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    dublindevil Guest

    Default UALadys.Com (Ex Confidential Connections)

    This new Topic has been started, where UALadys leads on from CC, to show that UALadys is now the new topic. ? This would also show up on Google etc, and therefore be seen by others. ?

    New visitors please go to the topic "Scam or not", then review "Confidential Connections" which is now closed, then select "UALadys.com (Ex.Confidential Connections)".

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    I wholeheartedly agree with Peoplesmoks. Ukraine is very nice touristcountry, the locals are generally friendly and open, and once you get some contacts, it's not difficult to meet a lot of people. I stayed three months (which I'm aware, you can't do), and everywhere I went, people would say hello ...(my name) or wave at me.
    I never felt threatened, even if I sometimes took a chance and went shopping beer or tobacco at evening in places, I would have been afraid of in west Europe.

    Though there may be differences in various parts of UA, so don't be foolhardy either.

    I believe, that there are small more or less permanent colonies of westerners living in Ukraine. Try to find their waterholes, usually they mingle with the locals.

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    redprince Guest


    Thanks guys-i appreciate your advice and yes i do know another girl from Poltava who is nothing to do with UA ladys.However i have already cancelled the flights and can use the time to study instead.

    I was probably a bit rash to be fair but that is life.


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    quote:I also sense a complete sense of insecurity- ref the large number of photos (you have seen them too) despite me asking her to wear some more clothes!!She just didnt listen.
    I am deeply convinced that all those agencies packed with beauty queens with studio quality pics & videos are eminently commercial operations.
    Sure, agencies are trying to sell you something, but a burger franchise is as well.
    The problem is that agencies deal with romance and feelings, which cannot be assembled like a subway sandwich: i want turkey breast, salad, pepper but no onion please.
    Take twenty random profiles from two such agencies in competition, and you won't be able to part the difference.
    It looks like those disco events when they secure the presence of "body models" to attract crowds under the (unspoken) assumption that maybe -just maybe- you can romance one (as if... [)] ).
    And i doubt she will ever listen to any of her 37 online suitors.

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    Red, I'm sorry to say this but you need a reality check. Looking at 3867's profile one can quickly see what she is "selling"

    Spank me baby, I have been a bad bad boy

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    quote:I was probably a bit rash to be fair but that is life.
    Far better to BE a bit rash than to CATCH a nasty rash. 3867 would require two condoms and a dental dam for safety.

    A fellow seduced a beautiful woman and carried her to the bedroom. Upon removing her panties he caught a horrible odor and observed what looked like bits of peas and carrots in her public hair.

    "Are you sick or something?" he gasped.

    "No, but the last fellow down there was," she replied.

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    Loser, I think she'll give far more than a spanking, but those boot heels are going to leave a mark.

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    redprince, sorry to hear you cancelled already. The fact is, I just booked my flight over the weekend thru Travelocity. Non-refundable, but unless I die between now and February 28th, I'm going no matter what. Naturally, I hope for the best with the girl I'm going to see, but if it all falls apart, I'm sure I'll find something to do. According to every profile you read, all the men are drunks, so I shouldn't have a problem finding a bar or two!!! Under Travelocity's travel insurance, they offer 24 hr legal assistance, so if I get to make a phone call, I'm not even worried about that drunk and disorderly thing!!![)]
    quote:Take twenty random profiles from two such agencies in competition, and you won't be able to part the difference.
    Like I say, whether it's a scammer or a real girl, they're both trying to basically make a "sale". They look at what has worked in the past and just keep using it. I'm sure that 99% of the real girls who apply to any site have no clue what to write about themselves to try to attract a western mate, so they are "coached" by people at the agencies, if the ads aren't flat out written for them by the translator. Thus, every ad sounds basically the same.

    Prometheus, that was foul buddy!!![xx(] And as for the heels, my eyes didn't make it that far south the first five or six times I looked at the pic!!![:I] Thanks for pointing them out. Good thing my old buddy Bethh wasn't wearing those when she kicked that guy in the head about ten years ago! What she was wearing put a 1/4 inch dent in the dumbass' forehead!!! Those boots might get stuck???

    Train returns

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    I just want to know how she lost that chunk of eyebrow... my guess is some dude snuffed out his blunt on her forehead while she kurite moju trubku.

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    New Pack of Lies from UALadys.com

    Would love to see some data backing up this!

