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    Default UALadys.Com (Ex Confidential Connections)

    This new Topic has been started, where UALadys leads on from CC, to show that UALadys is now the new topic. ? This would also show up on Google etc, and therefore be seen by others. ?

    New visitors please go to the topic "Scam or not", then review "Confidential Connections" which is now closed, then select "UALadys.com (Ex.Confidential Connections)".

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Try endorphine. It doesn't even require another person involved.

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    quoteear Bob, have you ever heard about that "hormone of happiness"?? you know I have just finished reading the book called like that " hormone of happiness". it is such a special feeling when you see , hear or just look on the picture of some person.You may know or even may not know this person. But this feeling is great, it something like you feel the butterflies in your stomach, you are so much excited, you have so much power that you feel you can ruin the mountains, you feel you can fly, you can do everything just to be with that person and you know I begin to feel something similar to you! is that ok that I am telling you that?? I am just used to say what I feel!
    dear, I am already missing your answer and you, warmest wishes, Mariya

    Obviously didn't read the part where I told her I want to f@ck her brains out in every position we can think of!!!
    Think of it, these FSU online love queens all read alike.
    I documented elsewhere how huge online repositories of canned scam letters exist...if they exist, it is because they are used.
    As well, I saw software designed to "carry on upto 8 virtual conversations at once": why would any developer waste time on THAT? Software able to assign a series of canned letters to a parallel series of incoming letters?!

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    quote:I would explore those "hormones of happiness" in depth. It sounds vaguely juicy
    Well, eventually Mariya got it. She's a 20 yo who wanted to meet me in Kiev so we could have lots of sex and not be bothered by her parents. She's a persistant scammer. I haven't had time to post her here or on my little site yet.

    Scam #1: She offered to find us a place to stay.
    Reply: I told her I already found a great place for us.

    Scam #2: She needed me to send her airfare so she could get to Kiev.
    Reply: What airline are you flying on?
    I don't know the name of the airline. I will buy my ticket when I arrive at the airport.
    Reply: I found the airline that flies from Chernovtsy to Kiev. I can buy your ticket when I buy mine and have it waiting for you.

    Scam #3: I need a coat.
    Reply: I'll buy you a new coat, clothes, sexy panties and anything else you want when we meet in Kiev

    I never heard from Mariya again! So much for the "hormones of happiness"!!![V]

    Train returns

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    I have been reading this topic for hours! It has been so hilarious!!! heheheh

    As for my experience, I have been with CC and now with UALadys. I have purchased tons of photos and unlimited e-mails so I spent maybe around 1000 USD total or more, not sure, for over 1 year of CC/UA.

    Well I can say it has been an inspiration as I am very ceptic about this type of "dating". Even when I met girls on messenger or hi5, many were very different in real life and lied online so it is not about scamming, just the way people are. Some are nice others aren't so nice.

    Anyway I like Ukrainian mentality in woman and my idea is that some woman are unworthy but others are really amazingly nice. I guess its worth the try to find the amazingly nice ones.
    Now for my experience, I have corresponded first with Olga and she was just amazing, very intelligent imaginative longe e-mails, really nice but one day she found some other guy and told me she had found someone so it would not be sincere to keep corresponding with me. We did keep corresponding a few more times just for friendship until my unlimited mails ran out. A few weeks after she sends me message saying it didn't work out and how huge mistake it was that she felt so good when she talked to me and now she feels like ****. I could feel she was really desperate but unfortunately I was ceptic about her feelings. She tried again on her birthday a few days later asking my reply as her birthday present, etc... but again I did not reply (I had to buy credits!!). After that she left the site. Her profile was closed. I think she was for real and I can say the communication I had with her was really good both for my emotional health and to learn more about what I am looking for and what makes me happy.
    OK This was story 1. Olga was #3912.

    Olga was my girl in 2006.

    Later on I get letters from IRINA S. #1893 who was clearly a ninfo so after some messages and realizing that she was thinking about sex all the time I told her I was not interested. End of the story there. I got a message many months later saying she was leaving the site as she wants to meet real people instead. Also looked genuine girl, just not what I was looking for. hehe

    So now we're in start of 2007 January/February.

    I had another girl Tatyana Z. #3979 who just looked so hot. Anyway after 10 letters or so I could see she didn't really have much to say. I like woman who communicate, a lot, imaginative, interesting, intelligent. She did not fit my idea so I told her this and it was over.

