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    dublindevil Guest

    Default UALadys.Com (Ex Confidential Connections)

    This new Topic has been started, where UALadys leads on from CC, to show that UALadys is now the new topic. ? This would also show up on Google etc, and therefore be seen by others. ?

    New visitors please go to the topic "Scam or not", then review "Confidential Connections" which is now closed, then select "UALadys.com (Ex.Confidential Connections)".

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I?ve been reading your postings for a while and wanted to tell you about my personal experience with UALADYS. I?m a USA citizen and I went to Ukraine in August of 2007 to meet with 2 ladies, one in Simferopol and one in Kremenchug. Both showed up, but only the one from Simferopol stayed with me for several days.

    She was the girl I was writing to, but looked like 20 to 25 pounds lighter in reality, maybe too skinny. She was very nice, spoke some English and we went sightseeing around the coast in Crimea.

    Based on that experience, I could say that these women are real. Whether they actually write the letters or not, I can?t say for sure but it seems that they don?t, based on some information I got recently. The girl from Simferopol didn?t know how to use computers, so if she wrote anything should have been on the phone to her translator. Regardless, I didn?t mind because she showed up and she stayed with me for several days and it appeared that she wanted to continue our communication. I was kind of disappointed with her looks and stopped emailing with her after I came back to the USA, but we had a relatively good time together.

    The girl from Kremenchug was younger and she showed up but she met with me only for about 3 hours. Then she left and I didn?t hear from her while I was there. Nevertheless, I met people in the streets and parks in Kremenchug and had a good time, although no sex.

    More recently, I contacted another girl, this one from another city. It happens that her parents moved to a country when they were under the Soviet Union and we share a second language. She gave me her phone number written in words in the language we share and we talked very recently. She confirmed to me that UALADYS? staff writes the letters themselves. I can?t give you more details because I don?t want to compromise her identity. But after she confirmed the rumors I?ve heard, I stopped writing to other girls from the site.

    Overall, it looks like the girls are real and it?s kind of gamble to go and meet with them. By the way, I traveled on my own and have been before in Russia visiting Moscow and Siberia. A woman from Siberia, which I met for the very first time when I was there, stole my heart. I haven?t been scammed yet, in terms that I have never sent them money, but after 3 years of pursuing my love in the FSU, I?m still searching for it.

    I?m planning to go back to Ukraine this year to meet another woman that speaks both of my languages. I will either meet with her or with this other girl that also speaks my second language. In conclusion, I think that UALADYS is in a gray area.

    I?ve been fortunate because I?ve found women that speak my other language. I don?t regret my visit to Ukraine at all, but I?m accustomed to traveling overseas. It?s still a big challenge to go to any of these FSU countries. My plans eventually are to live in Ukraine or Russia for a season and get to know real women, but for doing that , I need somebody from there that will help me in the process. That?s what I?m trying to do right now.

    For now, I can only wish you good luck!

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    quote:Based on that experience, I could say that these women are real.
    You get there. Make a fuss that if you don't meet your model, you'll expose them worldwide. They heed your pressure. You meet the girl. You wine&dine her. In the end she's not interested; changed her mind; had cold feet; her aunt needs a liver transplant...She's back home soon in bed with Oleg and it turns out she was paid to give you the run around...with YOUR MONEY.
    you are empty handed again.
    Get it?
    They MIGHT be real, but are they truly lovesick 1950-styled brides...or do they just play one on your tv screen while chat minutes keep rolling?
    How would you know?
    Throwing money at the problem is NOT the answer.

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    Throwing money at the problem is not the answer. EXAKALAKALY!!! yer right HAM. Look buds; Togeather we have beaten CC back into oblivion. We have beaten UAladys back into oblivion, and now it's UADreams turn to be beaten back. It is working lads. Whenever a stop-scammers heading appears below theirs on Google, we beat them and prevent their profits because the new potential suckers become enlightened. Time to turn attention to UADreams UADreams UADreams. NEW HEADING; UADreams!!

