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Thread: Now Ualady's?

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    Default Now Ualady's?

    Hi Ralf

    I was interested what you had to say about the various brances of CC or UA especially Simferopol! have you been to this branch? I have been writing to a girl there and like you say you have to read between the lines. Every question I have ever asked her has been answered and she seems quite genuine only a visit will confirm this.

    On the other hand I have been corresponding with a girl in Kharkov her name is Elena G 1586 "I think most of us have". Her answers to any questions were to say at the least, a little bit vague. When I told her I am planning a visit to Kharkov at the end of February I got no acknowledgement. I know she is from Kharkov and I will try and meet her when I am there, but I would not hold my breath.

    There is one other girl I have been corresponding with in Sumy. She seems again to be quite genuine. What I plan to do is try to get her to come to Kharkov to meet me to see if she is the genuine article.

    I will keep you posted

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    Good luck fella.

    My take is that it is not a global conspiracy, just a business. I've been in different offices when girls have turned up to download new emails, or to write new ones. I was in Zhitomir once when a girl was being videoed. There's no tricks involved there.

    I've seen them *pleased* about their new letters and several times they'd sit with the interpreter giggling about what had been written (No, I don't mean "another sucker" pleased.. just real pleasure). It all looked absolutely genuine to me.

    What I think happens is that some girls are genuine but are either lazy or get A LOT of emails. One girl I got chatting to in Odessa told me she was receiving 60 emails a week! These girls will not reply to every email with much care and are bound to recycle their emails.

    The 60-a-dayer seemed rather blase and even bored with it all. I can only imagine they DO get paid commission for emails they receive, or why would they bother?

    On the other hand, one girl in Lutsk seemed proud when she told me about "her" fella (dorky looking geezer.. but she wouldn't hear a bad word about him!). Richard writing to Yulia in Lutsk.. you've pulled son!

    Probably at the same time, some branches will generate traffic by sending letters on the ladies' behalf. If the lady knows they're doing that, then the chances are it's a branch-wide conspiracy. The CC Top 100 features a lot of girls from just 4 branches.. go figure.

    Some girls will no doubt know what's going on and be uncomfortable with it. "My girl" in Lutsk showed up for just 5 minutes and was dead nervous/couldn't get away from the scene of the crime quickly enough. Another girl I met left the branch as she was "uncomfortable with what was going on" (no.. she wouldn't tell me.

    Other girls MAY be completely unaware of what's going on.

    I have no doubt that some girls in some branches are completely straight up and that the branch is operating, maybe with a bit of licence, more or less appropriately.

    I have no experience of Simferopol. I was there on business recently (dude, bring stout boots!) but didn't get a chance to visit the CC office.

    All I can say is that the girl I was writing to in Simf., was rather vague and flowery in her letters, even after I more or less told her I thought she wasn't even reading my letters. I can't say if that's just her or the branch but I'd have thought if they were translating my letters properly she or they would have been a BIT alarmed to read it and she may have written something (apart from "What a wonderful letter.. I feel we can have so much love... etc.)

    I haven't written to any other girl there but not for any reason. I think if the girl is writing letters (and means what she says.. given that she is corresponding with a potential suitor) then the branch doesn't have to interfere.

    If she's getting LOADS of emails or the branch wants to increase the email ($) count, then they may get a bit lazy or a bit cheeky.

    I can't stress enough.. go visit her! I know there's a cost involved but it's the surest way you (and the girl) knows you're genuine and a good match or not. If a girl is even vaguely genuine, if Brad Pitt turns up, she WILL pack in the others, so why can't you pull it off?

    Even if you don't have great success, you'll have a reasonably interesting trip (Lutsk is a pretty cool place!) and spend some time with one or more cute women. Just approach it as a first date and it all makes sense. And if it all goes a bit pear-shaped, hit on the manager (unless it's a fella)... they'll find you a new date IMMEDIATELY (assuming she doesn't want you for herself!)

    Ralf S.

    No bullets for Chaingun
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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