quote:Our advertising program targets 2 of the most popular weekly newspapers, which has approximately 68% lady subscribers. The newspapers feature articles, advertisement, advice and opinion on a variety of womens' issues such as entertainment, health, fitness, skin-care, movies, relationship etc. Our campaign consists of "in-house" advertisement development that best portrays the client's lifestyle and needs. We can generate an amazing response during the 4-week advertising campaign. I have personally tested research to determine who had responded to the ads. 63 ladies were listed with marriage agencies, and the remaining 170 responded out of the uniqueness and sincerity of the advertisement. If you wish to view the mail I received, please stop by our New York City office where it is available for you to review at no charge! The approximate cost of this service is $200. A very cost effective program to connect to ladies which we could not have introduced you to. This program works well for the man who has defined his needs in a mate.

more lies and more deception.
What, he got 170+63=233 answers?! With only 2 newspapers?!
Who is he?
Donald Trump? John Holmes? Jesus Christ?!
I tried newspapers ads many years ago in a row of UA newspapers.
All i got was a bunch of replies ( under/around a dozen ) with many single mothers and unsavory charachters.
Other men i read about over the internet had rougly comparable experiences.
And yes, i verified the ads were regularly placed ( for years my ad got plastered all over the russian web as well ).
These people are clearly used car salesmen. P E R I O D!