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    dublindevil Guest


    Just checked the 'stats' for CC.NET.
    Make interesting reading. 2.500 hits this month so far. Almost 1,000 in December. ! Only just been set up, and no advertising at all, except here and CC of course. !
    No doubt in my mind CC were paying visits. I also noted that the 'search phrase' used was often CC.com so no doubt some ended up on my site instead of CC. ! See if we can get some success with UAL.NET now. !

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

    › See More: UALadys.Com (Ex Confidential Connections)

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    Thanks dublin for the two emails you sent me, much appreciated. As for the letter itself is very well done, were you going to put who it is from or are we just using our own names for this part? I did not know if you wanted to name a group of us together or not. Maybe we can decide sometime if that is the best course to take.


    Shackles Are Undone!!!

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    Hi Prometheus (and others),

    Well, like I said in an earlier post, I had a good 17 month email relationship with Lyuda (Lyudmila) 4001 for 17-18 months. I have never received the photos of her that you posted on photoalbum.com. So far, we know that Jeff, Jim, you, and I have been in correspondance with someone or some persons going by her name.

    So, is there anyone else out there who has corresponded with this woman, No. 4001????

    She was in the CC top 100 for a long time, so probably she is paid to write letters for a living without any honest intentions...or, she and her ghost writer might be working together: it could be that 4001 is the paid model and a ghost writer is the professional letter writer pretending to be her. I guess it doesn't really matter how they do it. They are pretty good:

    I had lots of "conversations" with someone (who unfortunately now knows me too well) contained in over 400 emails, and during all that time I only noted 3 or 4 possible red flags!! And when I questioned her she seemed to have a "reasonable" explanation each time.

    After 4 months of almost daily emails, now suddenly she is sick and I have not heard from her for 6 days (including the shut down period). Strange huh?

    Anyhow, I am dumb but not stupid (I think!). An expensive lesson for me. It's too bad the agency gals think American men are all "losers". I like the advice from the poster above. I think I will work to find a gal independently from any Agency.

    I am still planning on going to Ukraine in March originally to meet 4001 and? but now to hang out, be a tourist, whatever. If anyone has some other tips, ideas, or suggestions on where to go to meet a few REAL gals, places to see, or whatever, I am all ears. I would especially like a reference for an independent tour guide/interpreter...I have heard Pavel in Kiev is highly recommended by some.

    Right now, I am thinking of going to Nikolaev, so I need to book an apartment ASAP. Anyone have suggestions for a company than rents manages apartments there? Or, in another city they highly recommend?

    Anyhow, I wish you guys the best in exposing CC/UALadys.

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    I am new to this site and think the e-mail-a day program is a great idea! I found this site Monday the 8th and have been reading both postings, all 11 pages on the CC forum and was happy to see this new forum up.
    I have been a member of CC since last May when a woman on another site told me she lost her friend who translates and would communicate with me on CC.( Sound familiar?!!) Going against my better judgement and ignoring this ?red flag?,[B)] I joined and have been writing to her and another woman! I see how highly the Simferopol office was regarded I decided to send her a copy of the first letter she wrote to me and was quite surprised when she replied that it was not her letter! The two woman I am writing to seem real but thank God I always have those nagging thoughts of common sense to keep me in reality!
    I am no complete dummy and always try to keep the ?little head?[}] from doing all the thinking but some of these letters are just to obvious! It is a shame that I did not keep Miss ?4001" [)]or Galina S of Kherson (2683)[)] or Olya G of Zhitomir (4288)[)] who keeps writing even after I said I was not interested and who has written me again and sent me 7 new pictures to go with the 28 she sent 2 months ago, 2 months after I said I was not interested!
    I would love to know if anyone else has been corresponding with the following 3:
    Julia K. 1275 (Kharkov)
    Anna T. 7586 (Simferopol)
    Dasha N. 2566 (Kherson)
    Yuliya B. 7074 (Zaphorozhye)
    I have gotten a slew of others from the ?Big 4" but never opened them and deleted them! If I knew then what I know now I would have saved everyone!!!
    I have been to the Ukraine 3 times and had a blast everywhere I went. If you like to ski, the Carpathian Mountains are quite nice. I found Odessa very interesting, Nikolaev was nice but be careful, major drug trafficking and use. It looked like that city was the entry point for all of the Ukraine!! Kherson was nice but the women are getting like the women in Lugansk, bride scams as a cottage industry, but if you go in with your eyes wide open, use some common sense, you will have a good time!
    Thanks for the eye opening forum! Will be tuned in at least once a day! On to do some research and maybe try the Yahoo personals!
    Let me know what I can do to be one big pain in the ass to ualadys.com!

