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    Default Conversations with a UA Woman

    Hello Guys,

    I felt it necessary that I share my conversations so all of us can get a feel and make comments on what we see here. Keep in mind some of the basic facts which are...

    She contacted me first

    She is only 23

    She doesn't speak English

    Also keep in mind that her first respond to my first response was rather quick (8 hours) and didn't address "any" of my questions. I immediately saw a red flag and wrote UA staff and asked what they thought of this. See thread (Answers from UA Staff) I will make comments before each post so you can follow along.

    Okay, here is her first solicitation to me. If you have ever received one just like this, PLEASE let me know. I have heard some of you mention you received the same text from the same or other women a month apart. If you have received this same letter as I have, please write me.

    Other facts, I have been a member of CC..now UA, since June of 2006. I am very choosy and have not found a woman who has intrigued me enough to spend $7.00. Does that mean I am cheap? On the contrary, I'm just the opposite. I want it all and will not settle for just a pretty face. Even though this girl is only 23 (I'm 45) she intrigued me with what she said. Oh sure, it may not go anywhere and I may just end it one day, but while it lasts we can all learn some valuable lessons and I don't mind sharing my personal messages so others get informed and make an intelligent decision.

    With that said....here is her first initial letter to me on April 7, 2007


    TRANSLATED FOR SVETLANA My dear stranger! Steven G. How are you? I know that we do not know each other yet, but now we have a chance to improve this situationJ I cannot miss my only chance to tell you that I want to meet you and to get to know more about you. You would probably ask me why did I choose YOU from the millions of men on this site. The answer is a simple one. But first let me ask you a question? Do you believe in intuition, do you believe in some special coincidents, do you believe in LOVE from the first sight? I know that men are not so romantic as we women are, but sometimes you should just open you heart to love and romance and miracle will come in to your life making you feel happy. I have a feeling that you are a very nice and intelligent person, I am sure about it. And I will be happy to find out more about you. Maybe destiny brought us on this site on purpose? So lets do not miss our only chance and give it a try. A few words about myself, I am not only romantic but also very sincere and loyal person. I am the only man woman and I am looking for love and serious relationships, I am looking for my soulmate. So, dear, if you felt the warmth of my message, if it made you feel happier, write me an answer and tell me more about yourself. I will be waiting for your reply because I really believe that you can be the one I am looking for! Do not miss our chance! Take care. Warmest wishes, Svetlana.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Okay...now here is my reply to her after an entire day (ha ha) of pondering "do I really want to do this." As some of you know, part of the excitement is the chase and the fantasy. I know this girl is 23 and probably not a good age for me even though she could be a match made in heaven. But I'm not kidding myself and willing to walk away at the drop of a hat. As long as you are willing to do the same...have fun and see what happens.

    Notice how I asked her a lot of questions and used all of my 4500 characters. BTW..if you draft your letter in Word and want to know how many characters...highlight your text and go to "tools" and then click on "word count."

    Here's my first reply on April 8, 2007...take note of my questions as you read her response!


    Hello Svetlana,

    Thank you so much for writing and sharing some of you with me!

    You suggested that I may ask why you wrote ME instead of the millions of men on this site and I say to you?ask yourself that same question. In a year, I have NEVER written anyone from this site because they didn?t intrigue me enough. Yes, some were very beautiful both on the inside and outside but their words were weak and they lacked ?passion.? However, there is something about you and your words that intrigue me. I?m not able to be specific but do ?feel? something from you and I have to say its weird because I have never seen or felt this from a woman of your age. You posses and command a certain presence and I?m not able to place my finger on it. I usually delete the letters from women of your age but I have to say you have REALLY captivated me and I don?t captivate easily. My friends say I am picky but I call it being selective and safe. I feel magic going on here between us and I?m not sure what it all about but I like it!!!! Maybe we are soul mates?!?!

    You say us men aren?t as romantic as woman and I would have to agree with you in most cases. You see Svetlana, I was raised by my mother and am very emotional and romantic. I wear my heart on my sleeve and give 100% of myself in my relationships. In fact, when I say ?I love you? it will be for keeps and forever. So, it?s not something you will hear from me right away. I place careful thought into these precious words as they have such a deep meaning to me. What I mean is that love should be a ?commitment? and never flounder under any circumstances. When things get rough or hard you stay by your partners side and work it out. So to say these words too early in a relationship would only weaken them.

