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    Default I am a scammer or is she?

    I was at a vegetarian website trying to make vegetarian friends.
    A woman posted me that was very beautiful and said that she
    loved me the first time that she saw my picture.
    My ex was a rascal to say the least and compliments were rare
    to eminate from her. She was very rude and insulting in fact and
    after four years of her I'm single again. So this beautiful woman
    emails me and tells me how great I look. She is from Yoshkar Ola
    Russia. I immediately think SCAM! So I offer her money and she turns
    it down. Then She says that she wants to meet me. I think,"Hmmm?
    How's this scam work? So I read posts on the internet of how a man travels to Russia and when he meets his lady she threatens him with
    reporting him to police for some bogus crime if he does not give her
    money. So I email these concerns to my new friend and she goes
    BALLISTICS! Maybe she has a right to go ballistics? Maybe I am way
    off base asking her to give me more information to verify that she
    is who she says she is? After all, she never asked for money?
    I did a false thing myself. I posted the only pictures that I had
    of myself which were taken seven years ago. I was very buff and I
    am not now. I'm like 85lbs heavier. I was going to the website
    to meet vegetarian friends to get on a vegan diet like I used to be
    on back when I was skinny. So am I the scammer or her?
    Here is a copy of some of her emails including when she gets WILD
    and VIOLENTLY offended.
    Hello Dave!!!
    It is very pleasant to receive from you such perfect letters.
    When I read your letter to me it was very pleasant to understand that I have met such good and kind man.
    Thanks to you for perfect photos. The house which you have sent me he very beautiful, he looks as ancient as though in him kings lived.
    As I have understood you want to buy this house. If it so, is very perfect idea. I think that you should buy this house.
    At us in Russia in such houses the very rich people live only. Your machine very beautiful excuse but
    I do not understand the stamp of the automobile. But I think that she very good. Thanks that you have answered my letter regretfully.
    Thanks that you have understood me. Excuse that I began this theme. I too express you of sympathy.
    In your letter you have written, that you want to send me the letters and gifts.
    I think, that you the very generous man and me would be very pleasant to receive the letter and small gift from you.
    I shall write to you my address and you can write to me the letter by mail.
    Country: Russia
    The postal index: 424033
    Eshkinina 6
    post office box 6
    You as have written to me that want to send me of money for my bell on the phone. It is very not convenient for me,
    you should not do it. It is very not convenient to me to take your money.
    I shall try to find money what to call to you on the phone. Well? You can wait some for days? You have written,
    that would want that I to you came in the visitors. Excuse me please but I can not while to you to arrive.
    We are still very poorly familiar with you, and travel this very dangerous measure.
    I very much trust you, but we should wait some time what to meet each other. You agree with it?
    It is still very interesting, how dearly there is a travel to your country? I am never simple where I did not go also nothing I know.
    But I heard that the travel to any country costs very dearly.
    Excuse for this question but I very curious and I would like all to know.
    I with the large impatience shall wait for your answer.
    Yours Tanya.
    Hello Dave!!!
    Thanks large for your very good letter.
    You the very good and kind man. You very much have liked to me.
    It is very pleasant to me to read your letters and very pleasantly to answer you.
    Thanks for such perfect photos. This bus as houses is very perfect. I never saw such.
    We in Russia precisely do not have such buses.
    The house in mountains very beautiful. I very much would want to appear in that place.
    I very much like a nature and best rest it on a nature. I very much would want to be in mountains.
    Under your letters your life very good at you so much much only is possible
    to understand that. I do not complain of the life, but we do not have such. We do not have even machine.
    I do not have rights but I very much would like to drive the machine. I think, that at me it it to turn out.
    At you the very beautiful machine. You like speed? I very much like when go on the large speed. Me it very much to like.
    I want to ask you pardon, I can not call to you in this weekend. But I shall try to call to you the next week. I promise.
    You not against? You write, that the travel to your country not so expensive is possible to ask you not dearly it how much in dollars. You write, that in your plans is to stay in Russia, to me in the visitors. It is very remarkable idea.
    Write approximately when you are going to come? You ask about hotels us in city there are hotels there are expensive hotels,
    and is also not so expensive. So you freely can come to me in the visitors. I to this I shall be very glad.
    I am very glad that has met you. You very good and me very kind. You could send a photo you.
    To me to like to look at your photos.
    You very beautiful. Thanks that write to me of the letter. Write please still, that be about itself.
    Now I shall finish the letter and I shall wait for your answer.
    Yours Tanya.
    Hello David!!!
    I am very glad that you have written to me such perfect letter.
    To me very much to like to read your letters. Thanks to you large.
    How are you doing at me very well. What at you weather? At me now -7 degrees and it is snowing.
    It is very good, that you want to come to me in the spring or summer. This very pleasant season.
    But when I have seen how much money it would be required for this purpose what to meet.
    It is horror. Why all so is expensive.
    I never saw of such money 1000 $ it is huge money.
    To me never in life to save it is so much money what to arrive to you in the visitors.
