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    Default Common scenarios used by Nigerian scammers

    1. The girl is involved with contract negotiations, has discovered a supplier has been overinvoiced and wishes to share the money with you.

    2. The girl has a relative who is unable to access money for some reason, such as wrongful imprisonment.

    3. The girl knows a Nigerian who has died and they can't access the money for some reason.

    4. The girl has discovered a foreigner died with money invested somewhere, and they want to steal it and share the money with you.

    5. The girl has stolen the money and wants to share it with you.

    6. The girl has a business and wants to go into a joint venture with you.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    quote:Originally posted by admin

    1. The girl is involved with contract negotiations, has discovered a supplier has been overinvoiced and wishes to share the money with you.

    2. The girl has a relative who is unable to access money for some reason, such as wrongful imprisonment.

    3. The girl knows a Nigerian who has died and they can't access the money for some reason.

    4. The girl has discovered a foreigner died with money invested somewhere, and they want to steal it and share the money with you.

    5. The girl has stolen the money and wants to share it with you.

    6. The girl has a business and wants to go into a joint venture with you.

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    quote:Originally posted by kasart

    quote:Originally posted by admin

    1. The girl is involved with contract negotiations, has discovered a supplier has been overinvoiced and wishes to share the money with you.

    2. The girl has a relative who is unable to access money for some reason, such as wrongful imprisonment.

    3. The girl knows a Nigerian who has died and they can't access the money for some reason.

    4. The girl has discovered a foreigner died with money invested somewhere, and they want to steal it and share the money with you.

    5. The girl has stolen the money and wants to share it with you.

    6. The girl has a business and wants to go into a joint venture with you.
    I say we make a virise to destroy ther computers,one the will wipe out there servers IP that is, the following are scammer in the UK and nigeria.
    Look out for:

    Davies Williams, Detroit, Michigan, USA, nenobrown godstime nenobrown_handsome@yahoo.com . pamela hall <pam_hallzz@yahoo.co.uk>. linda godwill <lindagodwill2007@yahoo.com>. kelvin williams, kelvinwilliams_sexy@yahoo.com, Nigeria. sarah morgan, Nigeria, sarah_morgan61@yahoo.com. michael richardson <mick00288@yahoo.com>, mark_adams203@yahoo.com ID mick00288, mick_richardson2000, lonelyme20052003@yahoo.com, re Carol Hotel 15 Oshola Str Ikeja Lagos Nigeria 23401.

    Rose Shola, Roseflava007@yahoo.com. Clara Martens, claramart1978@yahoo.com. worldwidestravel@yahoo.com. liliya4mail@mail.ru, Liliya from Russia. princilla_love123,
    PRINCILLA AMAMOO P.O.BOXNT41 ACCRA GHANA WEST AFRICA 00233. matilda4u99. KELLY ACQUAH P.O.BOX 23 ACCRA--GHANA . Jenifer Aziza <jennyjewel4@yahoo.com>.

    Jenny, Jennifer Craig, "from Boston MA, in Nigeria for my Job" , <isityou20@yahoo.com>. john spencer <johnspnecer0_001@yahoo.com>. Joyce Owusu <waitingforhim950@yahoo.com>. joyce owuso, joy_girl94@hotmail.com.

    Brandy Benedith <brandy2007123@yahoo.com >. Joy Brown <joyformy@yahoo.com>. MICHEAL BOND, STAMFORD BRIDGE LONDON, SW1V 3DW, westworkers2@yahoo.com, jamie-hood@hotmail.com. Tracy olu, no 10 church street victoria island , Lagos Nigeria, Lisa .M. Adeola, 9 Akerele street Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria, <lisamario007@yahoo.com>. Dammy Jones by name "a girl from
    Hartford, Connecticut but originally from Toronto, Canada", re tragic death, Nigeria, MZSPEED@GMAIL.COM, mzspeed9, mzspeed9@talkmatch.com.

    adedotun edwards, adedotun.edwards@yahoo.com re Sharon Atiku Tokunbo. William Hetzer <hetzer29@yahoo.com>. messy romson, stellaromson001@yahoo.com, re GUARANTY SECURITY/FREIGHT COMPANY, Daniel Wilfred, STELLA SWEETGIRL <stellayme@yahoo.com>.

