Hi guys,

Got scammed not so long ago. I thought that based on my previous "real" relations with "real" women, both of them long-term and unfortunately finished because of personal reasons, that i would smell the rat...
1? Well I didn't in the first case. She (HE???) called herself "Nadya" from Kstovo that time. Found her afterwards under many different names... Send her 500$... end of story!
2? Today "busted" two other ones, using "THE BAT" mailing software. ELENA PRIMUDRAYEVA from Nizhni Novgorod, and YULIA from Seratov...

One piece of advice! FOLLOW THE RULES ON THIS WEBSITE... and chances are smaller to get scammed. Unfortunately, I found out about it too late... Well I paid more for some other "lessons" in life... Strength! There are some REAL and fabulous Russian women out there!!!

P.S. By the way...check for this

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Prof.Dr. Berti Lemmes
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