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    quote:Originally posted by snakehandler

    And yeah the girl i corressponded with was full of crap.
    Snake, what do you mean the girl was full of crap? More detail. I tried calling out several of the girls I talk to, and ONE GOT REALLY PISSED OFF WITH ME. The other blamed the translator for ****ing up her letter. One girl, has not even responded to me, after I called her out. How long did you you correspond with that one girl from the agency? She just wanted to use you for money right to spend alot of money on her right?

    Thanks for the hotel advice, I know another european guy who did the exact same thing, stayed in a cheap hotel in that district.

    Somebody suggested to me that UAladys and ARLAdys are an escort service. Comments anyone? Confirming or denying this?

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    Good news.

    I have been sending and receiving letters with Nadezhda N. #3867
    Yesterday someone posted a letter received from Nadezhda and guess what? It?s a match word for word with one I received from her on the same day and only ten minutes apart. It?s not just great that she done this but great she done this to me because it?s making my legal case stronger.
    If anyone else has been speaking with this lady I would like to hear from you.
    I am now going to send her a reply and see what response I get. Let the games begin.

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    Good luck with the mythical Ms. 4001. I wish you great luck and success. If "she" proves real and you two hit it off, be sure to roll her over and stick it in the wrong hole for me. I feel like CC has already stretched my ass, so you hopefully you can return the favor! I had about 400 emails with her also. I'm sure if we did a print out, they'd be word for word identical in many instances.


    26 Oct 2006

    You know, I had a very interesting day yesterday. It was a day of meetings. I met almost all my friends I have not seen for ages. You cannot imagine how I was glad to see all of them! It was such a happy coincidence! I knew a lot about them, about their life! Some news was not very happy. I knew that one of our teachers at school had died. Another friend, who works in Germany and some days ago came here, is going to come back. I met her in the store. She chose there gifts for her friends in Germany. They asked her to bring them some CDs with Ukrainian music. So, today I am going to visit her at her farewell party. Well, actually, I had in general only happy news. One of my friends, who were looking for her love for a very long time got married. And I am really happy for her, she is a really wonderful person. It is pity that I didn?t manage to be at her wedding. She just lived in other city and we didn?t see each other for a long time.

    25 Oct 2006

    So, what are your plans for the evening? Well, I am going to my work again today. But in the evening I am planning to go to the theatre - they say there will be a nice performance there. I wish I could do this with you. But I will go with my co-worker - she has been trying to drag me off somewhere for a long time.

    Do you have such friends who want you to get married so much that try to introduce you to different ladies who would be ready to date with you? You know, I often run into my relatives, friends who always want me to get acquainted with one of their single friends. To tell you the truth, I got tired of that. I met those men but I don?t' see any salt in them. I just make sure again and again that I can build no relations with our men.

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    dublindevil Guest


    Hairbag and Gman. Please look at page.11. of the old forum. I sent you both a posting.
    If you reply please post it on this new page.. Thanks.

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

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    While we are on the subject,

    There is another CC gal, Angelina S. #7625, who wrote me repeatedly, sent me unsolicited photos, and just generally acted in an unbelievable way (red flag one) last year. She is in the Simferopol branch (red flag two), and her age has changed several times on the website. She current reported to be 27, but she was much younger (18 or 19) last year when I first heard from her (three strikes, you're out).

    Anyone had a similar experience?

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    Nov 2006


    Actually, they are under new ownership as well - did all of you get the letter announcint that?


    quote:Originally posted by dublindevil

    quote:Originally posted by Prometheus

    I have a T1 connection and it takes about 12 to 15 seconds to come up. So it could be a long wait depending on your connection speed. There's really not much to see since all the graphics are disabled by primary site being down.

    We were discussing bad busienss practices, like taking the site down without warning customers, choosing a web name that is confusingly similar to a competitors (ualadys.com vs. ualady.com). Add sheer stupidity...

    For example, the letter someone posted by a translator that "I came to get your letter, but the agency's doors were locked and the lights off..." Since when does someone lock the doors and turn off the lights because the server is being transferred??? Sheesh.
    So true. ! If your changing hosting companies you don't need to shut down the office. ! Even more reason to keep it open. ! We have not heard the last of CC and the changes yet. There will be masses more revalations as the days/weeks go bye. !

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

    David A Desautel
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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