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    Default Common sense guidelines!

    Things to think about:

    First off...why would you even consider engaging with someone that didn?t speak your language. I mean com?on. If she was beautiful walking down the street and you met her at a store but didn?t speak one ounce of your language would you pursue her? I think NOT!
    So, why would you PAY someone to translate a message for you with hopes to gain a relationship with this person? Think about it. ..if we don?t support the translators, their revenues will drop substantially.

    Okay, so let?s say that she DOES speak your language but she is half your age. Would you approach a woman here that is half your age? I think NOT once again. You would be scoffed at by society so what are you thinking. Why is it okay to pursue a woman half you age from 7,000 miles away and then bring her here? You?re still gonna get scoffed at.

    So what are the prerequisites to create relationship with a foreign woman?

    ? Speaks your language (at least intermediate)

    ? No less than 10 years younger?preferably 7 if you are 30 or younger.

    ? Has educated herself to some degree and/or has a decent job.

    Okay,,,what am I missing. Start those brains cells up and add to this post. Let figure out what the do?s and don?ts are!!!

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Women are women...from another country, not another planet.
    [u]Under given circumstances ( careful evaluation required ) the MOB process might allow any one man to bend the rules a little, EG i think it is doable for a 5-man to get a 7-8 woman.
    If however men are chasing fantasies (the 9s and the 10s ) or their delusions (EG women the age of their daughters ), they are most likely to be rewarded accordingly.

    Sure, there ARE sirens in the night claiming to be men and they sent for the moon and got the stars and how they wanted a dream and got just that...
    As someone said elsewhere:
    quote:You must understand, just a month ago, I was reading all of the posts about guys who got burned and how there were very few success stories. I always would feel happy and joyful saying to myself "HEY, I'M A SUCCESS STORY; I'VE GOT A RUSSIAN LADY WHO LOVES ME AND WILL BE WITH ME FOREVER !" That was until I found out that she was screwing her boyfriend two or three times per week, discribing to him how much of a FOOL that I was for believing her made up lies and false truths. She was litterally LAUGHING at how stupid I was for believing her at what she was telling me.
    Well, just these last week (that i know of ) two online "success stories" turned (very) bad.
    Of course the former siren in the night ( or plain old blowhard and braggart ) will NOT bother to come back and alert you; most often he'll disappear under the radar, perhaps to come back UNDER ANOTHER IDENTITY and attack you and the MOB process and FSUWs in any way possible; there are a few cases known to many of such an occurrence.

    So get real with yourself first men!
    You don't have to "cop out" or "apologize" or in any way demean yourself, but you know who you are better than anybody.
    Don't end up bringing home a stripper thinking she is Joan of Arc...if you want a stripper, you can go get one right now.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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