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Thread: please help

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    Excellent topic men. Ok, i'm 40, a real 40. Do i turn the eyes of younger women in the states, yes, i can say that i can get the attention of pretty young things. However, the pretty young things don't want a 40 year old guy. So, I know that i won't be bedding any, is there a difference abroad, i don't have a clue, I've certainly been led to believe that if a FSU woman is atracted to you that she won't mind an age difference. However, I think the max is probably about what 17 years of age in difference. If i said that there weren't 18 year olds profiles on that totally do it for me i'd be wrong, but, i think that in the long run I'd really be risking problems down the road. Everybody is different. Personnally, i'd like to meet a woman around 28 w/o kids. Where i live that does not happen. So it's fantasy here. Abroad possibly. Ham, i must ask you??? YOU brought up the paying for the girl's school. Is there smtg here that us noobs should know, is it common for men who get fsu women to have to pay 4 school or smtg?? Personnally, the divorce laws where i'm at are not to terrible, they get half of all assets acquired during the marriage. ie. they leave after two years it's not going to be much, especially, if your smart, and clear headed. Really the largest expense would be the foreign visits, and visa and travel costs. I sometimes wonder about our govt. visa policy, that a single woman from the fsu has no chance really of obtaining a visa, while illegals cross our border constantly from mexico, and s. America. It seems that this policy fuels the scammers. just a thought, and yes i know i like pretty young things

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    quote:My job I have not for so long time but I like it very much. I'm not sure, that if I come to another country I may continue the same
    Yellow alert.
    This might be a sales pitch requesting you to get accustomed to the idea s-he will require further schooling once in your country...of course YOU will be footing the bills.
    Hell, most of these FSUWs (especially if very young ) seem to EXPECT that their old(er) western sucker be not only a doormat, but a scholarship provider as well; easier to "put up with his crap" for a while allowing him to foot the bills, rather than forking $ out, or competing in the few, highly selecting official scholarship programs.
    They are accustomed (like most girls their age ) to sleeping around anyways, so if doing so with good old Barney means getting a scholarship, why not? Until the day earlier they were sleeping with Oleg, Igor, Kostia etc "pro bono".
    So they will "have a blast" being out most of the day at school (where they can elope with pretty hunks their age in the bathroom ), while their old(er) sponsor is self-contented at home watching TV, in the mythical faith his pretty young thing loves him dearly.
    I say:
    Of course there are less expensive options, like accredited distance learning, but i was blasted into oblivion for suggesting it on FSUW forums...these smart pretty MOB foxes want "the real thing", which of course means tens of thousands $ expenditure ( which the man will take care of ) and being away most of the time among boys her age (reealy not bad for her ), plus you are paving her way to better employment opportunities once she really gets tired and takes you to the cleaners: a real "American dream".
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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