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    dublindevil Guest

    Default UALadys.Com (Ex Confidential Connections)

    This new Topic has been started, where UALadys leads on from CC, to show that UALadys is now the new topic. ? This would also show up on Google etc, and therefore be seen by others. ?

    New visitors please go to the topic "Scam or not", then review "Confidential Connections" which is now closed, then select "UALadys.com (Ex.Confidential Connections)".

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Say it ain't so Charlie Brown!!!!! Sounds like just cause for a good ole fashioned American style wife beating!JUST KIDDING...???

    Maybe some of it depends on the age of the girls and how much older the guy is??? I've read where FSU's can be just as materiallistic as their US counterparts, but simply don't have access to the stuff until they get over here.

    As for Daria S. 4252, I'd like to believe the guy struck gold and that it IS UALadys who is doing the dirty work.
    quote:It's like one of those 50's horror flicks, where the alien takes up residence inside the host's body, draining all the vital juices but never quite enough to kill him off.
    You've just described life with my X !!!!

    Train returns

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    quote:Listened for two hours in the kitchen as these child brides bad-mouthed their husbands, their husbands' families, the United States, their home cities... the food, the weather... the list goes on. "Stupid Americans and what we make them do for us" seemed to be the theme. The best part was discussion about what they were expecting for Christmas. Rolex, BMW, Prada, and Louis Vuitton were among the label names dropped. One gal brought in her new $1,500 handbag, and it was passed around the room and caressed by each expatriate like the idol of Baal itself.

    Most of the American guys were in the game room watching the HDTV, oblivious to what was being said about them in the other room. Just sad. Very sad.

    Asked one guy how he met his bride, said it was in a nightclub in Moscow. She had him hooked and pulled him over the side before he knew what hit him. Now he's putting her through the university at his expense, out of state tuition. She is taking a course in "theater history," but he does all of her homework.
    well, some delusions come with a price.
    ROLEX?! Vuitton? Prada?
    The suckers are maxing their credit cards out again, so much to receive nasty calls from their bank or repossession agency...
    I say: buy them a Chinese "Rolex replica" worth $50; the next illegal alien selling counterfeits might very well have Prada & Gucci stuff.
    Tell her you have no receipt as you paid cash at some auction or whatever.
    Are you cheating?
    Not exactly.
    You are closer to giving her a "real Rolex" than she will ever be to "being a faithful housewife 1950s style" as she let you believe over the internet.
    Face it men: you cannot play fair with a card-sharper and expect to win on your sole poker skills...
    I am a "monster", I know...
    Relax...sooner than later in divorce court none will be able to tell the difference between us ( me outside, Barney inside, that is ).

    As well, no bursaries here.
    They want the american college dream=they pay for it.
    If they pay, they do it their way; if I pay, it is my way.

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    quote:I am a "monster", I know...
    No ham, you're not a "monster". A monster would think of something truly devious like selling the money-grubbing FSU b!tch to some Turkish arms dealer to add to his harem!!!! Then report her missing and go back to the FSU and find another one. Heck, a guy could even find a decent replacement with the same name and everything! olga, Marina, Inna, Yuliya... take your pick. That way you don't have to buy new monogrammed towels!!![}]

    Let's face it, selling her to a Turk is cheaper than divorce, or the Rolex and you might even turn a profit! The Russian mob does it all the time!!![)]

    Train returns

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    The problem is some men grossly underestimate the pursuit.
    the cheapest accredited US college offering a few full B.A degrees FULLY ONLINE charges $120 per 1 credit hour. A B.A is 120 credits. That makes $14.400 PLUS books, invigilation & ancillary fees. I'd say you'd be in the end over $20.000.

    The second least expensive ACCREDITED college offering more degrees ONLINE & a few Masters charges $200 per 1 credit hour. That soars up to $ 24.000 for a 120 credits B.A + ancillary expenses; over $30.000 in the end.

    There are others, albeit more expensive online colleges.

    did I say online?