    Maria Jones <mariajones002@yahoo.com>, re Simmy Daniels, 75, Balogun Street, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401. Quincy Frempong, <freshluv4q@yahoo.com>, Accra, Ghana.

    sharon dabore <sharon_dabore@yahoo.com> yet another Senegal refugee camp mail. Sara Jones, Nigeria, <sara_99jones1@yahoo.com> re doctor Frank Emeka, Crystal Hospital, Lagos, <doc.frank@graffiti.net> "the said patient was rushed in to our hospital at the late hours of Wednesday,the 20th,by a nigerian textile dealer who said he was coming into Nigeria from Cotonou,Benin when he found the patient lying unconscious in the pool of her blood".

    joy robert <joyonlinnow5@yahoo.com>, <statespecialisthospital@yahoo.com> , TUNDE ayeni, <babstravelagent@yahoo.com> .

    califloverman50, onelove_50, neopdop_1951, lonlydad, richy_205 evans_205 , marinecontractor, <richy_205@yahoo.com>. roger_ nati <roger_nati1863@yahoo.com>.

    Joseph Stabb <isyouamlooking41@yahoo.com> "i will treat you like my princess" . debra ray <debragirl24@yahoo.co.uk> KY / Africa, re GUARANTY SECURITY/FREIGHT COMPANY Agent of PILOT AIR COMPANY, gscoy@europe.com. Alexsandra scott <alexscott212@yahoo.com>. finebaby7713@yahoo.com.

    DAVIDROWSOUL, Kinde, MI, US, David Rowland from West Africa, davidrowsoul@yahoo.com, "I'm currently in West Africa now, i left the state with my step mom when i was abt 9yrs after the death of my parent. actually, i'm still planing to get back to the state....".

    TATYANA OLEYNIKOWA, MOSCOW, <farde@freelifemail.com>. Janet Elizabeth Nisbet re BABSON TRAVELS AND TOURS WORLSWIDE (air travel from Nigeria) travelocityy@consultant.com. angela kenneth <angela_knnth@yahoo.co.uk> .

    Lucy Greg <sexy_lucy_love@yahoo.com>, Nigeria. Roger Johnson, Lagos, Nigeria, re orphanage, hospital, Western Union etc, roger.johnson47@yahoo.com. st betty, betty rose, <st_betty709@yahoo.com>. micheal_scott06@yahoo.com.

    Precious Coker, preciouscoker@hotmail.com. McDonnell Cole <mcdonnel_cl@hotmail.com>. Nelson Daniels <nelson_daniels@hotmail.com>. Nelson Daniels <focusedheart@yahoo.com>. Silvia Nkaje, silviankaje@yahoo.com. stella nbaye <stellanbaye@yahoo.com> re Reverend Christ Jonathan, chrisjonathan1@yahoo.com. Nelson Daniels <nelson_daniels@hotmail.com>. kerry cole <kerry_cole1965@yahoo.com> " i'll love something most in my life and that's noting but honeslty and i love the Lord first in my life cus i believe tht with him all thing's shall surly be.." (perhaps he will be struck down for such blasphemy! )

    mick richardson <mick_richardson2000@yahoo.com>. Myrian Godwill, "from Ivory Coast in West Africa,5.7ft tall, dark in complexion,(never married before) " <myriangirlwilliam@yahoo.com>.
    GUARANTY SECURITY/FREIGHT COMPANY, David criag (Custodian Manager), Guarantycompany@keromail.com, monicaluv1979@hotmail.com.

    tessy maxwell <tessymaxwell@yahoo.com>, Tessybabe, "i like to go to beach and also some out doors activities." highway hotel, "the city is ilesa, but hun all this will not help all i owed them is 150$ let get there money paid". Philip Martins <martinsphil1@yahoo.fr> . kelvin micheal, <babaaraba01@yahoo.com>.

