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    Default I want to believe

    I am currently corresponding with a woman from Barranquilla Columbia. She comes across as a real sweetheart. She has not asked me for money.
    She was introduced to me from a woman that was a friend for a while from the Latin-Wife.com website. I have found the company to be very responsible to me as a client. That really has nothing to do with it but the woman I know named "Helen" found a man and liked me as a friend so she introduced me to Johanamaria. I wonder if anyone has a method to determine if an individual is who they say they are or any techniques to detect a scam. I do not want to fly all the way from Phoenix to Columbia only to find out Johanamaria is a 60 year old toothless hag. She has not given me any indication she is a fraud. She has not proclaimed love for me within a week of our initial correspondence. My gut is saying stick it out and see what happens.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Like you I have been in this siuation, with Africans. You want to believe I know, but don't. I wanted to believe as well and you know I am as hard headed as they come. Your girl is most likely a man. Just get that in your head and keep it there. She don't exist as you think. It feels like you have been dumped, I know I felt like it.


    Regards from London, England.


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    I realize this post is old but I hope my words aren't too late. My brother communicated with a woman from Colombia for over a year before she was granted a visa to the USA. In the meantime, he had spent lots of cash flying to visit her from Los Angeles. When she arrived here, she wanted to marry him immediately, saying she did not need anything formal. Almost as soon as the ring was on her finger, her tune changed and she became distant towards my brother and accused him of abuse.....even resorting to the act of tearing her shirt and appearing traumatized when the police arrived. What a little actress! My brother had to leave his own home where he had lived for years prior to her tragic arrival in his life. The next months were spent in a courtroom before charges were dropped and he was allowed to return to his home. She fled to a friend's home....apparently she knew more people than that long lost relative in New York. Bottom line...My brother paid for her entrance here and supported her scamming arse. She had better not ever come into MY eyesight again. If it's not too late, PLEASE don't do it. If she's real she will come to you without ever asking for your help.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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