to feed mum & itself" for the next seven years.
    But of course you're going to live happy thereafter...[)][)][)]

    what pile of junk![xx(][xx(]

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    Hi Bruce

    Read your coms with Kosareva Ekaterina, she is still writing to me and has sent photos too taken recently 8th March.I have premepted her by saying that I am coming to Russian in May.
    Do you have pics? So we can compare.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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