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    dublindevil Guest

    Default UALadys.Com (Ex Confidential Connections)

    This new Topic has been started, where UALadys leads on from CC, to show that UALadys is now the new topic. ? This would also show up on Google etc, and therefore be seen by others. ?

    New visitors please go to the topic "Scam or not", then review "Confidential Connections" which is now closed, then select "UALadys.com (Ex.Confidential Connections)".

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    Hey Goddiejens! Yeah, I read your other post. It seems that I've been hearing similar stuff froma few other guys about keeping the e-mail exchange short and visiting the girl as soon as possible. It's a bit of a contradiction to what I heard just last year when I first became interested in finding a bride through the FSU/MOB route, but as with anything, things change.

    My personal experience has been that scammers simply don't want to read the words, "I think we should meet, I can take my vacation and fly to see you next week." It really screws up their timetable for their scam set-up!

    I would imagine a real girl, with serious intentions, would welcome a meeting just to get the crap out of the way and find out whether or not the two of you really are compatible as long as you make it clear that you don't intend to stay with her, but will have your own flat or hotel room.

    And not to be confused with a low-life "sex tourist", should the two of you hit it off, and she has desires to "spend some time alone" with you, you have a place to go. Let's all be honest before judging my last statement. How many of us have had sex with a girl that we weren't married to? If you're only going there to have sex with a girl, you're a sex tourist and as far as I'm concerned as much of a scumbag as any scammer. But if you're there to meet the girl you honestly are considering for a serious relationship, and sparks fly, I think that's somewhat normal.

    skipped, I don't really keep track of all my posts, but I remember a rant I had about "ghost" writers at agencies and money. And even if the girl is real, yeah, I can see how an overworked translator (8, 10, 12 hours a day) would just start blending stuff together. As I said, my girl pretty much always opens with, "Thank you for your new letter. Thank you for making my day brighter.", or something along those lines and my openning reply is very similar too, so it doesn't mean that much.

    As I said, it's when the body of the letter is exactly the same as another letter that someone else receives, you know for sure it's a form letter, and you will usually only get those in the first few letters (3, 4, or 5). After that, the scammer figures you're on the hook and will now devote some time to you, thus you will get personalized letters.

    Prometheus, good to hear from you and Eustace. I see admin said it works, but I can't even bring up the quote box.

    Quote: "Though we have never met, I feel as if I know you well."

    "You look familiar. Do you know any Hungarian women?"

    Quote: "because we both knew that cost of love..."

    "It's $75 USD per month baby!"

    Quote: "I am Marina. I am pretty girl who is looking for its true love. I am romantic, kind-hearted and sympathatic."

    "I'm Boris and I'm the guy with smelly armpits who will be fleecing you..."

    Quote: "If you write me, you will discover the depth of my beautiful soul."

    "My hag wife wants more Prada and a friggin' swimming pool, so I'll do my best to give you an erection with the stuff I write..."

    Quote: "Do you want to be my Master? My Sweetheart and my Soul mate?"

    "Hahaha, like any real Ukrainian woman would allow some western slob to be her 'Master'... hahahaha!!!! I crack myself up sometimes!!!"

    Quote: "Well, if you write me, I will be on the top of the heavens. and you will lose a lot if you don?t write to such beautiful young lady like me."

    "Boy I hope you're as dumb as I look so I get get that hag a swimming pool, otherwise my life will be a living hell!"

    Train returns

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    Goddiejens Guest


    Hello guys,

    I am really going to give up here in the FSU. As I explained in the other thread (Krasnodar) the habits how to get in touch and come closer are extremely different in the eastern culture. No chance to come close to a lady here within some days! Only exception, the lady is a not serious person... .

    Accommodation and food is as expensive here as in Netherland or Belgium, so for holiday I have not chosen here a cheap destination. Better to go to southern countries. It is much cheaper and people are easier to handle.

    The agency also fools people like me because now I dated a friend of one of the translators ... so what can come out of it? Nothing, indeed.

    Well, I also spent some hours only in the office to see how they work. 3 translators typing around all the time. They use a translation program and only improve and correct some parts of the text. Of course they check that no personal information passes through, so these translators also filter everything! And they do not call ladies whenever they start a new text. Every 30 minutes they go out to smoke a cigarette and then they do 1 or 2 phonecalls, may be in this way because they do not want me to listen in.

    I guess that the strategy is coordinated with the lady. This means that the lady would meet the guy in case that he comes to the town, all the other stuff is handled by the translator. This may happen in many cases. Marina told me that she has an own pc or uses an internetcafe, so she sends her mail to the office and they translate and forward to the client... . Natasha has no pc and no camera and does not spend money in internetcafes for sure because her job does not leave so much money to her ... in her case her friend the translator Diana arranges everything and Natasha follows all the advices given her by Diana. May also well be that a translator receives a small bonus when bringing in a new well looking lady to push the business a bit more... .