    Richard Michael Williams, from Delaware but currently in Ghana, loveme_forsure@yahoo.com. EDWARD YAU, SHANGHAI COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED, edyau_mail@indiatimes.com. tete 1 tennyson <tete1t@yahoo.com>, tenny from amateurematch, Tennylove. sarah cole <sarah_cole005@yahoo.com>. silvia enriques <silvia8430@yahoo.com>.

    lingerfect Monica <m_nica247@yahoo.co.uk>, Michelle. Keith Jones, Dopemu, Lagos, Nigeria 23401, Segun Martinz, ab 8f.l.c Shagari Estate, Alimosho, 23401, Nigeria. ayodeji james <hamton_love@yahoo.com>. samba kabirz <samba_luv@yahoo.com> . lilly beckey <happiness0012003@yahoo.com>. ELLEN, sweetbabegirl6, sweetbabegirl6@talkmatch.com, beatuylady2000@yahoo.com, aka beatuylady2000@hotmail.com, re Ben Baffoe, 21street Adabraka, Accra Ghana-west -Africa.

    ayodeji james <hamton_love@yahoo.com>. Kelvin Gazel , Accra , Ghana. Mariya Krohmalyova, dress42size@yahoo.com. Roseyln James, re Jide James, Highway Hotel at 54 OLUFUNMI, IBADAN, OYO, 23401 Nigeria, rose_sexy_dus_y2k2@yahoo . lora howards, <lorahowards@yahoo.com> re Pioneer Hotel, Chike Akpa. Drey Peter <droy220022@yahoo.com>.

    jenifer kolins <jenifer_brenda01@yahoo.com>, re KELLY JONES, 45 VICTORY STREET, APAPA, LAGOS, 23401, NIGERIA. SIM MCDAVIDSON c/o MORU TAIYE, LILIBETH HOUSE, No. 3 OKARAVERO CLOSE, OFF UWASOTA ROAD, BENIN CITY NIGERIA, <simmcdavidson@yahoo.com>. Dr. Abiola, Oluwaseun Abiola, <drseunabiola@yahoo.com> re Tony benson, re St. Nicholas hospital, Nigeria, 33,iceland avenue victoria island Lagos Nigeria Zip code 23401. EmailPersNatalia, Natalia, <persmail@yourviewmail.com>.

    Roy Panama, 20 Opebi Road, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria 23401, David_Razy101@yahoo.com. moyo4love, micheal_adams35@yahoo.com, re Moyo Adams "developed malaria, mugged, no money, banks won't cash checks drawn on US banks, etc". catherine klose <catherineklose@yahoo.com>, catherineklose. frickyterry , Ricky Lake, re facebox.com. ken_handerson@yahoo.com, ken handerson. juliet parker, honestgirlseeksame@yahoo.com re DOTUN SAVAGE.

    mrniceman408@yahoo.com, re Keliv Enoch, Nigeria. Kehua Jones <kehaujones002@yahoo.com> "You are my Swallow from Capistrano - my precious butterfly" re Simmy Swaffor, Nigeria.

    Alexsandra scott <alexscott212@yahoo.com>. sam dave, sam_dave66@hotmail.com, Nigeria. Kelly_Rogers19@yahoo.com , re Doctor Richard Osun, 177 Adult STR AJAH Nigeria re Seattle, WA at 7400 Sand Point Way NE. nelson_daniels@hotmail.com. Jean Wellfred <loveblossom1900@yahoo.com> "The miracle of life shone in front of my eyes when you entered my life..".

    Frank Alfred <frank_luvsme@yahoo.com> "Thanks for brigthen (sic) my days and making me a happy man.Your presence in my life brings wonderful smiles and loving thoughts within my heart.Do you
    know that Loving someone is like caring for a garden, love it too much or too little and it dies, but love it just right and it will live forever.. " (This is typical of the rubbish they send).

    laura bill, lauraa8080, laura4muziconly001@yahoo.com, Nigeria. paul winston <winston_4love@yahoo.com>. Brad Gibson <brad_gibson39@yahoo.com>, brad4datangel , brandlly@yahoo.com . russell sweet <russellsweet@talkmatch.com>, dreammars101@yahoo.com, dream mars re George and Melissa, Christiana Amosul , amosulville@lycos.com, barclaysplclondon@london.com Christofer Giovanni, Lance Gordon.

