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I'm not from California, but there are men in this predicament all over. I even know a guy from England, who is my FSU victim twin. I think the State Department should issue a moratorium on fiancee visas from the FSU. Fraud is rampant.

I've got all the legal ends sewn up, including custody. Just a shame really.

I have written some on-line articles about this. There are vast cultural differences between the West and most FSU states. We are taught that "love conquers all" in the West. They are taught "only fools fall in love."

An FSU woman will rip your heart out as you watch, then eat it while it is still beating. That's about the best I can sum it up.
The old saying goes: PR-NUPTIAL. Of course you will always get "well if you love me...bull SH*T, but it is one way to protect us. Sorry I thought you were from Calif. my mistake, but you are right, 80%+ will screw an other dOOd while you watch!

You have got to be SO careful.

If there is anthing I can do email me or post a message.

Good Luck!

I like what your said: "drink as much Vodka as you can stand and f**k them in A** every chance you get".

The gal I was seeing, well she was just a space cadet, don't need that, had two American ones! <g>

Peace my friend,


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