    And you still speak about the mum and sister by 6000 dollars.
    Yes for such money to us all family can be not worked 2 years.
    And you still speak to arrive. There is no better you come to me at me there is no such money.
    I let is never better I shall see as other people live, but there are money to spend a lot of for travel it is horror.
    You write me, that you are more senior than me. It has no what meanings for me.
    Most important, that you I am very glad to me very beautiful and, that you has met.
    You beautiful, strong, kind, close this most important, and age it not a problem.
    It is very good, that we have that that to us to like. You have sent such beautiful pictures the especially red machine.
    I wrote to you, that I never went behind a rudder, but I very much want it. I want it by any machine.
    Such machines which you send me at us is only at the rich people. I on such did not sit at all in interior,
    not that what to go behind a rudder. Tell to me still that be interesting.
    To me so to like I very much much I shall find out, from your letters.
    I today shall tell to the mum how much is travel (she the joke) will fall .
    Tell to me more about the job, about city where you live, what there people.
    To me interestingly all (I anywhere was also to me very interestingly)
    Thanks that has read my letter and I very much wait from you of the answer.
    Yours Tanya.
    Hello my Dave!!!
    Thanks for such large and perfect letters. In last letter you have written to me that that love me.
    To me it is very pleasant for hearing. I seem that to me too love you. After I have read your first letter and I have seen your photo constantly I think of you. I very much would like faster to go in cafe of the Internet to read your letters.
    I lie down to sleep and I think of you. I why that very much would like now to be with you together.
    I would like that you have invited me in cafe and we had supper together. You would like it? It seems to me love.
    If the girl thinks of the man, it love. I love you from the first sight. You describe the life and it seems that you live in paradise.
    You write that at you very well. I want to say that at you very very good payment from job.
    If you received so much money in Russia that you would be the very rich man. My payment from job approximately 160 dollars per one month. Approximately as my mum and sister receives a payment from job. We pay per one month 70 dollars for an apartment.
    Other money we spend for products and clothes. As to me to have to pay for services the Internet of cafe 70 dollars per one month.
    At me practically does not remain of money. I do not want to complain, but you have written how much it is possible to earn at one o'clock. It is very good. I very much would like to have such payment from job. I could live separately from the mum and sister.
    I very much would like to come to you and to be arranged on such job. I in general did not go anywhere because even travel on cities of Russia very dearly. For example to arrive to Moscow 120 dollars are necessary on the ticket of a train. So to remove hotel in Moscow the cheapest 70-90 dollars for one day. So the travel up to Moscow costs too dearly. We in Russia too have rich people. Especially it is a lot of them in Moscow that is why Moscow very expensive city. I have told to the mum how much it would be necessary of money for this purpose what to go in USA. The mum very much was surprised and would say to me that I did not dream at all of trip in USA because it very dearly. But I why that very much would like to come to you in the visitors. You write that at you so well. You think I envy you. But you so write beautifully, what would directly now went to you in the visitors. It is very a pity that I do not have money to travel to you. I want to ask you for what you me love. What you in me to like? And more you are very interesting why to me such beautiful, strong, rich and you do not have girl in your city. Why you search the girl in the Internet? Also I want to ask you still write somebody the letters? I would want that you have answered honourly. Because I would not want that my heart was broken. I do not like when me deceive. I ask you answer to me honourly. I have written to you that I shall call to you today or tomorrow. Probably I shall do it today by evening.
    Thanks to you for all that has read my letter. Now I wait for your answer.
    Yours Tanya.
    Hello my love Dave!!!
    Thanks to you for the letter and for perfect questions.
    I have understood all, that you have about the visa. It is very good also all of us shall do what to meet each other.
    You ask about my past. I do not know what to write. My childhood was as at the usual child.
    The mum and daddy surrounded me by attention and caress. But then there was to a mountain my daddy was lost.
    I to you already told you about it. When the daddy was alive was very well. The daddy earned money and we lived well.
    But when the daddy there was no life as though has turned over. It became very difficult to live.
    I have finished school, then has finished university, and after that went to work what to earn money to life.
    my life simple and not various. Also you have asked about my dreams. I have such dreams. Is large, and is small.
    The largest dream, it to meet the good man and to form own family. And I think, that I have met such the man. It you.
    You the most good man you the kind, honour and beautiful man.
    I as have small dreams. I have dream I very much I would want that I had computer of a house.
    It is very convenient, but unfortunately I would not have such money what to buy it.
    It is very good idea that that you write about own business. Excuse me please, but I need to go on job.
    Write to me please. I very wait for your letter.
    Yours Tanya.
    Hello Dave!!!
    Thanks to you for the perfect letters. But if I am honour now I do not know what to do.
    To take offence at you or to explain to you everything, that you were mistaken. I shall do all at once.
    I do not understand from what you I have taken that this girl. Such can not be. That that at too no the daddy it I mean what is it.
