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    Default Elena Postnikova

    Since one week I receive email of this girl who says himself in love with me but I know that this girl want only money then I give you occasion to see her in photo if you see her in your contacts do not make you take...
    Her email box:

    Email : mimarinda@yandex.ru
    Email : epostnikova@gmail.com

    Mardio du Kanada! STOP SCAMMERS

    Go see her picture here :

    Elena Postnikova police :

    Elena Postnikova police :

    Elena Postnikova police :

    thank's tell me what you think of her and if you are scammed from her contact me at this email adresse:


    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Hello Everyone. Here is something I think will put a stop to the letters that are not generated by the ladies themselves. If there is a refusal to comply then I would say there was 100 percent chance that the letters are not completely written by the lady.

    Letter of identity and correspondence certification:

    I (ladies First name and last initial) Profile number (ladies profile number) a member of the (name of agency)...ie UALADY?S... certify that all correspondence to you through this service has been written by me with the understanding that there will be some minor changes during the translation process. I also understand that copies of these letters can be made for further reference to our correspondence that would be needed for legal requests such as Visa?s. Under no circumstances can these letters be posted on any other site with my name associated with them in any way without my permission. The only purpose of this agreement is to protect both parties from fraudulent use of the service provided by a third party.

    Signed: Ladies first name and ID number_______________________________-
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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