    NELSON EMMAUEL DANIELS, nelson daniels, re Dr Anderson Damien, Alliance Offshore Finance Clearing House , Dubai , United Arab Emirates, damienalliance@sify.com. Nicole Johnson, re amateurmatch.com, re 12 ALLEN AVENUE, IKEJA, LAGOS. Ashley Jones <ashmontana307@hotmail.com>, "Have been stranded over Three weeks and some few days now in hell western part of africa .by a ass guy from nigeria who
    blow dust on my eyes ... I just need to setle down the hotel bills and get back home", re David Okeowo, royal_castle_hotel01@yahoo.com, Royal Castle Hotel, Nigeria.

    Mark Adams, lonelyme20052003. Clara Martins Claramart01@yahoo.com, Become28@talkmatch.com, "a Teacher,i am from Middleton in Idaho and i am presently in Nigeria now,i just finished a teaching here,as i do teach the Impaired and Unfortunate ones Sign language and would be back into the states asap."

    Seline williams, seline_williams2002@yahoo.com, re STANDARD SECURITY TRUST COMPANY COTE D'IVOIRE, DR. MBOKA KOUASSI, FORIEGN RELEASE DEPARTMENT, info-sstcgroup-onlineci@safe-mail.net.
    Molly Easwaran <mollyeas@hotmail.com>, meas17cares, "in hospital in Africa", Rolland Hospital , you can also email the doctor via the hospital doc_gafar@fastermail.com.

    Janet "Janey" Nisbet of Liverpool, re pastor Femi Thompson, Nigeria, janet will <janet2lonely@yahoo.com>, janet Brownlie <janey@verizonmail.com>, jennyjewel3@yahoo.com, Jennifer Aziza, "32 year old female from Portland, Maine... a jeweler on a business trip to Lagos, Nigeria re Saint Nicholas Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. niceguy19555. brieftalkwithmark@hotmail.com, billpullman_billpullman@yahoo.com, denniswicksmobiles01@hotmail.com, erico62000@talkmatch.com.

    Carol, carolmorona@yahoo.com, re OKIGBO NNAEMEKA, 2 Cole Ave, Ikeja State, Lagos, Nigeria 23401, " i am also a sincere nice and honest lady". aloura "still a student but i work for unicef " aloura_smith@yahoo.com. <lora_tim01@yahoo.com> "a native american indian out of
    Florida" but presently in Africa. jane janewood <janewood4real@yahoo.com> re mcphilips egbe <mcphilipsdon@yahoo.com>. TonyAdamsinlove@yahoo.com, tdams@match.com.

    TonyAdamsinlove@yahoo.com. omotina mom <olasesonike@yahoo.com> . tony adams <tonyadamsinlove@yahoo.com>. Anita Glosavani, <anita.glosavani01@yahoo.com>, anitacares002@talkmatch.com, re Bristol Hotel Management, Oladipo Sanyaolu, BRISTOL HOTEL , bristolhotelmanagement@yahoo.com, bristolhotelmanagement@fastermail.com.

    miss_ashley5, miss_ashley5@talkmatch.com, prettyashley111@yahoo.com, "I have been crying all day. went to the Customs office few hours ago concerning my goods and when i got there i was told i would need a reupdationg in my documents. This has never happend before . The Custom official said it's a
    law that was newly brought in by the Nigerian Government. ... why i'm telling you all this is because right here on me i don't have up to the demanded amount i was asked to pay. Thats why i'm writting you in
    tears. Plz i don't know if you could be of real help to me in paying the remaining money.."

    ella jones <ellajonesw550i@yahoo.com>. becky williams <becky_whitealone2000@yahoo.com>. Vivian Williams <candlegarden4u@yahoo.co.uk> . dorrisheavens75@aol.com.