    Too many people (most) here in the US view love as a ?convenience? rather than a ?commitment.? As soon as something goes wrong, they want to run and hide. I had relationships like this and it?s hard because I want to communicate and work everything out but my partner wants to run and stick her head in the sand. I have told my partners in the past that we have to be TOTALLY HONEST with each other and we can work anything out. Even if my lover cheated on me physically, but told me?I would not say it?s over. I don?t believe you should just give up or quit because someone makes a mistake like that. In fact, if my lover is cheating on me I should first look at ?myself? to see what ?I? may be doing wrong or not doing right that she would stray from me. This is how I look at a relationship Svetlana because it?s healthy to work through things. Don?t you think when two people can work through a situation like cheating?that they can work through anything? When two people sit close and talk to share their heart?this is love?and LOVE can conquer all obstacles. Do you believe this Svetlana?!

    You implied you are a one man woman and that?s VERY important to me. I know those are very powerful words and most women won?t just volunteer to say them because they are usually looking over the mans shoulder for the next guy. I also like very much that you said you are loyal and sincere. These are great qualities for a woman to have and out of all the qualities you could have shared?these mean the most to me!

    So maybe we are soul mates or maybe we were destined to meet here and fall in love forever! Who knows?

    My commitment to you is this?.

    They will be nobody more important than you in my life and you will always be number one in all things. You will always come first even when I may be upset with you. Marriage is a sacred covenant to both me and God and I take it very seriously. We will work on our dreams and goals together and I will always support you in all things even if I don?t agree with them. This is what love (commitment) means to me. There is much more to a commitment than this but these are the basics so you know where my heart is!

    What are your favorite things to do? How about you favorite color or food. Have you ever roller bladed on the beach next to the ocean? Tell me your dreams and goals and I will help you with them!

    And I must ask where does your heart want to live? I'm sure you have family and friends so this is a concern of mine. Your happiness in my happiness. I'm NOT a selfish person and would not force anyone to do something they were not comfortable with. Have you ever been to the US and what do you know about my country?

    Peace to you and your loved ones!


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    And now her response within 8 hours. I went to bed at midnight and woke up to her message. This was an eyebrow raiser because I remember reading the info where most of the women didn't come in everyday or have access and wouldn't get their messages for two days. So , I was looking for things when I read her reply. Notice how not one question is answered but she tells me I can ask her some questions? DUH! This was a major red flag. Yes, someone did read my reply because she replied to certain things from that reply. But, if this was a staff member writing for her, she knew she couldn't possibly answer any of these personal questions.

    Also notice how she was very reserved and classy in her approach in her first letter to me. Then notice how in this reply she refers to herself as a "sweet kitten." My point is, most 23 years olds wouldn't use this language and its out of charter for her. I once again felt the person writing this was trying to entice me. One of the sole reasons I wrote to her was because she wasn't selling herself with sexy or cheap photos and was reserved in her writing.

    Also notice the subject line. Where did she get that verbiage from?

    Heres her first reply to my reply...

    SUBJECT: For designing Steven


    Hello dear Steven... my romantic and nice Man. Thank you very much for your sweet letter! It was so nice of you to write it to me and now I'm sure that these days off will go well because you wrote me!

    I see that you are very special man and with whom I would like to correspond, then become more and more close to each other and see if we suit each other, what is the same in our characters, what you like and dislike, to support you in difficult situations, to ask you from time to time for a piece of sound advice. And at last when we will be ready to meet in private, you will come and capure the heart of your sweet kitten. I do not mind an age gap as you wrote that you never pay any attention to the girls of my age. But, my Dear, I can explain you why your age for me is perfect. You for sure are very experienced man and I would like you to share it with me, you know much more about life and so can give nice advices when I need. Do you understand me or do you have another opinion?

    As I can see you are a very romantic person who like to listen to his heart. Am I right? Because only a romantic person can follow the call of the heart.I'm glad that you are just like me in this matter. I value this big feeling of LOVE and sure that we build our future that a lot depends from our wish to achieve our aims, if we are strong in our soul love will find us and help us to create happy friendly family, relations full of understanding and care of each other.

    Would you like to tell me more about how you see your second half. Do I look like one?

    I'd like to know more about you and your hobbies. Please tell me more about the things you like to do, places you like to go. What sports do you play or like to watch(if have time for this)? What books do you like to read?

