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    Default Stuck @ Gloria Hotels

    I was contacted by Ashley Stone via Yahoo Personals. She stated that she had gone to visit someone there and they were killed in an auto accident. She also said that she had no way to get home, due to the hotel holding her passport and plane ticket until her bill was paid, $590.

    Being the kind soul that I am, I tried to come up with the money to help her get back to the US. I contacted the hotel (via e-mail) and was told her bill was now close to $700. If I could send the balance due via Western Union, they would give her back the passport and ticket. I attempted to look up the address of the hotel, but it's only associated address was in China!?!

    That's when I decided to investigate if this was a scam or not. Thanks to all that have posted here. I was able to find many other "Ashley" type scams, so I decided to push the issue. I wrote her back stating that I knew what she was up to and I would not be sending any money. After receiving e-mails daily, it was interesting that everything came to a grinding halt %-)
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Sounds like you did your homework.
    I had something similar happen to me but on a smaller scale.
    My ex wife and I were going to work one day when we saw a young,
    "Maybe" 16 year old girl standing on the corner in front of our
    favorite Chevron station holding a sign that read, need to get home.
    She looked so clean cut that against my better judgement, I pulled
    over. She said that she needed money for a bus ticket to get back home which was about 50 miles away. We offered her a ride to the bus station where we said that we would buy her a ticket. She declined
    the offer as she said, "My mother told me never to take rides from
    strangers". The Greyhound bus station was a mile or so away so we
    told her that if she walked to the bus station that we would meet her
    there. We of course arrived first and I talked to the ticket agent.
    I informed her of the situation and then asked that the ticket be made non-refundable and that if she does not use it, to credit it
    back to our credit card. Well, the girl showed up and was very polite. When my ex wife handed her the ticket she began to cry and leaped forward into my wife's arms and thanked her profusely.
    My wife reached into her purse and pulled out a 50 dollar bill and gave it to the girl. We said our goodbyes and went off to work.
    At lunchtime I called the Greyhound bus station to see if our little friend got on the bus alright. The cashier said that the moment that we pulled away the girl ran out of the bus station over to the park across the street. She returned a few minutes later with a guy that looked strung out on drugs and demanded the money back from the ticket. The cashier said that she threw such a fit swearing and screaming at the top of her lungs that the casheir threatened to call the police. That ended the trouble and I thought to myself,
    "Man, you just cannot tell about people these days. Here's a kid in a couple hundred dollars worth of clothes, clean cut, well spoken, probably begging to get money for drugs for her boyfriend or maybe herself"? You just never know. I'm glad you checked out your, "SCAMMER"!!!

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    Howdie Mates, I have had maybe about 4 different scammers bust into my instant messenger stating that they saw my profile somewhere and have been wanting to contact me for sometime. All I have to add on the subject of kidnapped hotel guests is....Think about it...What hotel in any part of the world is not going to kick you out in the cold the minute you cant pay, in advance, the peroid of which you want to stay....rather it is hour by hour...day by day....month by month...you pay in advance always...so when that period is up...the knock at the door comes...no matter what hour it runs out...under no circumstances would you be allowed to stay day after day, use the internet...make calls..receive calls...they may indeed relieve you of goods(maybe your travel documents)(but I doubt it) you have on you for some outstanding bills but it is almost impossible to get anything from them that you dont already pay for in advance ...but you are going to have to get your goods back on the outside of the hotel...no hotel or motel is going to incurr more expenses sheltering you trying to recover lost revenue. Think about that when someone comes to you with that BS. See, the way they get us not to use our brains is to get us thinking with our heart...they tell you that as soon as you free them...they will be on their way straight into your home. Guys and Gals, it is always..always a scam. Also, you could just be nice with them, and gradually pull yourself away...come back months later to their email address and find them still at the same hotel waiting for someone to save them. Then you know for sure....write 'em' up and send it in.

    Patrick Little
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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