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    Default Will you marry her? Hot question.!!!

    What i will tell here is real and it is happen to a friend of mine.
    My friend have a girlfriend from Brasil, and when she was there, a brutal man abuse her and she got a baby, that now will have 2 years
    She was it her family, when that happens and my friend was in spain, since he works there.
    After she tells that, by phone, he decide to inform her, that if she is telling the truth, that she will not leave her and will assume the child and married her, but before that happens, my friend will contract a detective, to find what realy happen.
    The child born and my friend travel there, to see in person his girlfriend and her child and to hire a detective and even to inform her, that he will hire a detective and find the man that did that to her.
    After he hire a detective and support his girlfriend, the detective confirm the story of the girlfriend and now, the police is after the man, that abuse his girlfriend and when they cought him, he will spend around 25 years in prison. Brasil is a big countrie.
    Now they are planning to marry this year, and my friend, will assume the child and they are happy, since the lady is very good to him and he confirm that she was telling the truth.
    If that happens to you, what will you do? Will you stay or leave your girlfriend or wife, if a case like this happens to you?
    If i was him, maybe i will not leave my girlfriend, if that happens to her and you? Delicate question, this is. Don?t you think?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    1 highly suspicious.
    If at all she was raped and turned out to be pregnant, she could have aborted.
    2 any man falling for such a trap is a dope & deserves whatever comes his way.

    Or...she is the next single mother putting up a rape charade?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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