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    just go and meet like 20 girls... don't go with any kind of expectations.. and don't bother writing to anyone before hand..

    If you're going to travel thousands of miles to go on blind dates then you might as well go on as many as you can while you're there.

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    You can still logon to the newest site UADreams/UkrainianDreams ex-UAladys with your existing logon and password. If it does'nt work just insert your email address in the space fro TROUBLE LOGGING ON and you will recieve a new password to use with your existing one. Hey guys; Do any of you send and recieve letters from Svetlana K.?,, because she just sent me another letter informing me that I can now contact her on this new site. I say SHE because like you I LIKE to think that it is SHE but I am fully aware that it can be sweaty ol' BORIS himself attempting to catch him a sucker from off the bottom!!! A SUCKER with some fresh cash that is.

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    Hey guys! I posted my thoughts on the "shotgun" method of FSU dating in another thread, but it takes the concept thatcrazy mentioned to a sligtly more calculated level:

    1) Take out "free" memberships on as many sites as you can handle.
    2) Browse the ads and pick your "favorites".
    3) If you find one girl who knocks your socks off, take note of her city.
    4) Review your other "favorites" on the other sites, their cities and match them to your #1 favorite and her city. Some sites allow a "city" search in their search engine, so it's pretty easy to do!
    5) Figure out how much you want to spend, apply for paid membership to as many sites as you can afford and start fishing.
    6) Be prepared to move quickly to go to that city for a real meeting.

    You may find 20 or 30 girls on several different sites who all live within cab distance of a central location. Write to them. Get a "feel" for what they're really about, and set up a meeting with as many as possible for around the same dates. Airfare and accomodations when set up outside of agency "tours" is much cheaper, and you won't have to plane hop or bus from city to city. Just take note if you may need a translator for a few of your meetings.

    The only thing that would suck cow pie juice is if you run into one girl while with another, but that can happen in your own backyard!

    Okay, so you're thinking about how much all those paid memberships might cost? Let's say five sites at $50 per site is $250. Ad in aifare, which for me is around $1100 ($800 round trip international + $300 round trip internal flight), and accomodations for however long you plan to stay (for me, about $300). Now writing to 20 or thirty girls through UA would have already cost an arm and a leg at $75 a pop times 20 or 30 girls??? For $1650, you're there and "speed" dating your butt off already if that's what you want to do.[][)]

    Train returns

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    Looks like their new site UADreams has cancelled our existing credits so any money that ou spent at UAladys is LOST or I should say stole by their administration.

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    what a busy scumbag Steve Salvesen is

    We are going to explain to you what has happened:
    Unfortunately American part represented by CCUSA LLC and IISPP INC companies have been very irregular in fulfiling their financial obligations in relation to Ukrainian companies which do all job to provide service for you, dear clients!

    The money meant for providing services come with a very big delay making our branches' work very difficult and sometimes even impossible. Isn't it upleasant to know that your lady received her birthday gift with the delay of two weeks?! Isn't it upleasant to find out that the branch you came to hadn't received the money for hotel reservation while you are on your way to Ukraine?

    Negotations with CCUSA LLC company weren't a success. As a result 8 branches situated on the territory of Ukraine have decided to sever relations with CCUSA LLC company.

    Poltava, Simferopol, Sumy, Kremenchug, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Donetsk, Lutsk are becoming an independent company creating their own web site.

    Latest news: at the conclusion of preliminary negotiations CCUSA LLC promised to pay off debts of rendered services in the nearest future, whereof we gladly inform and voice a hope for civilized settlement of financial dispute.


    The history is that this agency was used to be known as Confidential Connections but they closed down around new year, probably around the same time where the number of reports about them having fake profiles etc. was really starting to grow. Members was then told that a new mangement company IISPP inc. and a new owner IISPP inc. has taken over the company and that the site would be rebranded as ualadys.com, ruladys.com etc.

