"Web love quest man loses ?16,000
David Hodgkinson
David Hodgkinson said he was fed up being a single man
A man from Kent is ?16,000 poorer after falling in love with two women over the internet and waiting at airports five times for them to turn up in the UK.

David Hodgkinson's search for a bride also led him to borrow money from his elderly mother and to re-mortgage his home in Margate.

The 48-year-old electrical engineer has admitted he was naive, but said he was desperate to find a partner.

"Emotionally, it's given me a lot of depression," he said.

Mr Hodgkinson, who is a full-time carer for his 86-year-old mother, turned to online dating after he became fed up with being single.

There's many times that I literally cry my heart out
David Hodgkinson

He first struck up a relationship with Natalia, from Russia, who he met through a dating website.

He sent her more than ?10,000 to pay for her travel and a visa so she could be with him.

He went to meet her at Heathrow Airport four times, but she never arrived.

"I feel no ill in my heart. I did really love her," Mr Hodgkinson told the BBC.

He then turned to a Christian dating website and met Amada, from Senegal.

He sent her ?6,000, but was again left waiting in the arrivals lounge of the airport.

"There's many times that I literally cry my heart out and there are times when I felt I didn't want to live any more," he said.

'Never listened'

His mother, Constance, has been forced to take out a loan to help repay his debts.

"I did tell him off about keep going to Heathrow," she said.

"In my heart I knew they wouldn't ever turn up... but he never listened."

Experts have warned that the internet should be treated with great care.

Gill Stephens, from Experian Consumer Affairs, said she suspected photos of beautiful women probably came from "a seedy man in a back room".

"It's very easy to get carried away on the internet... but you don't really know who you're talking to." " (BBC 2007)

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