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    Default Customs Supervision Fee

    I've been communication with a "Student" in lugansk.... she has sent me photos of her holding photos of me.... she has sent scans of her passport and visa (embassy is currently verifying)

    Now she says she needs $1680 for "customs supervision" to leave the Ukraine..... is this a scam?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Hi Swede,

    In Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova there is a wide network of "impresarios" with counterparts in US and several European countries. They get in contact with girls who may already be prostitutes and in many cases not. They offer them a chance for a "good" life in a western country. They produce the necessary pictures if a tourist visa is needed or an invitation if a business visa is needed. In case of a touris visa they deposit the required money for security of the visa (typically 10.000 USD) and arrange the visa for the girl. When she gets to the country in question they take her passport and she has a credit of between 10.000 and 20.000 USD that she has to work off before she can return. So the "good" life is as a prostitute for 3 months.

    These "impresarios" can arrange visas for any girl to any country.

    Ordinary girls that you meet on the internet sites will never have a chance to get an ordinary tourist visa and neither a business visa. So yes they will need the picture of the 2 of you togther to get a visa as well as an invitation from you..

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    Thanks for the info.




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