    I have done a little research about that statement using among other things some old cached pages at google and found a lot of top people still in the organization:

    Steven Salvesen: Credited somewhere as founder but mostly just president/representative in United States for Confidential Connections. Now his role is not officially stated anywhere but welcome letters to ruladys.com is still signed Steve Salvesen, CCUSA LLC, and if you are paying something on their sites and want to use Western Union you are instructed to send payment to Steven Salvesen, New York. Steven is also known by the spamhaus project spamhaus registration of Andew Klimenko / Steven Salvesen / Victor Filin-Filinyuk

    Thomas McKeveny: Office Manager in the New York office at Confidential Connections, now the General Manager of IISPP inc.

    Yura Filin-Filinyuk: CEO of Ukraine branch at Confidential Connections and now CEO of Ukraine branch (ualadys.com). A Victor Filin-Filinyuk, old Ukraine Representative for Confidential Connections and maybe related to Yura ??? is also known by the spamhaus project spamhaus registration of registration of Andew Klimenko / Steven Salvesen / Victor Filin-Filinyuk

    The last person named by spamhaus project, Andrew Klimenko, was the old CTO for Confidential Connections. I have found no link between him and new organization. There is a domain called digger.com.ua which points to ualadys.com and which are registered in Andrew Klimenkos name, but that can be from back at the time when he was CTO.

    But besides that then bank statements still says CCUSA LLC (Confidential Connections USA I guess) when paying something on their sites. All in all it seems like their is still a tight connection between Confidential Connections and the new organization and if (because I only know what other people are saying) they were using fake profiles, writing letters themselves etc. at Confidential Connections then it's very unlikely that some of these top people were not fully aware of what was going on. Both IISPP inc. and CCUSA LLC are active according to the New York Department of State but besides Confidential Connections and now NNladys.com it's not possible to find references to any other business they are involved in. The footer on the sites btw states thate the owner is World Management International inc., Panama City, Panama but I have not been able to find anything about this company.

    This guy was outed as a Russian date spammer scammer back in 2005

    My what a busy scumbag Steven is.

    Russian spam scammer of New York is outed.

    spammed URL:

    Redirecting to: www.confidentialconnections.com

    Steven Salvesen a resident of New York.

    From 2003


    The quest is as old as time. The search for the right "lady". Do
    you go on countless dates or showing up at a function's with no
    "signifent other"? Isn't it time you took advantage of modern
    technology. The Internet is a real good place for you to select a
    mate. After joining other dating site's, you can write to ladies who
    you find interesting,attractive, etc. This is a slowest way to meet
    someone. The person you write, has to be interested in you or they
    wont write back. Why waste your time sending 5-10 letters a day? Then
    when you do get replies, you wonder where you went wrong. It's such a
    waste of your time. If you are like me, my time is money. If I spend 2
    hours a day, 7 days a week that's 14 hours, if you get paid $1,500.00
    a week, that's $525.00 of YOUR time. Meeting people on the street,
    thru friend's and online dating sites have gotten you nowhere, we
    have a solution!!!!
    Let's say you meet a lady you want to have a relationship with.
    Now you have to "get their phone number", then show her a great time ,
    again time and money. Dinner, phone calls, car expanses, how much will
    it really cost you? $200.00-$300.00 for that first evening? You're not
    going to ask them on your first date to marry you, if you did they
    would think you are crazy. So if you go out on 10 to 15 first dates
    with different ladies in a year, its going to cost thousand's of
    dollars. Its probably also going to take a few dates to "ease it in"
    that you really want a long term relationship and want to get married,
    maybe some children. Maybe you just want a "partner in crime",
    whatever the reason, you will find it here. There goes your investment
    in her, if her ideas do not match yours. Do that a few times a year,
    more time and money down the drain. We have the solution !!!!
    We have a new way to meet the lady of your dreams!!! We will fully
    prepare your profile and feature it on our next bachelor e-mailing.
    Our mailing campaign is sent to 20,000,000 people on the Internet. The
    results are amazing. You will be able to sort thru the many type of
    ladies you want to meet, what you asked for. No more sending e-mails
    to ladies whom might like you. All your replies will be from ladies
    who are really interested in meeting YOU. Normally a mass e mailing
    campaign will result in a .5-1% response rate. That means a possible
    100,000-200,000 lady's will view your profile. Because you have
    provided in great detail what you want in a relationship, you will
    only get replies from ladies who share the same interests. You will
    have thousands of replies from ladies who fit your requirements. Now
    were talking about ladies, who are making the first move to meet you,
    you don't have to write and chase them down. Let the ladies choose
    you!!!! YOU JUST PICK AND CHOOSE !!!!!
    When you consider what you would spend in dating 10-15 ladies in a
    year. Why waste your time and money. We will provide you with the
    results you want. The cost for this service is $2,495.00 please, feel
    free to call our New York City office to discuss this remarkable new