    Loveth Upeh, loveupeh22@yahoo.com, re Dr.Upeh Dabor. emmanula udara <emmanula1@yahoo.com>, re Dr Johnson Udara, re JORDAN INTERNATIONAL BANK PLC, transfer_department@mail2finance.com, Stephen Gulson. donald smith <donald_smith180@yahoo.com>, bencoolguy405@yahoo.com. <mercy_grace25@yahoo.com>, Mercy Akins, "I'm in Nigeria now ... very
    sincere in finding true love for a life time and am a very loyal Lady. I do not drink or do any drugs".

    Ashley Jones bmh_ashley_307@yahoo.com, "Have been stranded over Three weeks and some few days now in hell western part of africa .by a ass guy from nigeria who blow dust on my eyes ... I'm looking for something meaningful and lasting. If this is what your looking for, don't hesitate to help me with
    the hotel bills....Here is Hotel manager information - Mr.Obafemi atunrase_royalcastle_hotel@yahoo.com, Just tell him you are calling on behalf of Ashley Jones the American Lady that stay in room 024 ".

    mamibuks@yahoo.com. bukkisneedluv@hotmail.com. vivian god <vivian_aa1@yahoo.com> re Rev Jones, re ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC LONDON, customers_rbs@uk2.net, paulleeds_rbs@excite.com, Paul Leeds.

    carlinilove@yahoo.com, Rosemary Carlini Smith, re Dusbar Presidential Hotel, re Balogun Olukayode, 10 Lejeja Stadium Hotel Road, Ibara Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. James howells, james_hwlls@yahoo.com. luck950901063@yahoo.com, togo? Peter Rice and RICCE ENGINEERING.

    susancutielady, susancutie, sexycutie9090, sexycutie908, susancutielady@yahoo.com, "27 year old Woman in Fort Lauderdale, Florida". happiness godwill, happiness22_godwill@yahoo.com .

    happiness Godwill happiness22_godwill@yahoo.com, refugee camp here in Dakar, re ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC LONDON, customers_rbs@uk2.net, paulleeds_rbs@excite.com, Paul Leeds, re Bar (Dr) EWA ANTHONY, (ANTHONY'S CHAMBER), ewaunfamily@consultant.com or ewa_anthony_chambers@yahoo.com, 53 Leopold Sedar Senghor Airport Way, (2nd-floor) Dakar, Senegal .

    Ken43Sky, Kattylords, peggypedy, Ken Pedro <peggypedy@yahoo.com>. alex_anderson001. Lisa Mackey, lisa_mackey01@yahoo.pl.

    caroline smith, <caroline2sexxy@hotmail.com>, re Ecko Hotel, Dele Martins, info_custom_nig@yahoo.com. JOsephine dickson (5'6) from Kentucky, 1001 Highway 62 West Princeton, KY 42445, josephine_dickson@yahoo.com, re Victor Glashow, "30% of the money in the box to you".

    Sonia Joan <soniajoanlove4@yahoo.com>. Dallie Steven <dallie_steve@yahoo.com>, MS. DALLIE STEVE, 22/23, COLLEGE ROAD, IFAKO-IJAYE, LAGOS, NIGERIA, re GUARANTY SECURITY/FREIGHT COMPANY, Maxwell Green, gtsco@consultant.com. Joseph Dayo , SECURITY HOLDING'S INSURANCE COMPANY , 10 JOSEPH ROAD, IKEJA, LAGOS, NIGERIA, sec_company1980@sify.com re Linda Douglas aka lidan dauglas <linda_daug@yahoo.com> .

    Patricia Linda Mills White, sweetpat07, sweet_pat0007@hotmail.com, "She claimed to have no
    microphone or webcam, so when i told i could have gived one of mine she provided me this address, saying it was her grandmothers name: Fasanu Rasheed 44 Anibara St Ketu Lago Nigeria 23401. She also asked me to put a handwritten letter and some photos of mine in the package."

