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    dublindevil Guest

    Default UALadys.Com (Ex Confidential Connections)

    This new Topic has been started, where UALadys leads on from CC, to show that UALadys is now the new topic. ? This would also show up on Google etc, and therefore be seen by others. ?

    New visitors please go to the topic "Scam or not", then review "Confidential Connections" which is now closed, then select "UALadys.com (Ex.Confidential Connections)".

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
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    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I had some luck last night. I found a site that's full of travel tips from non-Ukrainians who've visited, or now live in Ukraine. In a forum on that site there are questions posted by people like me who have never been there and replies from those who have. A couple of replies included web addresses. I found a Ukrainian based travel agent that caters to foriegn visitors.

    I found train schedules from Kyiv to Luhansk and back that run daily with approximate pricing. $25 to $50 USD oneway doesn't sound too bad! The car service they offer seemed high though. $61 USD from the airport to the train station???

    The part that really sucks is the flights I can afford on my budget leave me for 6 hours in Kyiv between my flight's arrival and train departure. This may not be so bad since I don't know how long it will take getting into the country or if the flight is delayed.

    What can you tell me about visa requirements? I read somewhere that citizens of certain countries (including the US) don't need a visa if their stay is going to be less than 21 days???

    The travel agent I mentioned also provides visa assistance for $143 USD I think it was? Is it reasonable?

    The travel agent is Unipress Travel. Good? Bad? Ugly?

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    I was in Ukraine Oct 1 to 15, 2007.

    They will ask you the name of the Hotel you are staying at!! Very Important that you have this!!

    Also....if they ask for a reason for your visit....say 'tourist'!

    Have a great trip!!

    The women are soooooo hhhhoooooooootttttt!

    But.....be cool...don't try to kiss them, hold hands....etc...IN PUBLIC!! They are very shy about this!!

    They like it a lot if you keep your paws off!!! At least for a day or two....they will warm up to you if you do this!!

    If you are relaxed and confident, you will do great...if you are nervous...you will strike out!! (all of the above are lessons i learned the hard way!!)

    you should need about $100 bucks a day....resturants are cheap....McDonalds is expensive and it sucks

    have a great trip


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    scambuster Guest


    OK Guys...need your help..
    I was in CC and found I was talking to a translator [Natasha] that even somebody posted here she is either married or attached so I got my money back when I called the USA number, They did it quick. I liked this Natasha cause she spoke spanish also like me but she wasnt the prettiest, althought I dont look for that, but now I put a new fake profile and got like 47 letters so far, but I wanna know thru your latest experience with UA. I see many new ladies now and lately 2 of them I like them and I read letters like 10 times and seem to be real not from translator so I come here to see the update on UA before I spend the money. I'll go for unlimited emails for a month and see if she gives me a hint at phone number at least as I know I wont get email, so please me give any advice if this agency is still the same. I know the no email thing sucks just for the reason of their prices and I have been looking all over net for one of them and she used to be on Anastasiaweb but cancelled, at least on Anastasiaweb we used to get postal address, but I guess thru here in UA you wont get it, right??.
    Your advice is most appreciated and thanks in advance.

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    DC, Thanks!
    quote:They will ask you the name of the Hotel you are staying at!! Very Important that you have this!!
    On this other site I wrote about, renting an apartment was highly recommended as a much less pricey way to go as opposed to hotels. Would proof of an apartment rental be okay?
    quote:But.....be cool...don't try to kiss them, hold hands....etc...IN PUBLIC!! They are very shy about this!!
    Both of my Olgas write about "walking together and holding hands" a lot! Possible scammer stuff??? They're both a bit younger than my target age group. Is it possible they're both just a little bolder???

    scambuster, really my biggest problem with UA is simply having to pay through the nose for each and every letter. Even "unlimited" letters is over priced.

    It's impossible to know who you're actually writing to. On a similar site, I paid for a letter to a girl and gave her my e-mail address. It's been a while and I forget her reply, but when I looked at my mail sent to review it, my e-mail address had been censored out.

    Who really knows what goes on inside these agencies that rely so heavily on translation and pay per letter.

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    quote:Originally posted by PeopleSmoks
    Would proof of an apartment rental be okay?.....answer, I have not idea ps!!!....
    quote:But.....be cool...don't try to kiss them, hold hands....etc...IN PUBLIC!! They are very shy about this!!
    Both of my Olgas write about "walking together and holding hands" a lot! Possible scammer stuff??? They're both a bit younger than my target age group. Is it possible they're both just a little bolder???
    PS on an earlier page of this thread...maybe page 26...I wrote about the fact....that I had sent over 80+ letters to Marina 4909...and Anna (forgot number) it's in the other post) I was writing these ladies for 9 months before hand.

    My results with the ladies I wrote was total disaster!! I was so disappointed with both of them....I almost came home early!

    Both of these ladies implied, or outright said they wanted to kiss me, hold hands etc....on my dates with them...they both acted like I was overfriendly for a first date!!!!! But all I did was touch them on the arm, back...and put my arm around!!