    Steven Salvesen Pres.
    REALBACHELORS.COM <-- Aug 06, 2003
    405 Broadway <-- Commercial building
    Penthouse New York City, N.Y. 10013

    Their contact information is listed as:


    Their principals are listed in both New York and the Ukraine as

    Salvesen Steven
    President (USA)
    372 Broadway
    New York city, NY 10013


    Victor Filin-Filinyuk
    President (Ukraine)
    Freedom sq. 7, room 255,
    Kharkov, Ukraine, 61022

    Current telephone holder is:

    Neame deleted probably a new owner
    29 Orchard St
    Manhattan, NY 10002
    (212) 334-4114

    realbachelors.com = [ ]
    Braich MacArtur
    Belize BZ 278365
    Registrar: NameSecure.com
    Created on 01-17-2003
    Expires on 01-17-2007
    Administrative Contact:
    Braich MacArtur
    Phone: 2126190100

    Ad No.: 138 - Subject: need strip club cd's - Posted on: 08/13/02
    Reply to: steven salvesen at ccnewyorkcity@aol.com
    need to buy cds' from strip clubs, need with out voices from dj/mc.
    needed for private collection. i need aprox 600 cd's that will play 1
    hour thru 1 hr:20 minutes. please call me steve at 212 619 0100 est

    I am looking for cd's from strip clubs. Must be recorded from monitor
    board without voice over from dj'd
    Steven Salvesen
    372 Broadway Lower Level
    New York City , NY 10013
    212 619 0100

    E-mail: ripdoa@aol.com

    Technical Contact:
    Namesecure Inc.
    Phone: 570-708-8418
    Name Servers:

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    quote: Our mailing campaign is sent to 20,000,000 people on the Internet.
    Yea, right...
    Too bad these "spammers-for-hire" rarely send out any mail.
    If they do, as much as 8/10 of their addresses are invalid.
    Add spam filters and uninterested people (now how can they KNOW how many emails belong to legal, marriage age WOMEN of the race/denomination sought by men?! Barney sure won't be interested in Kafeera, 300 pounds African muslim woman who is 56yo...).
    You pay, then they tell you "too bad. All other clients got mesmerizing responses, but hey...you were among the 1% who didn't...".
    If all this hogwash about "0,5 to 1% guaranteed response" were true, they'd be raking in sales THEMSELVES, not offering the service to you, right? Good old "secret forex traditing scheme of the wealthy. Turn $10 into $1.000 literally overnight. Guaranteed. Yours for $9.99".

    quote: Now
    were talking about ladies, who are making the first move to meet you,
    you don't have to write and chase them down. Let the ladies choose
    you!!!! YOU JUST PICK AND CHOOSE !!!!!

    Ads in newspapers..."private matchmaking", whatever.
    I never got more than a handful replies, but hey...someone must represent the 1% of "true losers" whose case is just too disperate, eh?

    quote: I am looking for cd's from strip clubs. Must be recorded from monitor
    board without voice over from dj'd
    Steven Salvesen
    wow...another great fellow this Steven...if there is one able to patch Barney's botched romantic life it's Steven, right?


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    Hey ham, if you want to feel like a star, login to and take out one of the free memberships! You'll have more 18 to 20 year old children wanting to chat with you than you'll know what to do with![:0][)][8D]

    Train returns
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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