Hey Cooldadman

Very good info and I agree regarding bringing a stranger here. I dated a woman in Italy who decided to come here and visit and pay for her own flight. At the end of 6 months, she got cold feet and I was too stupid to understand I should have gone there and inserted myself in her world. In the end, she lost her ticket (700US) and I lost her. When I look back at our conversations I see how excited she got when I mentioned going over there to see her. I should have just stepped up to the plate and grabbed a flight instead of worrying about her losing her ticket.

BTW...we had a great 6 months and talked every day for 2 to 3 hours. Sent many gifts and letters through the mail and texted each other via cell phone many times a day. It was pure bliss and it could have worked for her to come here first because of our closeness and how much we knew each other. However, still a better idea to go visit her first so I could insert myself in her world. Not only does this allow me to see what she's all about, it takes most of the fear away from the equation of her coming here. In her case, I feel she was SO afraid of rejection she wasn't willing to take the chance to fly to another land 8,000 miles away from home with the possibility to be rejected. Had she been more confident it would have worked out but this was not the case. So, no mater what the circumstances are, (and ours was about as perfect as you can get) its best to go see her first.

Thanks for the info and the name of the Travel Agency. Good info!!!

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