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    Default Question about ualadys.com

    Hi all.

    I am new here, and one of those poor saps - or plain idiots, maybe - that thinks I have been scammed by ualadys.com
    I have read most of the context of this site, and frankly I did not know that it was this bad.
    I have been communicating with Galina for 1?. She has never asked me for money, I have never made her any promises - I told her I really liked her, of course - and we are having a great way of communicating.
    After I have read the posts here, I am worried that she does not exist. So without any delay: Does any one in here know are have you hard from or about Galina Buchanskay? Lady ID# 4049 on ualadys.com?
    Please respond to this, because I want to know as soon as possible. I have written to her today and told her to either call me from her private phone or send me a letter by mail. I know the odds are slim, but I hope she is real.
    Thank you
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    jameslv2k Guest


    Possible questions

    Where do you see yourself in five years?

    What do you think about the age difference?

    Have you been married before?
    What did you like most/least about marriage?

    Why are you looking abroad?

    Are you a gambler? Smoker?

    I realize some of the questions might be answered in the lady's profile, but nothing like getting it straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

    Lots of luck,



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    I received a reply to my question on the UA ladys site::

    David C
    I have seen several post on the internet that state that the letters are not really written by the girls....but by the agency

    Men get to Ukraine, and the ladies meet the men, but do not remember letter details, which 'proves' that the girl never really wrote/read letters.

    Also, when you want to meet the girls, they are suddenly busy at the time of your trip...

    what can you tell me to assure me that the ladies I have been writting are real, and they really will meet me, and everything is on the legitimate???

    01 September 2007
    Sergey Shkolnik
    Support manager Dear David

    Thank you very much for your message, we are always glad to help you.

    You know, sir, Internet is such a place where anybody can write whatever he wants without any responsibility. The Marriage business is a highly competitive market and on those scam forums there is a real war of black PR from different agencies.

    Confidential Connections and now UaLadys.com are among the largest companies in dating business and there have been many attempts to prevent us work properly. We didn\'t care about that until it grew up into something so large as it is now. We have asked our clients to write REAL testimonials on the scam forums, very soon many of them will appear and you\'ll see that we have lots of happy clients and they will prove that all our ladies are real and we really help people to find their happiness!

    All our ladies are real and genuine. We check their ID\'s before putting them on site. We also ask if they\'ve been on other sites. We care about our image and don\'t accept golddiggers and scammers.

    The ladies write letters by themselves. They don\'t ask for money, because they know that our system does not allow the money transfers from men to ladies. Please read more about our antiscam policy on the site here:


    If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

    We appreciate your membership!

    Yours respectfully

    Sergey Shkolnik

    Support Service

    I am not sure what this proves, but at least he tried to answer the questions!!

    I am planning to visit Sumy and Kremenchug the first 2 weeks of October 2007


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    jameslv2k Guest


    Sorry, this also doesn't answer the question of why Confidential Connections is no longer working or in operation. How can it be one of the largest as he states with the website down? The website is down for a reason. Maybe a branding change to escape past stigma and issues. I also noticed the letters I am getting recently now have the UALADYS.com watermark, instead of Confidential Connections or some other site. The ladies I have stopped writing to all have Confidential Connections watermark in their pictures, which is what put the red flags up.

    Has anyone thought of the idea of using psychic detectives - like they do on TV - to get to the bottom of all this?

    From reading and reviewing the comments in this thread, it would appear the best chance would be to go there and personally 'interview' a number of ladies, find one with chemistry, and take up correspondence on that basis.

    It seems too much is hidden in correspondence and photos alone. That is assuming the ladies are really real.

    If UALADYS really cared about other than our money, they'd perhaps do things like a free video sample on request. That may not prove a lot, but it would be a little better than being in the dark like now.


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    quote:Maybe this could become a whole new topic... Has anyone noticed that translation service/ English lessons has become more popular with the scammers?
    well...the "i got a visa already sent m $300 so i can come to you " is increasingly popular...i know at least 4-5 different spins...

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    Hey guys! I don't have a problem with any site until they pull the old exclusivity scam. What I mean by this is when you can't write to a girl except through the web site and each letter to and from costs YOU money. $5 here, $5 there adds up fast. If she's real, and the site's real, there shouldn't be a problem with making off site arrangements. I'm seeing the translation scam/ English (or what ever the guy's native language may be) scam to be on the rise. I think that certain agencies have a hand in this.

    Train returns

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    I clicked too soon. ham is right about the "I already have a visa and all I need is a few hundred to come to you" scam. A got hit up on RBrides.com by a girl calling herself Vera (Veronica). I filed a report. She messaged me first, and I replied for sh*ts and giggles. Within 24 hours she was ready to come to visit me if I sent her money for airfare.

    GAME ON!!!"I'll pay for your airfare". Her reply was she already had a travel agency. (Why anyone would have a travel agency with no money to travel is beyond me...)

    "Don't worry about the agency, I'll put you on a plane." Her reply, I'll only come if you send me the money. "Why?"...