    @ peoplesmoke

    Due to my experience with scammers they are also prepared in case that someone wants to meet the lady. In such case, they try to catch money for travel expenses because for sure they say that they would come to meet you in Moscow or whatever nice town because their small town is too dirty or whatever ... they only find "reasons" to make you transfer money to them ... it is all about money at last and if someone is stupid enough to send the 500 or 800 dollars he would lose them for very sure and never see the lady of the nice pics ... .

    Well, what you say about your own room and such stuff ... you only get the visa for Russia in case that you have confirmed officially that you booked a room there. And going to Ukraine also means that you must book a hotel room there. No lady receives a foreign man after a 30 minutes official meeting in the office of any agency in her apartment!

    Well, sex is part of human life, PeopleSmoks. But if a small kiss or taking someone in the arms or touching the shoulder of the lady just is forbidden by all norms of good attitude between friends ... then for me the culture is much much too different to be accepted by me. I cannot spend many weeks here to meet a lady everyday one hour and feel in the second meeting that I have absolutely no priority for her, sorry. I feel a bit treaten like **** here!!!

    Do I need that? No, this will not happen again to me, guys.


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    Cit goddiejens:

    "Accommodation and food is as expensive here as in Netherland or Belgium, so for holiday I have not chosen here a cheap destination"

    The authorities in FSU are rather flexible about this, as long as you have some references. If you meet a REAL woman, she should be able to help you out (though this is ofcourse still no guarentee, she's not a pro-dater). Private lodgings are maybe 10% of hotels.

    "Do I need that? No, this will not happen again to me, guys."

    Good for you. But you have helped the next guy in the chain with your evidence. Good luck.

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    Guys! I know this thread is about UALadys, but I just have to share this profile with you that I found on Amazing-Women.com. It has to be THE most honest ad profile I have ever seen from an obious money wh@re!
    "Hey guys, here's what I want, and look at what I'm giving in return!!!"
    This ad is so darned straight up and honest that I think I'm in love!!!! Hey ham, she even comes within another sentence or two of asking if you have a swimming pool!!! She's obviously looking to become the well kept concubine of some rich guy and actually says it more or less!

    Train returns

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    Name :
    ID :
    Date of birth :
    Aug 23, 1970
    Age :
    Height :
    5ft 2" (160 cm)
    Weight :
    105 lb (48 kg)
    Hair color :
    Light brown
    Eyes color :
    Country :
    City :
    Religion :
    Marital status :
    Children :
    Smoke :
    Profession :
    Education :
    first degree
    English language :
    middle level
    About me

    I love expensive clothes. My vital motto All that is done, all to the best! I am very optimistic, purposeful, and consequently am sure in the good future. I like to communicate with interesting people; to find out something new for myself. I dream about the strong, provided family and children. If I have enough money I would like to trade in machines a Ferrari, Benz
    Hobbies and interests

    I swim perfectly. I love small gorgeous souvenirs, soft toys, flowers and chocolate sweets,making new acquaintances and socializing with my friends and interesting people
    Looking For Men Type

    Need partner: 32 - 56 years old
    First of all, I search for the friend, a spiritual and material support. It would be desirable, that he appeared the kind, cheerful and decent person. I'd love we have one for two LOVE. Or his care ? my love.

    Train returns

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    LOL I have laughed my ass out here!

    Goddiejens do something for me, go to Poltava and meet Nadja!
    There are at least 3 of us here who were chatting with her, find out how real she is! lol

    If you want to have good sex, find Irina, she's a ninfo!

    Besides that I hope you get lucky and meet a nice woman.

    Your report has been noted. I am going to Estonia in April and there I know I can meet women easilly and they are nice and not from any agency or "paid".
    So I recommend you guys to go to Tallinn in Estonia. Or Riga in Latvia, very beautiful girls there.

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    I've been to Riga. It's absolutely not recommendable to go there except as a sex-tourist. But it is true, that the women in Latvia are attractive, and it's also true, that they know it.

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    Well guess what? Good things come in threes right? First Confidential Connections, then UAladies ..... now they are going to try UAdreams to see if they can escape the bad press that appears just below their heading on the Google search engine. So I guess that UADreams is the newest target for attack guys. Their notice of name change came today along with the names of my favorite cash cows....even my very favorite one Natalie U. that quit the CC site early last year. Maybe she is being used without her knowledge I would suppose.

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    heheh my favorite ladies got moved but my old login does not work anymore.

    This agency is such a mess!!

    Hey I had an idea, lets donate to help UADreams.com!
    We become partners and buy stock from the company, what do you think?? heheheh at least we'd get some cash back! :P

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    quote:Originally posted by Suckered

    First Confidential Connections, then UAladies ..... now they are going to try UAdreams
    Well, and more. They have stolen all the credits.
    The credits which were on ualadys arent any more on uadreams.
    So, you simply have to buy new credits, if you want to correspond with the lady of your dream.

    Ok, you can initiate a free letter to a new lady, who you have not corresponded with before.

    / uljoh
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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