    I think to write the ladies about a month before....is best...maybe even less!! If they balk at meeting you after 3 or 4 letters and three weeks of time....they are either not real(most likely) or just not worth the time.

    I would not even try to hold hands!!! See how they react to that!! If they want you too, they will send you typical female body language.....

    Hotels are not that expensive this time of year...did you talk to a travel agent about this??? I would think you could get a room for 30 to 45 USD a night...that is cheap by our standards!

    here is a hint: if you use a UA Ladies translator...and she is good,(all of mine were great) TIP HER!! Between 10 to 20 bucks!! She can be a real asset to you, during the date and give you great advice!! Don't be cheap!!(of course...give what you can afford) This really worked out well for me!!

    I had a great meal, Myself, the lady, and translator....I had 5 beers, try 'Ukrainian' One bottle of wine for the ladies, plus 4 glasses of wine before the bottle...three complete dinners......

    TOTAL COST...44 BUCKS AMERICAN!!! I almost fell out!! That would cost what 200 in usa?? Name of the place?? Don't know...menu was 100 Russian....

    I hope it works out for you!!!

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    Hello everybody,

    This is an information that almost every men here would like about ualadys or confidentialconnection

    The owner of this scamming site is Steven Salvesen
    The main office of ualadys and confidenntial connection is

    217 centre street, 5th floor
    New York city N.Y,

    Now you can put sote lawyers and inform autorities of your country with the prove that you have.

    it's up to you to kill the beast....

    For me, I can't do nothing from my country, our laws don't reach USA, maybe with the Interpol, I will check... Maybe somebody can kick the ass of them for me....

    Have fun now....


    quote:Originally posted by Ding dong

    I need rather urgently to know if anyone is writing to Ira B #5646 from Kremenchug, this woman is involved in a nasty situation and is under investigtion, any information will be kept confidential, but this may just be the nail in the coffin. Please assist me as Im a journalist and would love to rip that business apart and expose everyone.I have gathered a lot of evedence already, but require any information in the way of letters etc, as I need to varify some information.. TOGETHER WE CAN KILL THE BEAST..ALONE WE JUST TALK!

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    DC, thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately... or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, both Olgas seem to have finally shown their scams.[V]

    One just had to go to visit her sick granny, I'm expecting a BIG doctor/hospital bill soon! And the other Olga just told me her rent was raised and needs help to pay for it. She has also told me that I could stay with her during my visit which is something I doubt a "real" girl would ever do considering I'm a total stranger.[:0]

    Oh well!!!! But I'll keep in mind the hands-off policy for a future trip.[8D]

    Train returns

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    I have given up on UA ladys for many of the same reasons mentioned in this forum ie: manufactured, matchmaking, form letters, no chance of exchanging private information, I cant imagine spending $5000 on a blind date. Here is the letter I wrote to the women i was communicating with. I'll post the boohoo letters as they come in:

    Dear Jasja

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in me. I am spending my last credits to write you and and leave this site. It has become apparent that UAladys business practices are unscrupulous and their business plan is to create correspondence and generate income. They have neither mine nor your best interest in mind. I have received far too many letters of introduction from teenagers (I am 50)still in school to count. None of these young girls has met my search criteria, and at least two contacts are known scam artists. It is clear to me that they are playing matchmaker and forging letters under the pseudonyms of their girls (you). I have no interest in receiving manufactured letters.

    I am writing you to encourage you to leave this site immediately perhaps our lives will cross elsewhere. The worst part is that we can never exchange personal information (address, phone, email) and our intimate communications are read and censored by the translator. I am very sorry to have to write you this letter I think you are a charming young woman who deserves better.

    Love Michael

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    Goddiejens Guest


    Hi @all & David Chester,

    I want to send a dvd to a girl of the ualadies agency in Kremenchug. So please, has anybody here the post address of this office there???

    On the other hand, after some mailings I have collected different and contrastful impressions:

    positive: some ladies answer mails in a way that I am sure they have received and read and processed what I mailed them.

    negative: some other ladies answer mails in a way that I am sure they have not received and read and processed what I mailed them, so these ladies are scammers or used for scam by the office responsibles.

    Last not least I would like to thank here the guys who travelled to Ukraine and report to the public here in this forum. This is very helpful!!!


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    jake, just as long as you understand that IF Jasja is real, this is probably closer to what she read than the letter you wrote...

    Dear Jasja

    I won't be writing to you anymore because I have met a wonderful 19 yo girl and wish to continue to correspond with her instead of someone of your age. Better luck next time!

    See ya around, Michael

    Hey Goddiejens, some scam translators(scammers) read your letters, some don't. Some send you form letters for the first couple of letters and then start to actually read and respond if they think you're worth their time.

    Oh, by the way, Olga1 (who answered my questions for the most part) just dropped the granny bomb!!!!!!! Granny needs a $900 operation... I don't know for sure, but... if you're counting on me sending $900 via WU anytime soon... I think granny's gonna [u]DIE babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She lived a good life and I guess it's time for her to go the light!!!![}]

    The Ukraine Orthodox Church is looking better and better......[8D]

    Train returns
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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