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    Default Conversations with a UA Woman

    Hello Guys,

    I felt it necessary that I share my conversations so all of us can get a feel and make comments on what we see here. Keep in mind some of the basic facts which are...

    She contacted me first

    She is only 23

    She doesn't speak English

    Also keep in mind that her first respond to my first response was rather quick (8 hours) and didn't address "any" of my questions. I immediately saw a red flag and wrote UA staff and asked what they thought of this. See thread (Answers from UA Staff) I will make comments before each post so you can follow along.

    Okay, here is her first solicitation to me. If you have ever received one just like this, PLEASE let me know. I have heard some of you mention you received the same text from the same or other women a month apart. If you have received this same letter as I have, please write me.

    Other facts, I have been a member of CC..now UA, since June of 2006. I am very choosy and have not found a woman who has intrigued me enough to spend $7.00. Does that mean I am cheap? On the contrary, I'm just the opposite. I want it all and will not settle for just a pretty face. Even though this girl is only 23 (I'm 45) she intrigued me with what she said. Oh sure, it may not go anywhere and I may just end it one day, but while it lasts we can all learn some valuable lessons and I don't mind sharing my personal messages so others get informed and make an intelligent decision.

    With that said....here is her first initial letter to me on April 7, 2007


    TRANSLATED FOR SVETLANA My dear stranger! Steven G. How are you? I know that we do not know each other yet, but now we have a chance to improve this situationJ I cannot miss my only chance to tell you that I want to meet you and to get to know more about you. You would probably ask me why did I choose YOU from the millions of men on this site. The answer is a simple one. But first let me ask you a question? Do you believe in intuition, do you believe in some special coincidents, do you believe in LOVE from the first sight? I know that men are not so romantic as we women are, but sometimes you should just open you heart to love and romance and miracle will come in to your life making you feel happy. I have a feeling that you are a very nice and intelligent person, I am sure about it. And I will be happy to find out more about you. Maybe destiny brought us on this site on purpose? So lets do not miss our only chance and give it a try. A few words about myself, I am not only romantic but also very sincere and loyal person. I am the only man woman and I am looking for love and serious relationships, I am looking for my soulmate. So, dear, if you felt the warmth of my message, if it made you feel happier, write me an answer and tell me more about yourself. I will be waiting for your reply because I really believe that you can be the one I am looking for! Do not miss our chance! Take care. Warmest wishes, Svetlana.

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    quote:Originally posted by Amerikanski

    I'm not from California, but there are men in this predicament all over. I even know a guy from England, who is my FSU victim twin. I think the State Department should issue a moratorium on fiancee visas from the FSU. Fraud is rampant.

    I've got all the legal ends sewn up, including custody. Just a shame really.

    I have written some on-line articles about this. There are vast cultural differences between the West and most FSU states. We are taught that "love conquers all" in the West. They are taught "only fools fall in love."

    An FSU woman will rip your heart out as you watch, then eat it while it is still beating. That's about the best I can sum it up.
    The old saying goes: PR-NUPTIAL. Of course you will always get "well if you love me...bull SH*T, but it is one way to protect us. Sorry I thought you were from Calif. my mistake, but you are right, 80%+ will screw an other dOOd while you watch!

    You have got to be SO careful.

    If there is anthing I can do email me or post a message.

    Good Luck!

    I like what your said: "drink as much Vodka as you can stand and f**k them in A** every chance you get".

    The gal I was seeing, well she was just a space cadet, don't need that, had two American ones! <g>

    Peace my friend,

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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