    200 000 men live at my city. It is a lot of people with a surname Lapina. At this girl and name too Tanya.
    I do not understand from what you the same man has taken what is it. In Russia there are a lot of people which have one surname.
    Especially that girl lives only with the mum, and I live with the sister and mum.
    That that it too does not have the daddy you consider what is it I. Simply at that girl to the same mountain as at me.
    And more this girl lives not in the city. She lives to the address (Zvenigovo, Russia, street Dekabristov 58, flat 14 Lapina Tatyana).
    It in 60 km from my house. It is small city Zvenigovo which concerns to our city.
    And more that girl asked of money whom that the man what to arrive to it. At us with you other conversation.
    We have agreed with you that you will come to me in the beginning of a summer. It so?. You offered me of money, but I have refused.
    It so? Now judge, that these letters are completely not similar against each other.
    And we absolutely different only to mountain at us one at it too no the daddy. And as at us one and too name and surname.
    As you write, that I use by other photos. I to you assure, what is it I and I in anything you do not deceive.
    If want I can send you any photo what to prove to you it. Still I want to say to you.
    Your money I rich is necessary to me but I have conscience and pride and for me very not conveniently to take another's money.
    And now I want to say to you, that I very much have taken offence at you and if you want to continue our attitudes,
    you should be sorry. Do not overlook still I called to you, as well as you promised also do not believe me.
    I wait your letter and apologies.
    Hello Dave!!!!
    I do not understand why you do not believe me? You doubt of that what I not present? I do not understand why you so think? I do not understand say to me please sense of my deceit. I spoke you already many times, that money is not necessary to me.
    I do not want to take of another's money. Explain in what then my deceit? If you do not believe me, that I present I can it to you prove. Excuse me on I do not know where to take webcam. In cafe the Internet there is no such service.
    If I am honour I do not know as it such works and what is it. But if you want I can send you a video record and speak any words which you want. It will be proved to you that by I present. You speak, that you would want that you were called by my mum.
    I can so do but I do not understand sense. My mum is absolute nothing understands till English.
    She can speaks you only till Russian. You can understand Russian?
    You ask to call to my director what to ask him. Yes only if you will call me on job me already will punish for that that I deciding the personal problems on a workplace. I do not understand, why you speak by all time to me about money. They are not necessary to me.
    I only would want that we met. You have said what will come to me in the visitors I do not understand where here deceit?
    Explain as I can you deceive? Understand in Russia very many people at which identical surname and many people at whom identical names.
    I do not understand why you so think of me that I deceive you. I did not give what an occasion for this purpose.
    Understand me I do not need in your money. My family has enough of money that from anybody to not take money.
    We live modestly, but never took of another's money. I never whom do not envy and I am not going. What words you want to hear on a video.
    I can speak your name, I can speak the name, I can speak all that you want.
    And I think, what is it will put a point in your doubts. I shall wait for your letter.
    If I am honour you very much was upset for that that so of me think. I never thought that me will accuse of that that I speak not the truth. I really thought, that you like me, and there is it not so.
    When like it is necessary to trust to the man, because on trust all attitudes are constructed.
    I believed you to everything, and you appear no.
    Hello Dave!!!
    I do not understand, I what am on interrogation in police?
    You set such questions? You were going me to check in what that agency.
    For me it is very offensive. I have sensations that I a criminal.
    I do not want such attitude. I at all do not understand why I owe that that to you to prove.
    If you do not trust me, do not listen to my words, then what for you in general write me the letters.
    That that you have written to me about my city it not the truth. My city very good and in him the kind people live.
    And that that I am written in the Internet I can as write about your city and about you. I would not want that you named me by a criminal.
    I did not give you any occasion for this purpose. I do not understand if you do not believe me what for you then write.
    I have feelings of the advantage and I do not want before whom that to be justified. It is very insulting.
    You saw where be my photos? That that you saw a similar surname and my city it nothing means.
    At you no what occasions what so to offend me and to do checks. I do not want such attitudes and I nothing am going to you to prove.
    If you believe me and love that I agree to continue our attitudes. If you do not believe,
    I do not want more to listen to the insults in my address. Why I you do not check? Because I believe you.
    You can a criminal which searches of the young girl and then takes away to itself and does them there by hostages.
    You can a criminal which kills of the girl. We too have a lot of cases when the girl leave abroad and then do not come back.
    Them find dead. It is a lot of cases in America and Turkey. It can you so do. Well how, it is pleasant to you to hear such words?
    Well, What do you think? Is she scamming me?
    Should I apologize to her for not posting how fat I am?
    Is she for real? That's my biggest question?
    Because I can lose the weight before this summer when I had
    formerly agreed to visit her in Russia.
    I don't want to wind up dead!
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Oooh! And it started so nicely.

