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    dublindevil Guest

    Default UALadys.Com (Ex Confidential Connections)

    This new Topic has been started, where UALadys leads on from CC, to show that UALadys is now the new topic. ? This would also show up on Google etc, and therefore be seen by others. ?

    New visitors please go to the topic "Scam or not", then review "Confidential Connections" which is now closed, then select "UALadys.com (Ex.Confidential Connections)".

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    ****, ****, ****!!!......I'm going to subscribe to one of those sites you just mentioned Prometheus....And then depression
    set in.....As we join our hero back on the surface of the planet
    we see that he's already purchased the rope and needs only to climb
    that tree to hang himself...tune in next week for the exciting
    conclusion of, "AS THE STOMACH TURNS"!....Dammit!!!....Well,
    I guess I'll mail the dumb broad a computer now to really
    get myself screwed. You know, I checked the rates at the DHL
    website and for a package that only weighs 10lbs and is 15x15x15
    it is over $400.00 to send it from America to Yoshkar Ola.
    I just went and looked at the laptop to buy for her today.
    I told them I'd be back before 5:00pm to pick it up.
    I hope I don't get screwed.....................

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    David, now I realise just how much slower than you I happen to be. You've pulled my chain fair and square, and now perhaps you can deploy the mercy rule.



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    quote:Originally posted by nanotech7@juno.com

    I was going to go this summer to see my lady.
    Maybe I can up the date to April and we can go together?
    I'm going to Yoshkar Ola.
    hey nano,
    i am going to poltava and simferopol from 4/12 to 4/22 dont have everthing confirmed yet;
    re: svetlana 7735 i dont believe its her writing to frank--we have very intelligent correspondence and she answers my letters just like she was sitting next to me talking. i am trying to figure out a tackfull way of asking her when i talk to her next saturday by phone since we dont need a translator

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    quote:Originally posted by nomorescam

    Good news.

    I have been sending and receiving letters with Nadezhda N. #3867
    Yesterday someone posted a letter received from Nadezhda and guess what? It?s a match word for word with one I received from her on the same day and only ten minutes apart. It?s not just great that she done this but great she done this to me because it?s making my legal case stronger.
    If anyone else has been speaking with this lady I would like to hear from you.
    I am now going to send her a reply and see what response I get. Let the games begin.
    I recieved the following on the 12th January
    Thank you very much for your warm letter and for sharing your life and opinions with me. I like that and I like the way you think, so both of us will do our best to give as much attention to each other is it possible.

    I'd like to know what do you like to do from the following list??


    bike riding,

    camping, dancing

    walking on the beach,

    sun tanning,

    talking all night about every thing under the stars

    laying on a blanket watching the stars at night,


    dinning out at a nice restaurant

    traveling in a car or a boat,

    playing card games,

    or maybe watching TV, DVD movies?

    I am just interested in that and I have one joke for you!

    There are 3 people standing in front of a magic mirror. The mirror gives you anything you desire if you tell it the truth, but you disappear if you lie. The first person to talk to the mirror was a very fat brunette. She walked up to the mirror and said "I think I am the thinnest person in the world." and poof, the mirror gobbled her up. The next person to come up to the mirror was a very ugly red head. She told the mirror "I think I am the prettiest person in the world" and poof, the mirror gobbled her up. Lastly came the blonde. She walked up to the mirror and said "I think..." and poof, the mirror gobbled her up.

    What do you think)))))))????????

    Kiss you


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    quote:Originally posted by bachelorboy101

    Hi Nomorescam

    Yes, I have been communicating with Nadja (3867). Has she sent you her "private" photos yet?

    Here are a few letters I have received from her:


    Hello dear ****!

    It's me, your girl from Ukraine)) Here we have the last days of this year. I do not know whether I'll be able to write you till the 3rd of January. It seems to me that the office will be closed;-(((( It's a pity that I won't read your letters, but please wirte me because I want you to know that I think of you and I do not want to lose you. I'll come and just imagine how happy I wilI be to realise that you do not want to let me go in next year. I am really so glad that this year turned out to be so happy as I found you here. I want to say you "Happy New Year!" and I want to say SORRY for everything wrong I said last year, maybe for smth which you did not like in me. I just wanted to be myself and I wish everything to be better and happier in your family.

    Just now you can observe such a fuss in Poltava. The markets are full of people, shops are overcrowded, everybody is trying ti buy smth pleasant for relatives and friends. I also have already bought presents for my parents and friends: many piglets of different size So as for me I celebrate New Year at home with my parents and be sure that when it strikes midnight and when our glasses are filled with champaigne I'll drink for you and for our happiness. Let the piglet make smth good for us in 2007!!!)))) I really appreciate you and everything you do for me, you are the best man I have ever met, hope you are staying with me!!!

    Sincerely Nadja




    Hello dear ****!

    At last I managed to get you! It was so difficult. Do you know there were some problems with the site. I even did not know what to do. I thought that I had completely lost connection with you. But now everything is fine that's why both of us can relax. How were you and what news my darling wants to tell me?)))))))))

    Do you know that we had Christmas last weekend? Actually during the whole weekend I stayed at home with my family. I even did not want to leave the house. I watched TV as there were many different programs and movies. I stayed in bed and did nothing so you see how lazy I am)) Do you still like me?)))))))

    Ok, I am waiting for your letter very much.