    I saw that you work in a field of Sales, What exactly do you do? Do you work for a company? Do you like pets and do you have any?

    I want you to know more about me and about the country I live in. What would you like to know about me, about my likes and dislikes? You may ask me any questions that would help you to get to know me more and deside if you are ready to take a risk in building relationship with me. I think that you are brave enough to do so and try on.

    I'm just so tired of loneliness. I want to wake up in the morning knowing that I'm needed. I know that somewhere in the world there is walking another lonely soul that is mine and who knows maybe that is you.

    I really want to continue our correspondance to see if I was right.

    Please my Dear take care of yourself.

    Give you very big friendly hug.

    And 2 small sweet kisses to your cheeks.


    P.S. Have a nice day and you will be with me in my thoughts!!! I want see smile on your face.

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    Okay so now its time to decide if I want to write back. This is when I wrote the UA staff member and asked what she thought of a woman not answering one question. The staff member gave me some mamby pamby answer (See other thread) to which I replied in a heavy fashion. I was interested to see how fast, or slow, the woman would now respond. I also mentioned that I had sent her another letter so she would be aware. Who knows...maybe certain girls are in on it as well.

    Notice all the specific questions I asked her in this letter.

    My reply on April 12, 2007...


    Helloooooooo again Svetlana,

    I had written much more in my first letter but was only allowed so many words to you?ha. So, I wanted to express the deepest part of my heart and soul and hopefully I did that. Now I can concentrate on learning more about you to see if there could be anything (friendship, love, romance) between us.

    But first?I want to respect you questions to me and share some answers.

    You asked? ?Would you like to tell me more about how you see your second half? Do I look like one??

    Well your outer beauty is surety attractive to me or I wouldn?t have written. However?I MUST know you heart in the deepest way. So share deepest desire about love with me! This is more important that your outer beauty as that one day will fade and what we will have left is the bonding of our heart and souls. We will have our sweet memories to carry us till our last days. And we will surely have a strong love to conquer all obstacles in the way. These are the things that mean most to me in a relationship.

    You also said? ?I'd like to know more about you and your hobbies. Please tell me more about the things you like to do, places you like to go.?

    My favorite hobby is boating or anything to do with the water! I enjoy computers and the Internet, photography, and amateur radio which I will have to explain later. I?m open to so much and love exploring new things.

    Things I like to do are movies, rollerblading, flying, anything to do with the beach or water. I go hiking almost every week and would love to send you pictures of my favorite place. Have you ever heard of the Grand Canyon?

    You also asked? I saw that you work in a field of Sales, What exactly do you do? Do you work for a company? Do you like pets and do you have any?

    I currently sell product on the Internet and am building another business in San Diego California. I?m also a wellness coach and help people get the health back. Cats are my favorite and I love dogs too.

    Okay, now I must know some things about you!!!

    I?m still do not understand why a 23 year young women would have a romantic interesting in someone with an age difference. I don?t have any challenges with a different age but this is not the usually case here with the woman in the US. Yes I do have more experience but is that really enough to not care about the age? What about a man there in your country that may be 35 and have much experience as well? When is the last time you dated or had a relationship and how long was it?

    What specifically are you looking for in a man? Money, love, companionship, trust, or something else? It doesn?t matter what you answer is as long as it is HONEST. I will never judge you even if you said it?s about money or you wanted to move to the states and live a comfortable life because you were struggling. If you just want me to help you, then tell me that. There is nothing wrong with wanting all these things but there is plenty wrong with not telling the truth or lying. Tell me the truth and I will always work it out with you...I PROMISE!!

    Your happiness is my happiness but I desire to know what it is that makes you happy so I can decide if I can help you achieve this. I?m a firm believer in building dreams TOGETHER with my partner in life so we create a strong bond. It?s a beautiful thing Svetlana!!! These are my goals!!

    So what are some of your dreams and goals in life? Tell all you dream about.

    You said you didn?t want children and that?s okay, but why don?t you want children? This seems so strange for a woman of your age. I?m perfectly okay with this but very curious what you are thinking?

    Who do you live with and do you have any brothers or sisters?

    What do you do for fun and how many close friends do you have and how long have you known them?

    What do you do with your free time and when you go out with your friends?

    What do you do as a manger and how long have you had this job?

    Do you love or like this job? What?s you favorite job so far in life? So many questions and not enough time..haha.