    Gary Brette, sniper590_gary@yahoo.com. Victor Ramon, victor_ramonlooking4luv@hotmail.com, "mugged on a business trip to Africa" . wifeyrd@yahoo.com aka loin234@hotmail.com, Christy 31; Sharpsburg. irina2006kil@rambler.ru. James Willis, Weymouth, Civil Engineer, " The next thing he asks for is
    $1500 to be wired via Western Union to his "Doctor" at 123 Allen Street Lagos Nigeria.. ". lidan dauglas, Linda Douglas <linda_daug@yahoo.com> re Joseph Dayo (Custodian Manager) sec_company1980@sify.com, SECURITY HOLDING'S INSURANCE COMPANY , 10 JOSEPH ROAD, ,IKEJA, LAGOS, NIGERIA. vivian Godwill, vivian8_00@yahoo.com.

    RICHARD MICHAEL WILLIAMS, aka Richard Patrick Williams, patrick w. <youreversunshine3@yahoo.com, re International Commercial Bank ltd., ROBERT KODJO, icb-gh@email.com.

    Davies morris Fredrick <davies_fredmorris@hotmail.com>, aka fredrick Davies daffy_fredmorris@yahoo.com. Vince Giovanni <sky_eagle_soar@yahoo.com>. love upeh, loveupeh@yahoo.com. sandra30, loveth godwill, loveth06godwill@yahoo.com. Sunny, shinyfor, shinyfor2006@yahoo.com. chdk@mailingiseasyy.com. James Willis <allalone_willis@yahoo.com>.

    tony_brown1411@yahoo.com, lovewest247@yahoo.com, lovewest02@hotmail.com. jennifer Dogba "I 'm 22, from Ivory Coast in West Africa, 5.11ft tall, Fair in complexion, (never married before )and presently i am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar", jenniferdogba@yahoo.com. miracle udeh <miracleude@yahoo.com> re Rev. Dickson.

    Rose Robert <cute_rosey592@yahoo.co.uk> another "model". Susan Johnson <susan2x5@yahoo.com>, Susan Yormie Johnson, Liberia. Rose Robert <cute_rosey592@yahoo.co.uk>. Mark Abdul Smith, Nigeria. camelaa02@yahoo.com, Camelaa williams, ade ojo, <masacahotel@yahoo.com>.

    anna_williams007@yahoo.com. summer_ann01@yahoo.com. Jennifer Walton, jennif_walton@yahoo.com, re ADEBAYO KAZEEM, 6 G.R.A.ROAD, SAGAMU, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA, 23437. jessicaroberts509@yahoo.com - "stranded self-employed antique dealer in West Africa (Nigeria) from Colora, Maryland, USA" also Jessica, Lake Charles, LA. <pam_hallzz@yahoo.co.uk> . Florence Adamu Ouattara, 11 Plateau, Abidjan, Cote d`Ivoire . rita bryant, <rita_bryant2006@yahoo.com>. Nadezda <Nadezda75@bk.ru>. Richard Lawrence, myspace.com, "I LIKE A WOMAN THAT CARE'S ABOUT HIS HEALTH LIFESTYLE & APPEARANCE . .". Clark Consultants, Justonly1nonly@yahoo.com re Pasternack
    Electronics Inc. softheart007. simonsingles. jimmy4love.

    princess bimbe <prinsex2000@yahoo.com>, Rasheedat Folake Ambali, Dairo Street, Off Oluwalogbon Street, Ketu, Lagos. jane4u_girl. m01kone. joevita4umabou. Joseph Paul Smith (but he uses only Paul), "he is an American doctor from the Red Cross working in Bakassi Peninsula", joseph_smith1960@yahoo.com, joseph_smith1960, re Joseph Izevbigie and Olugbenga Awolowo, bsmith8105. Happiness coumber, happiness_1coumber@yahoo.com, Dakar Senegal, "23, never married before", re Rev.Anthony Martins. Sherry Lynn <sherrylynnx@yahoo.com>, Nigeria.

