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    Default different kinds of scam

    In my opinion there are different kinds/levels of scam.
    While they ALL tend to secure unearned/undue advantages ( especially monetary/material ones), they differ.
    I) the good old visa-travel/accident-distress scams. "Daddy dies, send me $300 for a new liver", "send $144 or the mafia guy at the internet cafe will gang-rape me", "i have an uncle who works at an agency and can secure a visa for $600 ) etc. They revolve around requests for money under improbable-fantastic-tragic circumstances. Trained eyes can spot them easily. SEND NO MONEY TO STRANGERS YOU'VE NEVER MET!

    II) much more subtle and dangerous are time wasters and novelty seekers. Those are "perpetually looking", are not -same as I)- interested in relocation abroad, but in frivulous advantages such as visiting your country, getting free holidays, shopping sprees, gifts. Unlike sub I), they are not especially out to get you, but will not turn the opportunity down to get free meals. Countless women are reported as "professional vacationers" around these forums. At times they might be professional prostitutes, but most often just girls still looking to kill time and have fun. They don't really know "what they want", besides "having fun".They would never solicit money under travel-distress schemes, but would never say no to a sponsored visit to a third country, or to showing you around getting free shopping sprees. Same as sub I), they have probably been around for ages and are poor relationship material.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Thanks buddy,
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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