    I apologize for asking so many questions but this is the best way to decided if we have a chance at developing anything. Because we don?t speak each others language, it may be challenging at first. But I will gladly teach you my language and learn your language if that?s what it takes. You will quickly discover I will give 100% to any relationship if I feel trust and honesty. Lie to me and I will run like the wind!



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    And now her latest reply. It came in about an hour different from the first one. It arrived in my in box at 1:27 pm their time. The first one came in at 2:41 pm so there is some consistency there.

    I feel she answered most of my questions even though the opening line was a little cheesy. When I see someone drooling all over me telling me I'm handsome, I get cautious. She also said...that my letter made her feel wonderful this "morning." Well if it was written in the morning, why wasn't it sent until 1:27. This may be nothing but when your defenses are up you must scrutinize everything.

    Remember that I asked her some very specific question and gave her permission to be totally honest which I felt she was. She did seem to answer all the questions and I am pleased for the most part. I did like her attitude in the last paragraph where she was saying we'll see what tomorrow brings instead of drooling all over me saying she wants to come live with me. This woman seems to be writing from her heart. My point is...this response has a completely different tone that the first reply that I believe was from someone else. We'll see where it goes from here. I have a plan but don't want to expose it here because I'm sure the UA staff is reading this as well.

    Here is her response today...April 14, 2007

    SUBJECT: For my handsome man!!!


    My Dear curious Man, my hansome Steven and my most bright Sunshine!!!

    Your letter made me feel wonderful this morning, I like to answer your questions and that you have made so much of them this means, that you are really interested in me and that you are not just for saying "hello how are you"!

    Thank you a lot, that you have answered some of my questions and gave me more wide picture of yourself.

    I see, that your personality is serious in decision to find strong and faithful relations based on trust, care, understanding and love. I hope that inspite the fact that I do not know English our characters have a lot in common...

    Well, I start to answer your questions one by one )

    When I have free time (especially on weekends)I like to spend it with my mother and tell her all what has happened with me on this week, sometimes we go to the shops or supermarkets, then we cook something extremly tasty and feed our father)(it is a joke we like to meet guests and our relatives) and I think that mother and daughter will always find what to do together.

    I also like to spend time with my girlfriends sitting in a cafe with tasty sweets or fresh cakes or we go to the cinema from time to time. When it is warm enough, in summer, my family and I or my friends and I go to one of the southern Crimean town near the Black Sea and have a sunbathe and swim there. It is such a great pity that Simferopol is located not on the seashore. If it was I believe, that every evening I would walk on the embankment breething salted and fresh sea air.

    I like the Sea it has some magic (ofcourse not mermaids), but it gives a feeling of freedom of open area, because I feel so closed in my town... I enjoy sea voyages on a ferry, which is possible to have in any of province sea towns. When light wind play with my hair, I feel myself so perfect. It seems to me, that you know what am I talking about, what I mean? Me too admire exploring new things, going to walk in the forest and listen to my heart, going to the park and looking on ducks eating candyfloss. I like to do thousands of things and one letter is not enough to tell about all of them. I think that in my next letters I will open for you my soul more and more.

    I have heard a lot about Grand Canyon and saw some picturesue programmes. I would like if it is possible to recieve some photos from your visiting this place.

    I do not know what is in your head when you ask me about age difference and how do I feel. I wan tmy man to be in a way a gentleman with a reserve of experience. I believe that men in my country has a little bit other type of mentality and so it is difficult for me to find a right man. Besides I do not want to make aquaintance somewhere on disco, I don't go so often their. So it is the best way for me to find my soulmate here throught the agency.

    About the age, what I can answer you? It is in me I just like to communicate with people who are elder then me, it is the only one explanation, why I have choosed YOU...

    Main qualities that I value in man are kindness, honesty, generosity, sence of humour, desire to love and to be loved.I do not mind the quantity of money, the most important is good character!!! And here are my goals. I wish to be next with my beloved man, to create a wonderful family with children (what you read about children, it means that right now I'm not ready to have a child, but when I meet my man I will be very happy to tell him one day, that I'm pregnant)) To take care of my family and our own world what we have created.

    Now I live with my parents in our appartment and I'm the only one child. My job I have not for so long time but I like it very much. I'm not sure, that if I come to another country I may continue the same,but no one knows what will bring us the day tomorrow.

