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    Default Is this a new "methodology" being used?


    There is a big "boat-load" of money to be stashed into a foreign bank account, somewhere; and, I have been invited to help, in this.

    There is this guy who seems to be a "pimp" for the woman. (Not a pimp in the "traditional" sense, of course: but, he is still "pimping")

    The money will be transferred as soon as I can raise a Bank Guarantee, to ensure he gets his [pimp] fees, which are pretty high!!

    Has anyone, here, seen this idea afloat? The using of Bank Guarantees?

    This is not a typical "419 Scam", as I have seen: especially coming out of Nigeria.

    419 Advance Fee Fraud is the often-used phrase, regarding getting fleeced, IN ADVANCE. But, I don't see any way of getting defrauded, through the idea of them wanting to be guaranteed their payment, through the raising of a Bank Guarantee.

    Are there any bank financial officers out there, who are also STREET SMART? (viz., those who know how the criminals operate).
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    quote:Originally posted by Ihearmytrain

    Hey shashlik! How's life? Hope a banker checks in to answer this question you have, I'm curious.

    A side note, have you noticed that lately, there seem to be some self-important individuals on this site?

    It seems like some people have nothing better to do with their lives than to put down, belittle and criticize other people's questions and/or comments. I saw a guy complain because someone left their caps lock on! Nothing useful to add to the forum, just whining!!!

    Oops! That person might criticize me for using 3 exlamation points!

    I think it's pathetic!!!


    I certainly hear you very clearly, on this.
    Like yourself, I intend to become very well informed, on the subject. That is just how I go about learning things.
    I think Einstein would have been pleased!
    (I'll just continue to ignore the nay-sayers, too, while I'm at it)
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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