    Dude, grovel like a Mo-Fo!

    Go see her and decide for yourself. You'll be perfectly safe in Russia if you don't dress too extravagant or too obviously "foreign".

    Don't tell Tanya you had a few pies in the meantime.. but lose the extra weight!

    Keep yer dingle-dangler in your pants until you met her mum and know she's pukka.

    Ralf S.

    No bullets for Chaingun

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    Thanks Ralph,
    I had to laugh when I read your post.
    I guess I'm going to Russia.
    "Minus The Pies".

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    Wait a minute here?
    Ralph, I really appreciate your opinion.
    But I should probably get a few more just to be safe right?
    Please people, post your opinions.
    Am I getting SCAMMED?

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    That city comes up quite often in the location of known scammers - not bad for a place I never heard of! So take care. Be sceptical but not cynical.

    If you tell her you're going to meet her, you may force her hand if she's a scammer. She'll say "ooh! But it's dangerous.. better if I come to see you (oh and send me the money to do it..)"

    If you do go and see her you'll have to judge for yourself. You have to register your visa at a local Passport office / Ministry of Internal Affairs within 3 days and they'll know where you're staying (as you have to put the address on the border/landing card). If you make sure she knows it, you may spook her into leaving you alone, if she's the bait for a kidnapping gang etc. It's frankly very unlikely you'll be harmed.

    If she takes you to see her folks, that's the best sign you have that she's pukka. If she's a pro' then she wouldn't do it.. it's likely that her mum would either assume she's a slapper or would disapprove that she's taking "all these men" (of whom you're just one) for a ride/possibly to end up in jail.

    Avoid any sex until you know what's what.. you could be on a blackmail charge (though as scams go that doesn't have much mileage - how many rapes by foreign men can 1 girl hhave before it becomes suspicious?).

    Just treat her like a normal date...apart from she's more likely to be after your cash than a Western girl.

    Remember that "the scam" may be just low level... you could just end up buying her a few expensive presents rather than being ripped off for thousands of dollars. Be suspicious if she invites all her friends along and asks if you don't mind to buy them a few gifts.

    Give her a few inches (ooer! [:0] ) but not a few yards. If she's genuine she may still be rather pleased to have a Western boyfriend.. it doesn't hurt to spoil her a little bit, does it? But don't let her take the piss. She could be quite avaricious/out for a good time/freeloading without being "a scammer" as such. There's women like THAT everywhere.

    Ralf S.

    No bullets for Chaingun

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    Thanks Ralph,
    yeah, there are plently of women looking for a free ride
    everywhere. That's right. Sounds like you've been though
    the routine? I guess we both have. Only I've never Traveled
    out of the US except to Canada. So theses scammers or potential
    ones anyway kind of freak me out. I'm a really huge guy that can
    hold my own but I'm not stupid either. I know that a 13 year old
    kid can take me if he pulls a gun and starts shooting.
    Do you think that I should speak Russian pretty well before the
    trip? Do you know Russian?