    To make a long story short, I promised to pay for everything from round trip airfare, to a cab, to a hotel for her. She refused to come unless I sent HER the money.

    The sad part is that there is probably someone out there who will!!!

    Train returns

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    UALADYS acquired 'Confidential Connections' at the beginning of 2007 and they kept the same database. That's why many pictures still show the watermark of the old agency's name.

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    I have requested custom photo shoots on 2 different girls and they came out great. I have also visited Ukraine and met with 2 other girls in two cities and they are REAL.

    If you're not used to travel overseas, and you don't speak their language, you'll be in deep trouble. Almost nobody speaks English and taxi drivers will try to reap you off.

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    There are certain things you have to be careful of, when you travel east. Always LOCK doors in night-trains, be careful about taxidrivers not going of with your luggage, customofficers and other officials pressing you for bribes, bankomat-card machines etc.

    But generally I have always felt safe there. There do exist much criminal activity, but it's a relatively small, professional group doing most of it. And they are not interested in small-scale mugging.

    Concerning normal people (shops, banks, travelagencies, open markets), you don't need to count your change.

    There are places in West-europe I would be more wary of.

    As for the cost of accomodation, you can usually find short-time leases for private flats. I had one in Ukraina (one room/kitchen/bathroom) for $8 a day. They are available through touristagencies or some reliable person can fix it for you.

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    quote:Originally posted by dplacers

    UALADYS acquired 'Confidential Connections' at the beginning of 2007 and they kept the same database. That's why many pictures still show the watermark of the old agency's name.

    I AGREE!

    Well folks, I went to login my UALadys account to send my favorite lady a love letter and poof! She's gone! With-out warning or good bye or any ali-byebyes! It went from her first letter 5/30/07 to her last letter in 1/24/08,... to zip zap zoom gone with-out trace... imagine that?!? ))))

    Hello dear Mark!!! Thank you very much for your fast reply to me . as usual you lifted up my mood with the jokes and you know I tell my friends your jokes and nfrom time to time they ask me about you and about the jokes you sent to me. so they will be glad that I have a new portion of jokes from you.,

    I see that you are also uncle and that your nieces and nephews are grown-up already so you have no problems with presents ofetn visits to them. Now I have such period, because everybody complins if I don't visit them for a long time.

    Thank you for enreaching my knowledges in the sphere of judiction, I jhave never heard about such things you do and I think that it's very interesting and you can learn a lot from this experience.

    I'd like to take part in one of such Jury Duty, but I'm afraid I 'm not belong to this sphere of activity!!

    I'm a hair-dresser and creat hair-does, I 'd like to take competitions in it.

    Dear, I would like to ask you one questions , I think it'll be interesting for you, because it concerns future family.I personally is very interested in your point of view.

    My cousin , father of my newly born niece, is very young, he is only 17 years old and his wife is 21. They live without wedding and even didn’t register their relations. In Ukraine appeared new notion “common law marriage”. Do you have such notion in your country? What is your attitude to the not register marriages ??? And I would like also to ask your attitude to marriages in young age, like in 16 and 17???

    I will answer this question after you I want to know your wise answer.

    I’ll close for now and send you my kisses and hugs.

    Wuish you to have a nice evening and be well.

    I’ll wait your letter impatiently.

    Yours Jaroslava …
    What's really bad is UALady's must have taken an extreme legal hit 01/25/2008 because 7/8 of the ladys in my mail bow suddenly vanished! They are no longer with UALadys. My mail box reads...(Sorry, but this lady is no longer on our site. She asked us to remove her.) YEAH, I'm supposed to believe at least 50 women in my saved mail box suddenly asked to be removed?!? Not to mention all the other women disappear in my favorites list. It went from 5 pages to 2 pages over night!!!!
    Some saved profiles in my mail bow navigate this link...Profile has been moved to UADreams.com
    Imagine that!! Just as CC magically switched to UAL? Now it looks as is UAL is switching to UAD. They should be...
    I searched internet knowing the warning scams about joining membership dating agencies of this type corruption but also figured to accumulate as much contact information possible to at least 10 women or more. Then make travel arrangements through the scamming agency and hopefully make at least 2 real women from correspondence. Seems crazy?!? That's the formula for not wasting money or broken hearts. It's also why the scam agency use model's photos to lure men's money. They try lure us into a tour meeting several women in multiple cities. It's not too bad of thing if you like to travel touring other countries... but the tour women are not the lonely soul mate searching young beautiful models initiating email letters. All you need do is look at women from previous tours to see that! Also look at the site's success stories. It's a needle in a hay stack or 1 in a million to find that 20 y.o. beauty married 50 y.o. man?!? Specially if her profile reads search for man age 25 to 35 and your much older. That's all the disputing proof anyone needs for any dating site where young beautiful women search to love and be loved. It's plain simple ludicrous! ))))

    That's my fr#*K@N$ nickle worth..,

    What we lack here is failure to communicate.
    "cool hand luke"
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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