    Elliot George, "You brought love and laughter to my empty, sad and boring life. My heart had known only emptiness until the day you came and filled my heart to overflowing with your jovial ways. Your sense of humor has turned my frown into a smile," <elliman4god@yahoo.com>, elliot475@talkmatch.com, elliot475, re 2829 lore street, clovis, elliman4god@hotmail.com. mark S. Warren, freshfoome03@hotmail.com .

    patty sholly, <patty4real_0071@yahoo.com>. susan parkwell <susan_parkwell@yahoo.com>. <patty4real_0071@yahoo.com>. Mark Stone Warren, <freshfoome03@hotmail.com>, "apparently from Sioux City, Iowa. He claims to be a car exporter", (but e-mails from Ghana). lexydipe, lexydip, lexy, Olalekan ogundipe. Johnson Knight <knightjnr@yahoo.com>. donrick01@yahoo.com, Yahoo IM donrick01. Phina Ofor <phinaofor0006@yahoo.com>, re refugee camp in Dakar senegal.

    Benson Adams, benzyadams@yahoo.co.uk, re Austine Onogarigho, re Dele Molen, re Cherry Dennis. <shawn_m_martins@yahoo.com>, shawn martins. danila adams <danila_aadams@yahoo.com>. andre_4luv@hotmail.com. Liseka Cynthia Lillian <clio_cynthia@yahoo.com> prudent_anc@yahoo.com, j_travels@consultant.com. ritamartins25, ritamartins25@yahoo.com. Loveth Kwame "single and never marriad, i am from Liberia in west Africa and presently residing in the Ndioum refugee camp here
    in Cote D'lvoire where i am seeking political asylum ...", <loveth_kwame4sure@lycos.co.uk> .

    smithwilliams, willsmith1965, willsmith0080, felixmorgan03. MARY, m_beckly@yahoo.com. becky campbell <view_baby_love@yahoo.com>. Floxy Yormie "24 years old girl from Liberia", Miss Floxy <floxybaby2x4@yahoo.com>.

    Curtis Affleck , curtflec_sharon@yahoo.com "Jenni got electricuted and has re been in coma The Doctor said after tommorrow if she dosnt get up that there will have to be a blood transfusion i am so confused i dont know what to do pls pray for me . The Doctor said she needs a blood transfusion and that i have to pay the sum of 2000 Dollars as part payment without which she can not be treated right now what i have with me is just 1200 and i have tried written my Bank and they will not give me a Dine if i dont sign i have
    tried everything i can to get the 800 from here but i cant i dont know what to do ...."

    Michael Adewale <itsjesymike@yahoo.com>, Michael Jesy Thomas, Adewale 23 Bailey street, Lagos Nigeria. Micheal Harris, micheal_harris1234@yahoo.com re Blue Sky. Dave Matthew Strojny. pamel47 <pamel47@truebeginnings.com>. collinsjoe_hospital@hotmail.com, shixiegirl_01@yahoo.com, Sandra J Evans, markroyalshotel@yahoo.com, Abiodun Adeyemi David, brandy2cares Brady Smith markroyalhotel Abiodun Adeyemi David, shixiegirl_01 Sandra J Evans, shixiegirl_01@fastermail.com, Sandra J Evans, Abiodun Adeyemi David, no 45 oremeji street mende, ikeja, lagos, 23401. DR. Antoni Fenandez <dr.fenandez@yahoo.co.uk>, re Lisa Micheals, Barclays bank London UK, re Engr Williams Smith, "cappa and dalberto/Moenier Oil and Gas Consult and London Ports authority". elizabeth oduayo <prettybaby170@yahoo.com> . bob sherick <bob_sherick1@yahoo.com>. Rose mary, <tinywolfxx@hotmail.com>. sandra evans <shixiegirl_01@yahoo.com>. maxwell yemi, <mxwllyemi@yahoo.com>. Andre Francis, <andre_4love@yahoo.com>.

    CAJA SECURITY COURIER COMPANY BENIN, uncondaml@presidency.com, Henri Philip, UN COMM ON NARCOTIC DRUGS/MONEY LAUNDRY (sic), <uncondaml@yahoo.fr>. maria lora, <maria_lora001@yahoo.com>.