    First of all, let me explain that we consider ourselves more as matchmakers than a mere "introduction agency", and we have been very successful in matching our male clients to the wonderful ladies from our Gallery of Ladies. Our trips are very different from any other agencies. All the meetings that we arrange for our clients are private and on a one-on one- basis. We do not do socials where you and 50 other men meet a lot of women all at once. Compatibility is the issue and we pre-qualify ladies who will be compatible with you so that you do not waste any time meeting those who are not. We do not buy or sell names and addresses from other agents or agencies.

    We develop our own through referrals from our existing Ladies interested in you and from people who know about our reputation. We interview and meet each woman in person to make sure there intentions are correct, therefore we know all about them, and we feel quite confident about recommending any of them. I have pasted a listing that may answer some of your questions. We can match you with ladies who are compatible to you.

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding personal services


    Each girl has been interviewed and screened by our staff to assure you of their background and their intentions. We have many more new ladies who are not yet in our current database and we will get them online as soon as possible. For every one of the woman you see now, at least one to two have had rejected for a variety of reasons. We find that many women from this region posses the qualities that most men would want from a wife or a fiancee: education, culture, beauty, brains and traditional family values.

    Social and economic changes in the area have encouraged the women to look at developed countries (America, Canada, England, Australia, Germany, Italy, etc ) as the ideal to raise a family. Thus a perfect opportunity for men who are seriously considering a lifetime relationship. The majority of our female clients speak and understand many different languages, having studied it at school. However, their lack of everyday practice precludes them from speaking the language well. Some women would rather not speak in public for fear of being embarrassed. However, when forced to, almost all of them can speak a few words. We have never ceased to be amazed at how quickly they learn 2nd and 3rd languages more than any other language.

    The ladies do not have any preferences as to the age of their prospective partner. Traditionally, they prefer older than themselves. Many of our successful men have said that they never would have considered a large age difference. We often have been asked how many times a lady has been requested, or how many letters she has received. We do not keep this statistics, as we feel these numbers are irrelevant. Rather, as with listing an age preference, statistics can be different. We prefer to deal with realities, not numbers.

    And the realities are:

    1. Of every 100 men who initiate, only one will follow through with a trip to meet the Lady in person. A trip gets the best results.
    2. 95% of the man who do go are successful in finding a fiancee or wife.
    3. Many Ladies have been writing particular men very often end up marrying another man who goes there in person.


    We view ourselves as more of MATCHMAKERS than a mere Introduction Company. We DO NOT BUY OR SELL addresses of Ladies from other agents. Rather, we take the time and effort to meet each Lady referred to us in person, interview her at length, checkout her credentials to make sure her intentions are proper, before she gets hosted as our client. It is this knowledge of the Ladies that allows us to select the right persons to introduce to each man.

    Compatibility is the KEY. Our formula is simple, yet highly productive:

    1. You fill out our profile, same as the Ladies
    2. Select the Ladies you would like to meet
    3. Until you have a predetermined amount of Ladies reply with a yes
    4. During your trip meetings are scheduled on a private, one-on-one setting, with an interpreter to assist you (if you require one) We know that your time is limited when you go on trip. This is a very efficient selections process that saves your time and, in fact, allows you the extra time to really get to know the Ladies.

    All meetings are one-on-one. We do not organize socials that do not work. Our service is usually based upon a male clients access to time and his available budget. The normal procedure is for a client to look through our gallery of Ladies, select the Ladies for pre-qualification, and correspond with them by e-mail or phone, than arrange a one-on-one visit. Still others, after viewing the Ladies, decide that the best overall approach would be to simply go there and meet as many women as we can arrange for them to meet, and spend time with them before making a decision.

    Also experiencing first-hand their environment and culture gives the man a future understanding of his future bride. OUR PERSONAL INTRODUCTION TRIP HAS BEEN YEILDING A 95% SUCCESS RATE! Again, the reason for this is the growing frustration among the Ladies about the lack of follow through the men, Consequently, many Ladies do not respond to letters, knowing that few ever follow through. They simply wait to meet the men who go there. THUS, THE SITUATION HAS BECOME A DREAM FOR THE MAN WHO ARE SERIOUS.

    During our Special Photoshoot Trips (e-mail for dates); you will get an opportunity to watch and meet new Ladies. Many times, clients pick these new Ladies because they are fresh and no one has ever met them before. We have quite a few Ladies who have never made it to the gallery because they got engaged immediately to the men who went no trips.

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    Thanks to UALadys.com and their proven 95% success rate. Even I was able to find an 18 year old Ukrainian hottie!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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