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    Default Guys, it is time to stop writing.....

    OK Guys, it is time to stop writing and time to encourage other guys not to start writing!

    I have been home from my trip to Ukraine for about 2 weeks and I will write a more detailed report in the UALadies section....but I want to summarize my experiences and advice here in a new thread.

    1. UALadies is one hell of a shonky operation as run from New York, Panama, or Ipanema beach or wherever the sheister owners happen to be tanning themselves at our expense.

    2. Branches in Ukraine do however vary in their level of shonkiness.

    3. I tried to visit 7 UALadies in 3 different branches. I met two...these were not genuine and were time wasters but different types. Two others fobbed me off and delayed the meeting to the point where I cut my losses and went to another local agency. I tried to arrange meetings with 2 others in another city but never heard back from that agency. The last one I will describe in my longer report.

    4. I think from my own experience, and from reading yours, that there are many, many insincere women and staff members associated with UALadies.

    5. However, I can not say that all UALadies women and personnel are in on scams, gold-digging or time-wasting.

    6. Comparing the modus operandi, the quality of service, and the integrity of the woman between the local Kharkov agency and UALadies was like chalk and cheese. There definitely are real, genuine women seeking foreign partners out there; only not in my experience at UALadies.


    1. Forget the costly, endless, fantasy filled, wish-fulfilling correspondence with UALadies or on any other site. Save your time, money and emotional energy. The woman you write to, and develop fantasies about, is not the woman you will meet; if indeed you ever get to meet her. Writing endless letters is just a comfort for us lonely men; like a dummy in the mouth of a baby it sooths us when we want to cry...but just like the dummy, it is only a false breast and leads to more ultimate pain and disillusionment. Worse, it can become an addiction.

    So STOP WRITING!! And warn the others! This will hit the agencies where it hurts the most...not to mention these insincere women.

    2. Give the big sites, like UALadies and others a miss.

    3. Go with the small, locally run sites.
    They will have a higher ratio of fair dinkum women...not all of course..but more.

    4. If you really want to find a FSU woman..then stop buggerizing around and just go there. If you don't..then keep writing and jerking off! Maybe write one or two introductory letters to women you are interested in meeting over ,say, one month before the trip, then go to see them.

    5. Just go to one or maybe two bigger cities like Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov. There are more women there so more chances.

    6. Unless you have money to burn or you are really strapped for time, travel independently rather than using a tour a la UALAdies. I speak minimal Russian and I got around OK...at times it was a little difficult, but this is all part of the fun. You just have to be sensible and you will not get into any trouble. There were cheap hotels, but reasonable facilities everywhere, and apartment rental can be found on the net. Then your time is your own..what happens if you meet a nice woman on day 2 of a 10 day tour and you want to stay with her?..you have blown your dough, that's what!

    7. Think again if you send flowers and gifts to a woman for Valentine's Day, say on each day of Woman's Four Day Holiday, Western Easter and Orthodox Easter, May Day, Revolution Day, Odessa's (insert her city) Birthday, Independence from Soviet Union Day, Thanksgiving day, Western Christmas Day, New Years Day, Orthodox Christmas Day....have I forgotten any? Of course!.... Lenin's Mother's Birthday! These women and the staff and shareholder's of UAladies are having a big laugh at your expense. Thankfully..I never sent a thing!

    8. With the extra time and money you save from no longer writing and/or sending gifts; do something useful: go to a gym and work out, buy that Harley you always wanted, put it towards a real trip to the FSU or just a fishing trip with the boys.

    9. Dating by correspondence would not work at home..why should it over a great distance. See, talk to and, hopefully feel and squeeze the woman, and see what she is made of.

    10. Women back home are beginning to look a whole lot better after Ukraine. So are Asians!

    11. Remember...we are the prize, not them.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    travelling [u]is the best solution.
    I do believe in introductory (short) correspondence (EG not years and not even one year ) to:
    1 ascertain the woman is interested ( if all you get are earth & fire, wind&sea canned letters, forget it ).
    2 a woman who can't keep a meaningful correspondence going is not worth the money for a visit. Sure, there are men who meet their fantasy date and are disappointed in the "lack of chemistry", but equally, what "chemistry" are you expecting from someone you share no common ground with? If all one wants are sex & thrills for a fortnight, he'd better book a tour to a carnival and to his local brothel.
    3 i agree agencies, especially big junk networked ones, are basically cash machines; many "gifts" you pay for are never delivered, as repeatedly reported. Often the staff pockets the $; at times girls are in cahoots with them.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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