    Hope to hear from you soon!!!

    With best wishes,

    Big hug,

    From your sunny Girl.

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    i'd be wary of sudden outbursts of affection (" my most bright sunshine " etc ): you're a complete stranger she just met days ago.
    As well, it might be letters you receive, if not completely canned or written by a "friendly translator", are "enhanced" by translators (= the shift in tone & focus ).
    Keep in mind the exact, very same words ( with minor adjustements ) might be sent to other men...cuties are drooling over the bogus profiles of old, weird garbage collectors men set up...
    While we all differ, agencies know what kind of crap sells well with men.
    When is last time we had some pretty young thing calling us "my most bring sunshine" or other such endearing nicknames?
    I can't even remember...
    As well, 90%+ of what s-he types is extremely generic...

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    Hello Ham

    I concur...therefore sharing all this with everyone so they to can view an actual conversation and not get roped in. Yes this girl may be real and with good intentions...but not likely. If shes not looking for money then why butter me up with that phase and the "sweet kittten" phrase? Most men love that crap but I'm in search of something real.

    Watch closely for my next post as I turn the heat up with a twist of my own.


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    Dear 007, You seem intelligent so i'm not going to try to act superior in any way. You ar working through an agency, so i guess that checking the email headers aren't going to help you much, generally i think that asking for an address, and a telephone conversation might be a good fast way to spoil a scammers trade. I also believe that after a few emails if you open the door to a scammer they will take the bait. i.e. Somewhere during the next email talk about a nice tax refund and how you might invest the money ect. a real woman probably won't have much to say about this; however, it's the perfect opportunity for a scammer, you've already brought up there fav. subject; MONEY. And you may get the sob story, right away saving you some time. My personal opinion is: I thought it was a scammers email after i read her first couple of lines, don't know just a feeeling. Good luck, never send money.

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    quote:My job I have not for so long time but I like it very much. I'm not sure, that if I come to another country I may continue the same
    Yellow alert.
    This might be a sales pitch requesting you to get accustomed to the idea s-he will require further schooling once in your country...of course YOU will be footing the bills.
    Hell, most of these FSUWs (especially if very young ) seem to EXPECT that their old(er) western sucker be not only a doormat, but a scholarship provider as well; easier to "put up with his crap" for a while allowing him to foot the bills, rather than forking $ out, or competing in the few, highly selective official scholarship programs.
    They are accustomed (like most girls their age ) to sleeping around anyways, so if doing so with good old Barney means getting a scholarship, why not? Until the day earlier they were sleeping with Oleg, Igor, Kostia etc "pro bono".
    So they will "have a blast" being out most of the day at school (where they can elope with pretty hunks their age in the bathroom ), while their old(er) sponsor is self-contented at home watching TV, in the mythical faith his pretty young thing loves him dearly.
    I say:
    Of course there are less expensive options, like accredited distance learning, but i was blasted into oblivion for suggesting it on FSUW forums...these smart pretty MOB foxes want "the real thing", which of course means tens of thousands $ expenditure ( which the man will take care of ) and being away most of the time among boys her age (reealy not bad for her ), plus you are paving her way to better employment opportunities once she really gets tired and takes you to the cleaners: a real "American dream".

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    quote:then why butter me up with that phase and the "sweet kittten" phrase?
    Well, which is the most return-yelding target for agencies and scammers?
    Answer: vulnerable, lovesick, gullible men, preferably old(er).
    The reason is self-explanatory.
    You might NOT be vulnerable, lovesick or else; after all, we all differ.
    But time wasters, keyboard Romeos or highly discerning men are NOT the best cash cows.
    Keyboard Romeos [u]KNOWbetter than anyone how they are not going to travel 10.000km, so they are not likely to work as long term PAYING clients.
    So they resort to the approach which works best with the vulnerable, the lovesick, the gullible.
    Hook a vulnerable, lovesick, gullible man and he'll be ready to squander his life savings over chasing a LD/WWW/MOB dream.
    You might be highly demandind and interested in subatomic particle physics...but that won't sell high...sweet, generic, heart-warming weather chatter stuffed with earth&sea, wind&fire catch-all concepts do, tough.
    If it won't seduce you, it won't turn you away, either -so they think, but they also know gullible suckers will be just hooked.
    The "sweet, doting, pastel-colored, generic " approach works.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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