    Then I met Yana M. #6146 and I can say she seems to be a really nice girl, I grown a lot of sympathy for her, she's sweet and I think she really needs someone. The only reason why I decided it wouldn't work it is because she looks like a sad person, not much energy, no positivism. I'm not the kind of guy who matches with that so I think she'll be better of with someone like her. She does deserve a nice guy, I could sense her insecurity and how much she needed attention.
    Anyway I told her I was looking for someone more communicative and with a different attitude towards life. She was of course sad and sent me a few more letters then stopped.

    By the way, I only correspond with 1 woman at a time because if we do meet someone in real life who we are considering, we usually don't date 2 or 3 woman at the same time, just one. So same goes here, I focus on one at a time to see where it leads.

    More recently around July 2007 I did meet the girl I am corresponding with since, exclusively of course.

    Nadezhda N. #3867
    My experience has been quite good, she matches what I'm looking for in most parts. There are some odd things like missing answers to some of my questions or having to repeat the same question over and over until I get a reply which I guess its normal since it is all done by a translator. I read some people here who posted a profile of her in another site which looks like it was copied from UA? I informed her about this so they can check, looking at the other site it looks like they stole some photos and short quick info from UA, I'm sure Nadja will inform UA of this and they'll handle the issue.
    I did get that experience when wanting to book a trip she told me she wanted to meet like 6 months later. At first I was offended as all those "I want to be with you" turned into a "not so fast" but I guess thats normal, later on I got to agree with her, it is also not a very good time for me to go there so I told her around April 2008.
    If she is corresponding with other guys, I think she is. We never talked about it but I'll ask about it in the next messages. Maybe we can agree on exclusivity as part of our commitment!
    As for the photos, I seen some comments here so you got some "hot" photos from her. From my experience and because I have my brother in Estonia, eastern european woman are way less reserved in showing off their assets. So for most eastern girls, it is no big deal.

    Now for my thoughts in general.
    As in any business, there are always people involved who are not honest mainly if you have a user-based site there are always users who do stupid things.
    To figure out if a lady is real or not I guess you must pay attention to her life story. Some sentences look a lot alike but I think those are written in purpose by the translators to make the letter more shiny, the girl probably doesn't have that much intensity in her feelings. For example:

    Girl says: "Sometimes I wish you were here"

    Translator writes: "I miss you a lot I can't live without you and am thinking about you all the time, I really wish you were here."

    You can see the difference? Am I right? hehehe
    I already take that into account when reading her letters and extract only the parts that show how she thinks, behaves, what she likes, etc.

    If I really want to catch a scammer it is quite easy. I learned this in my early dating (in real life). To find out if a girl was lying to me at any given time I would ask her the same question 3 times.
    One time at start, another time after a few dates, and a third time later on. It has to be a question that can hardly change over time and that is revealing, has to be very specific and unexpected. The idea is that a scammer has to make up an answer quick and she is highly unlikely to remember that answer over time. Has to be about something that you think she would lie about.

    Like for example she says she has spoken with her mom about you. Now you have her telling you exactly what they spoke about, be very subtle so she answers naturally without figuring out you are "fishing" her. The 2nd time you must ask "have you ever told your mom about me?" If the answer is no.. well... if the answer is yes, you can fish if the answer matches the same as the 1st time.

    I have met many many girls in my lifetime, over 100 in the last 11 years. I had serious relationship with 2 and some one-time fun with 4 or 5. I had tons of opportunities to have more but I decided I was looking for someone serious not just to have fun. Basically thats what UA is supposed to be about.
    Now if that is or not like that depends on the girls not on the company!

    Also one might have a completely different idea about what "serious relationship" means. Maybe her idea is to have fun first then IF it looks good then go into something more serious. Other girl might not want anything with you until she knows you really well.. etc.

    So guys this aint math, situations vary. It is not very hard to figure what is the financial conditions of the girl you talk to and see if those conditions match her lifestyle, etc.

    As for my babe she looks very genuine and I like her personality a lot. If we will meet or not we'll see, anything can happen in 3 or 4 months. As plan B I can always go live to Estonia (my brother lives in Tallinn and is married to an Estonian woman) for a few months I will meet a lot of girls there and I'm sure one or two will be nice enough for me. No need for online stuff! :P

    Last time I was in Tallinn I had 4 girls coming up to me wanting to have fun! They do love foreigners! lol
    And I do love saying no to really beautiful girls!

    BTW I wont post/send any photos/correspondence from the girls as it is private. I understand if they'd be scammers it would be ok but the issue is that we don't know for sure so it would not be nice to do so. Innocent until proven guilty!

    I agree service is a bit strange but have you ever tried Paypal customer service????? It is way worse than UA.
    Always a different person, their english sucks, they rarely answer what you ask and usually answer with FAQ's.