    Yael Orlando , beemark4business, <beemark4business@yahoo.co.uk>, beemark4business@hotmail.com. Abby Jones (another model stuck in Nigeria!) <arbbyjonez@hotmail.com>, Nigeria, re PAUL JACOB, hotel manager. lara bakers <larabakers@yahoo.com>. angel francisca <francisca230@yahoo.ca> re NOVA BANK OF SCOTLAND, PLC,
    novabankplc@aim.com, SYVESTER OWENS. rose sharon: hsharon4reallove@yahoo.com. Dave, <water_flex_me@yahoo.com>. Jessical Williams <jessical_love3@yahoo.com>. elizabeth oduayo <prettybaby170@yahoo.com>.

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    This one claims to be in love with me and wants me to send money so he can return to the US.
    Address - 3 Olorunkemi St, Shomalu Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401.
    Second, these guys are really trying hard! stevenhoustonheels@yahoo.com, barrister_judge2000@yahoo.com, pastor_micheal67@yahoo.com, These three are working very hard together. The first one (Steven) was supposedly shot during a business deal. The second (Judge) is to be Steven's lawyer. The third (Micheal) is his pastor."

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    ... and many others, see below.

    May '05 mail from a lady who became a target of the fraudsters. This demonstrates some of the techniques used by the criminals. It is followed by the answers to a few questions raised by the complainant.

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    One sure method to know that the person you just met is going to take you to the cleaners is their email address...I didnt realize it until this week after running into professional college educated scammers...all of those emails with numbers in them...such as yemijohnson004 tells you that this is the 4th reincarnation of that email address...all they do is change one number in their email address and completly lose their last contact while at the same time presenting a fresh clean email for their next victim...go back through your known scammers addresses and check it out, I was even looking at some of the posts right here on this string...look at those addresses in most of them...they are the professionals who know how to get the most out of their email provider without arousing too much suspision while being able to lose any tail or hurt crying man that may be on to them...some of these people make better money then we do at this stuff....check out the various addresses of potential scammers you may be in contact with....when you see all of these hypens and numbers they are there for the purpose of being able to change addresses with altering one charater...2sweet2you@ can be changed to 2sweet4you and it is a brand new email..this happened to me just this week which opened my eyes to this tactic......so whenever you see one of those 001..300..etc. being used by your brand new internet lover.....be ready to open your wallet and shed some tears.

    Patrick Little

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    Can you add to to the admin message.

    Relative who has died in any country i.e. Nigeria, America. Daughter cannot access money because insurance company cannot pay out unless she marries.

    Oh and the email address fastermail.com seems to have a common theme.

    Beware these people are willing to keep at you for however long it takes, by that I mean over a year if necessary.

    Oh and they are getting cleverer at this by the day.

    However they still make mistakes. They will forget who they are writing to and say the wrong name. First time this happens you are being scammed. If you don't believe me they will do it again because they are scamming more than you.

    Other thing is they use the same email address and add a number onto it. Any numbers do not believe.

    Oh and in Nigeria they will not accept you buying them a plane ticket over the internet to pick up at the check in desk. Of course why not because they don't exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They will tell you that they love you time and time again. They will tell you that they cry all the time when you doubt them.

    You can speak to this person. This of course is the wife/girlfriend/sister of the scammer.

    You have more chance of Gengis Khan and Adolf Hitler coming back from the dead than your girlfriend being real.

    Even when this gets out of hand and this person says they will meet you at the airport. When you have been so gullible to send the money!!! They will of course not be there. But guess what the person will have had an accident and will now be in hospital and is being initially treated free of charge.

    But guess what - they are asking you to pay for her release.

    Its a crock of ****. Do not under any circumstances send any money through western union or otherwise to nigeria. Send it to good causes instead.

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    Default Re: Common scenarios used by Nigerian scammers

    It?s really great posts.

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    Default Re: Common scenarios used by Nigerian scammers

    This really makes me wonder are people that dumb? how can they not realize that this is a scam. why will someone want to share his wealth with unknown person?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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