    I bet your FSU online love queen won't settle for "second best", but will target a "real" [)] school, brick & mortar, so she can get out of the "cozy home" because her fingers need a break from all that knitting and her western prince Romeo...
    In that case expect expenses to sky-rocket.
    So western online prince Romeo is crowned King Behindhand, courtesy of Mastercard international.

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    That Turkish arms dealer sounds better and better!!! And he might even pay you a few grand for sending him the lovely blonde haired, blue eyed beauty!!![8D]

    I'm sure he'll entertain the thought of buying his new 12th bride a Rolex and send her to get a Masters degree in... sheep herding?[8]

    Train returns

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    Dear SWDawson,

    while wishing you the best of luck with your girlfriend, I'm sorry to tell you, that your experience in your relationship (personal visit, family contact, engagement etc) in no way is a guarantee for her honest intentions. A few years ago I was in exactly the same situation in Sevastopol with Elena T. (whom some of you may remember from this forum), and she turned out to be a total fraud. Being "engaged" to me, and at the same time having 6-8 profiles at the net (most of them closeable in 30 seconds), not informing personal correspondants (suitors) of our "engagement", being obsessed by money and giving me a load of lies.

    Hopefully your girlfriend is not like this, but remember that for many of the people you meet on netdating, backstabbing is completely natural. In Sevastopol I had contact with a small group of netdating women, and they didn't behave nicer to each other or the local men, than they did to western men. Some of them would marry for 2-3 years, until
    their economical security was certain.

    If any of you have ever read Frank Herbert's: "The Dosadi experiment", it describes the raw brutality you can find amongst such people, unhindered by honesty, moral, idealism or humanism. I am in no way advocating paranoia, only a LOT of care. Triplecheck every important decision.

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    I received this letter from a total stranger (unsolicited) despite the fact my profile is hidden from view

    Elena M. #8067
    Michael S. #560453
    10 December 2007

    Love "IS"........



    Hello my dear, <VICTIM> !

    How are you doing? How is your weekend? I miss you so much.....

    I want to send you this poem. I hope you like my letter.

    Love Is ...

    Love is the greatest feeling,

    Love is like a play,

    Love is what I feel for you,

    Each and every day,

    Love is like a smile,

    Love is like a song,

    Love is a great emotion,

    That keeps us going strong,

    I love you with my heart,

    My body and my soul,

    I love the way I keep loving,

    Like a love I can't control,

    So remember when your eyes meet mine,

    I love you with all my heart,

    And I have poured my entire soul into you,

    Right from the very start.

    Have a nice Day!

    With love, your Lena

    Here is my response

    My most desirous strumpet Elena!

    I write to you in the language of love. My heart soars at the thought of you. My very bowels move at the sight of your face. I write this verse to make you mine, mine, all mine! (OK, I may rent you out on weekends.)
    I seek serious relations. I hope find find a good wife who will treat me well, and not smoke, drink, and beat me, as my American wife did. You know, all American ladies smoke, drink, beat their man, and spend all their money?
    That is why I seek a lady from Ukraine on the internet. My brain is flooded with mushy words for you, my love. I must release them or I will burst!

