I have seen this one a few times only in Nigeria so far.....it is, I have about 900 dollars already and all I need is the remainder to purchase my airline ticket. This is a very hard one to pass up for the newbie that has been scammed before and see's this as a bargin...the scammer usually works with one or more scammers...hotel manager....ticket agent....and they get you in the three way scamm....a favorite of Nigerians...they all collaborate each others story and apply the extreme rush act to you. Each player in this sceme will always play into your emotions for this scammer and refer to her/him as your spouse when talking to you. Also, the scammer naturally falls madly and totally in love with you in just one chat session. They will send you the travel details printout, but if you go to the airlines website and check yourself...there is always some mistake somewhere on the document against what the airlines has posted, but, for a man or woman being ruled only by their emotions you wont even notice it or even check it out in the first place and that is what they are counting on...from the time of initial contact to the so-called departure date...is only two to three days...but one thing you have to ask yourself...this person contacted me out of the blue for a date, but springs all of this emergency travel scenario on you and it just so happens they already have the employ of a ticket agent and has partially paid for an airline ticket prior to even getting in touch with (you) (me)....(the complete stranger) What the Hell???

Patrick Little