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Hey shashlik! How's life? Hope a banker checks in to answer this question you have, I'm curious.

A side note, have you noticed that lately, there seem to be some self-important individuals on this site?

It seems like some people have nothing better to do with their lives than to put down, belittle and criticize other people's questions and/or comments. I saw a guy complain because someone left their caps lock on! Nothing useful to add to the forum, just whining!!!

Oops! That person might criticize me for using 3 exlamation points!

I think it's pathetic!!!


I certainly hear you very clearly, on this.
Like yourself, I intend to become very well informed, on the subject. That is just how I go about learning things.
I think Einstein would have been pleased!
(I'll just continue to ignore the nay-sayers, too, while I'm at it)