    To my stunning sex-deity, my orgasmic guru, my Beautiful Elena, my lickable trollop. Like the tinea in my toes, my love for you ever grows, my delicious morsel. Let my frequency transmit in FM. My love is like my back lawn. It just grows and grows. It will never be cut down. My frolicsome wombat. Let me be your burrow. Fling caution windward, cast off the robes of prudence! Gropingly, fumblingly but with dextrous determination I wish to grab and wobble those words which tell of my love, my love. Never in the history of mankind has their been a love like this. A love so rare, yet so warmly squishy. Co-mingle we must, with rutting abandon. I desire you. I need you. I want you. And I'm going to have you. Please be mine my swoon. My wetness, my throbsome, my Elena, Fena, Pofena. You are the effervescent prickly pear to my avocado, my jalapeno pepper pot. You might think our love cannot last. Perhaps not. But it will rise again. And again like the acid reflux in my heartburn. Do not be shy. Do not weep, but succumb graciously to the inevitable. Your bumptious charms razzle me ragged my rooting raunchpot. If you were the wheaties I would be the milk. Let me soak into you slowly. My nib is numb from these outpourings. It lies limp and inkless. I shall cut another! I desire you. I need you. I want you. And I'm going to have you. Say the word, and I am yours!
    My most desirous Lenochka, the dimwitted queen of desire. You are the cockroach to my kitchen. Spray me. I write heatedly with expectant flushments of fleshy paradises. My bodily fluids are at the boiling point. You tickle my tease my trolloped tart. Let us be carnal. Let us be blunt. Be open with me, as I am with you. Wide open is my harbor, my refuge, my prison! Do not fear my rapacious rantings my ruin, only say we can rollick and romp redolently. Please be mine my swoon.

    Do you understand my love for you now? Can I be any clearer? I LOVE YOU.


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    Hi Jake,

    you both moved me to tears. It is better than the high song of king Salomon. I wish it was ME getting such unreserved love (and even from someone, who doesn't know me).

    But maybe I will get my chance, I'm certain she'll get around to me also, if she finds out, that your income is to small.

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    jake122969, that little rant is priceles!!!!
    quote:My very bowels move at the sight of your face...a good wife who will treat me well, and not smoke, drink, and beat me, as my American wife did...my stunning sex-deity, my orgasmic guru, my Beautiful Elena, my lickable trollop...like the acid reflux in my heartburn...My nib is numb from these outpourings. It lies limp and inkless. I shall cut another! My wetness, my throbsome, my Elena, Fena, Pofena...You tickle my tease my trolloped tart....
    Can I borrow some of this stuff? I usually just write back telling them how much I like their sexy body and that I want to meet them to have meaningless sex! The answer I get is usually some like this...

    Hello my dear new friend XXXX. I am so much happy to hear from you and to know that you have a strong interest in me cause I am also very much interested in you!!?
    I am so much interested to know more about you, your life, your hobbies, your interests, your family. Well, you know for me family is something sacred, from the early childhood I was brought up in a tradition that family is very important part of life of every person, it is much more important than all the wealth of the world, do you agree?? what is family for you???
    I think that I am a very family-oriented girl. I dream about having my own family like my parents have. I have always admired their relationships, you know they are always honest with each other, the trust each other without any doubts. It is so much great when you have really found your second half, the person who understands you from your first words, who can read your thoughts and desires. have you ever met such a person, you are still the same with me in a "great searching"??
    I think you must be interested to learn more about my family. Well, I live with my parents. My father is an engineer, my mother is a doctor. My elder sister works as a teacher of English in primary school with small kids age from 6-9. She really adores her work and it seems that it is after her that I love kids so much. I can't look without tears how they make their first steps in life, how they grow up and become real princesses and strong gentlemen and what about you do you like kids??
    As for me I am finishing university, my speciality is international economics, that means that I know English and we can communicate with you without any barriers, except this huge distance between us but we can overcome it, as in my fave song they say : "everything impossible is possible", yes????
    Dear Bob, have you ever heard about that "hormone of happiness"?? you know I have just finished reading the book called like that " hormone of happiness". it is such a special feeling when you see , hear or just look on the picture of some person.You may know or even may not know this person. But this feeling is great, it something like you feel the butterflies in your stomach, you are so much excited, you have so much power that you feel you can ruin the mountains, you feel you can fly, you can do everything just to be with that person and you know I begin to feel something similar to you! is that ok that I am telling you that?? I am just used to say what I feel!?
    dear, I am already missing your answer and you, warmest wishes, Mariya

    Obviously didn't read the part where I told her I want to f@ck her brains out in every position we can think of!!![}]?

    Train returns

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    To People

    I would explore those "hormones of happiness" in depth. It sounds vaguely juicy

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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