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    You know,
    For everyone that has read this far down in this topic,
    Thank you.
    I know that it is a long winded one even for a speed reader.
    I would like all of the opinions that you all have if you
    feel that this post merits an opinion. I am also happy to hear
    feedback as to is this post the right kind of post here or not?
    Anyway, thanks.

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    Russian totty is just like any other totty, only relatively poorer compared to you than a local girl.

    You'll find the whole range - some of them won't ask you for a penny, accept just small gifts and be embarrassed if you spend ANY money on them - they'll be worried about being "bought".

    Others will know you are better off, assume you're a gentleman and will expect you to pay for everything. They don't "go Dutch" there, so don't get confused who she expects to pay the bill, if you take her out. She'd expect exactly the same if you were a Russian fella. I think maybe some US guys can't get their head round this.

    The danger signs are if she invites her mates and buys/orders stuff without reference to you. It could be just bad manners .. but note if you take her to a cafe, she won't expect you to tell her "order what you like" - it's fairly obvious she should. Or she could be taking the piss.

    You can only use your intlligence. If she orders wine or champagne without batting an eyelid, takes you to a restaurant she could never afford to eat it.. you'll know.

    A good girl will look after your money like it was her own. She'll take you to "good value" places, you'll have to almost insist to buy her wine/champagne/cocktails and if you go to a museum/art gallery she'll try to buy you the "Locals" ticket - normally half the price or less than the "Tourist" ticket. If you end up in one of those mini-buses (12 seats, 20 passengers!) that's cool too. If you're always driving across town in a taxi, that's less good.

    As far as language goes.. learn the alphabet, so you can try and read some signs. Words like "Menu" and "Tariff" etc. are similar sounding to the English but look completely different in Cyrillic.

    Learn to count to 20 and also "30", "40", "50" and "100" so you can have a go at giving the right money etc. and not just have to hand over bundles of roubles.

    Learn the names of the common foods (water, bread, beer, etc.) so you can amaze her in the restaurant.

    Learn the phrase for "You are beautiful" and "I love you" and practice them on any girl you see.

    Crime is likely to be regular street-level. There's less guns in Russia than in the US. I hardly ever saw a gun there, even in an army barracks!

    If you are ANYWHERE near the Caucassus be more careful. There ARE kidnappings there. The police/security services are also more nervous. There's ongoing military operations in Chechnya and in Osetia. Militia, police, Customs are all targets, so get understandably twitchy.

    Anyone who looks vaguely dark/Turkish/Arabic will be very suspicious. If you're blonde and pink, you'll be okay.. but get your passport/visa validated at the local Ministry office (they stamp your passport) and carry A COPY with you everywhere, as you muct produce it if asked. Again, I've only been asked in the South.

    Otherwise, it's not much worse than a trip to Mexico, I reckon.

    Ralf S.

    No bullets for Chaingun

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    Pretty informative stuff Ralf but this trip sounds riskier by the
    minute! The town she lives in is Yashkar Ola You know,
    I would like to know, she is asking some suspicious questions.
    Last night she asked all about if I had my VISA in place and Passport.
    The night before she said that she really would like to talk to me
    on the telephone but she could not afford the calls as she has no
    phone and the cafe charges $4.00 a minute. She didn't ask for
    money and has turned it down way back in our first emails.
    Is she setting me up? Early on I asked her if I could send her
    money to pay for telephone calls and she said no! Does that mean
    she's on the up and up or just waiting to get a bigger bite of
    the pie?

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    quote:I was very buff and I
    am not now. I'm like 85lbs heavier. I was going to the website
    to meet vegetarian friends to get on a vegan diet like I used to be
    on back when I was skinny. So am I the scammer or her?
    Here is a copy of some of her emails including when she gets WILD
    and VIOLENTLY offended.
    would this work with you were she that different from the pictures she sent you?
    I guess not.
    So i suggest you don't be that rude and tell her the truth.
    ASSUMING she's real ( crosscheck ), how could she possibly accept that?!
    My own looks are poor, but i do nothing to "embellish" them.
    How far can the joke be stretched?
    Sending photos 20 years or 20 kilos "younger" is NOT the way to go.
    You're basically setting yourself up.

    Many scammers these days pull "slow scams"...they know men are probably on guard and wanting to probe their intentions offering money, so they refuse hoping to make better profits later. Others hope to cash profits booking your stay and/or getting free shopping sprees (better if with friends).
    I read cases in which men saw their woman showing up with one or more girlfriends ( allegedly for safety/translation reasons ) and the man had to foot the bills for their purchases.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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