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    Hey brunods! First of all, no criticism, just info... it's sceptic not ceptic. Ceptic is close to septic which is where crap goes. Like I said info not criticism. Your English is certainly better than my Portugese!!!

    Now an honest sceptic's view of these girls you have written to...

    Olga #3912 thought she had found a sugar daddy and got screwed so she ran back to you.

    Irina S. #1893 Was a scammer trying to get your other head thinking about sex so she could fleece you when you weren't thinking straight.

    Tatyana Z. #3979 Probably never read a single thing you ever wrote. Probably an over worked translator/ letter writer who was beaten for slipping up and losing you.

    Yana M. #6146 Looking up the sympathy angle because her last boyfriend drank too much and beat her. She would have asked you to "help" her out when her cat got sick.

    As for Nadezhda N. #3867, I hope the best for you! Keep plan B close.

    Train returns

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    quote:Last time I was in Tallinn I had 4 girls coming up to me wanting to have fun! They do love foreigners! lol
    i have been in Tallinn for business a few times. While not up & trendy ( AND EXPENSIVE! ) as Riga, it is DEFINITELY NOT one's "poor eastern European country" to go fish for cheap'n'fast sex.
    In fact, Estonia had the most advanced IT apparatus & most secure airport years back (well, they built it from scratch from 1999 ).
    Estonia is not Kazachstan.
    As well, perhaps it is just me, but I NEVER ( I say never ) had women chatting me up out of nowhere, barred prostitutes, go-go girls & similar, but these would chat even my grandfather up, who got alzheimer and is 112yo.

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    That may have been Tallinn more than a decade ago. I think you can write the Baltics off the "FSU women" list. Admission to the EU, adoption of the Euro, and rampant Westernization, have all changed the nature and the face of the Baltics. Tallinn, with its proximity to Helsinki by ferry, in particular. I made friends with a group of girls from Tallinn in 1999. Today they are in their late 20's. One lives in London, one in Prague, one in Dubai, and one in the US. They all speak 5 languages or more. Their passports do not require visas for entry. In short, they are like any other Western European.

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    quote:adoption of the Euro
    they do not use the Euro I think, but (like Denmark) a fixed exchange rate for their kroon.

    quote:That may have been Tallinn more than a decade ago
    Baltic states rose pretty quickly to the status of any midcard European country, with the bonus of their small size & economy fit for optimization, without huge inland territories & armies of parasites (like Italy with its southern regions or Russia with its caucasus or USA with their coloured minorities ) to wine & dine in fear of the "nation" [)] falling otherwise apart.

    I concur that the Baltics are not good for MOB-hunting and the minute number of baltic MOBs advertised through agencies should leave no doubt.

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    Living not so far from the Baltic states, I've for the last 17 years visited there regularly (mostly Poland, but also Latvia and Lithuania), and I agree with Ham, that
    there has been an explosive change. In just two or three years, these countries have in certain areas developed economically up to normal west-european standard, and the mass exodus has been greatly reduced. At least the webb-based variety.

    But there is one peculiar aspect of Baltic culture in general. Though they all are very patriotic, quite a few of them desperately want to get away from their own countries and grumble a lot about their local situation. So you still find many Baltic women wanting contact, only through more traditional methods.

    Besides the Baltic cultures are a hotch-potch, with very different ethnic, cultural, economic and educational background. In Riga in Latvia you will see flashy cars, fashion clothes and all the other toys of civilisation. But you only have to go to the countryside to see people farming with oxen, scythes etc., and living under rather harsh conditions.
    I heard about one family (8-10 people) which was expected to live on wellfare of some 5 euros (app. $7) a month. That was three years ago. So it's not all wine and roses.

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    quote:I heard about one family (8-10 people) which was expected to live on wellfare of some 5 euros (app. $7) a month. That was three years ago. So it's not all wine and roses.
    vast zones in southern Italy are hellholes where garbage piles uncollected up to 2 meters high and houses look like XIX century proletarian slums. Think of ethic minorities neighborhoods in any major city, EG Paris...would one like living THERE?

    On the other hand, these girls from the deep countryside are unlikely to roam cyberspace looking for a foreign groom; as said, their lifestyle and finances are giving them something else to think about.
    These "other" girls might be a better pond to fish, but one has to be there in person, which is what I advocate.
    I have no clue whether it might have been different ten or fifteen years ago; in 1999 (when I first looked into it ) it was not very encouraging, and over time it only got worse.
    Overall, I had been disappointed in the "domestic" online scene, with all its braggarts, conpeople, cumpulsive liars, gender-identity bender earlier, but didn't find the MOB scene to be much different.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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