    Kiss you softly


    p.s. Dear ****, I'd like you to be the first to come and visit me


    Ps: - Karl, I have loads of letters from Daria P, if you want me to post any, she did seem pretty genuine, as I have had a few letters when I told her about my mother going in for an operation and my sister being pregnant, and she has asked me about these things in her letters, however, I`m sure Im not the first to be duped, lol

    Hi, I have the same letters from #3867 Nadezhda N I also have several pictures, have you got the one with the reflection in the mirror.
    I also have loads of letters and pictures from #4016 Daria P. She does seem genuine, until you tell her that you have booked a trip to see her, then she says she is not interested in a relationship with you, although she still wants to write to you and remain friends. I have told her that she is on this forum, and she was surprised.

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    quote:Originally posted by bachelorboy101

    lol, just logged in to Ualadys, and yes, I have a new photo from Nadja - entitled "my little present for you" she is pictured with what looks like a red rose, wasn`t gonna pay for it!
    Have a look at http://zepdp.myphotoalbum.com/albums.php
    for pictures of #3867 Nadezhda N

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    Ding dong Guest


    quote:Originally posted by dublindevil

    quote:Originally posted by siberianhusky

    This is good that you have made another topic but with ualadys with it so everyone can see what is going. Just before the CC site went under I sent Elena a gift (I believe they were flowers, will check) so lets see if she has thanked me for them in her loving letter to me. Look I have received another letter from Elena G. #1587 today so I will post it here.


    Hello my dear _______!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful letter.

    I missed you so much within the several days while the Agency was closed. As I understood, the Agency had some technical troubles and now it even has some other name. You imagine, I came up to the Agency and the office was closed and I can?t catch them on the phone. And I can?t express my gladness when they called me in the morning today and told that everything is all right and I can come to the office to get your letter.

    You know, within these days I worried so much, I was frightened with a thought that I can loose you. We correspond via the Agency and we have no other way of communication, but they told me to day not to worry, everything will be all right, they just had some temporary problems.

    _______, dear, I have not much time today as I have come to the Agency during my lunch break. But I want you to get my letter as soon as possible.

    How are you doing, my dear? How is your mood? I hope your mood is still a holiday one!

    Concerning myself, for some reasons I think that the holidays were such a long time ago? I celebrated New Year at home with my parents. My brother and his girlfriend came to visit us and we had a family celebration and met the New Year. By the way, so you know that according to the Chinese calendar this is a year of Fire Pig and it is very favorable in all senses, so I wish all your dreams and beginnings come true and everything you?ve decided may happen too!

    Concerning Christmas, I have also spent that holiday in a family circle. Right on Christmas it was the official acquaintance of my brother girlfriend?s parents and the parents of mine. They invited our family to their place for Christmas and we celebrated together.

    My dear _______, you know, I have picked a magic wish while the clock was counting minutes till the New Year. Of course I can?t tell you what wish it was as it won?t happen in that case, but that wish is about you and me.

    _______, my dear, I wish you a wonderful day and I am waiting for your letters?

    I have to go to work now.

    Sending you my kiss.


    Well as you can see she has completely forgetten about the wonderful gift I sent her for her countries Christmas (Jan. 7) and this does not surprise me now but it is to late. Remember I did all this prior to finding this forum about CC which is now ualadys.

    Dublin I have all the receipts from all the gifts I have sent will they be any use in the future? What about this guy who's cousin is an International Lawyer, does he seem legit to talk to?

    Thanks, Siberian
    A terible letter. ! The usual junk stuff. I suppose if they have got away with it so far why not continue. ? I was wondering just how much of an affect we have had on CC. ? Reduced numbers. ? Reduced revenue ? I suppose only a little.
    I would imagine that your receipts will be great. Hold on to them.
    As for the Lawyer guy, well he is going to read this, so I hope he proves to be legit. !
    This of course is the problem with these sites - who is legit, who is not legit, who is visiting from CC and UALady. Who is posting rubbish, who is really genuine, and so on. After all our experiences with CC its only human nature to suspect 'everything' and 'everybody'.
    I am a bit concerned that the email addresses attached to our profiles are not working. Has 'anybody' ever received an email through this site. ? It seems to be almost impossible to contact anybody who runs the site. Surely somebody should be monitoring it and posting on the site from time to time, if only as a 'mod'. ?

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

    Hi im new to this forum, but im now concerned because I coresponded with an Elina G #1586? Girl on c.c with long dark hair ...mmm?

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    Ding dong Guest


    quote:Originally posted by siberianhusky

    Hey Kevin

    Yes I have received all my confirmations from CC/ualadys before the shutdown. I have sent them an email in the support and they have not given me a complete answer yet so I will be waiting for the reply.


    quote:Originally posted by Kevin


    I have sent flowers to my girl before and know that it can take a day or two before she might get them. With everything going on with CC, it may take another day. I'm not saying she did, I'm just saying that she could have not gotten the gift yet. Also you should get an email stating that she recieved your gift. Did you get an email from CC/UALADYS saying she recieved the gift?
    Hi guys! Very interesting stuff! as I was corresponding to Elena G #1586? from Karkov? same woman different code?

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    Hello guys...

    for those who recently joined this forum and need a little more proofs about our well known scam site...

    check this out...

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    Dec 2006


    by the way...

    some months ago when I joined this forum I wrote to Valentina B (Vaylusha B. ID 4287) using services...two weeks ago I receive a wink from her on that site but I did not pay attention because now I know she is a scammer...

    today I received a letter from her telling me that she is very interested in knowing me better...the story is that she already should know who I am because we exchanged letters during several months using the services of CC/UAladies...

    the fact is that now she wants me to write her using the services of...

    because those services are free for her...and as you can see this is our well known old scam site with a new name on the net...

    WHAT A FRAUD....
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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