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    Guys ? this web-site is wonderful. I have been scammed, luckily only to the tune of about $100US, but I thought I?d write an article about my experiences. As it is you guys have got the t-shirt, but now I like to have fun with scammers and here?s what I do. I?m pretty sure I can now spot a scammer at 100 paces ? the old signs like a sob story (usually all very similar), undying love at first email, vagueness/evasiveness to questions.

    Then of course the request for money. When that comes, my plan kicks in. I am normally involved with scammers from Nigeria and Ghana. I live in London, which has many Nigerians and Ghanaians so finding out a bit of background to feed the scammer is very very easy. I know the main languages spoken in each country, which are also linked to what they still refer to as tribes ? Twi and Ga in Ghana, Yoruba and Ibo in Nigeria. There are others. Just a mention of that has the scammers thinking, and is often met with a pensive ?are you Nigerian/Ghanaian??

    ? That?s all you need ? just say you have a friend/ex girlfriend living over there, in whatever city your scammer says they are in. Tell the scammer you will send them money but only via your friend, because you sent money by transfer before which didn?t arrive, and they should collect it in person from them. This of course gives your scammer a BIG problem. As they are NOT the person whose photos you have (that girl is likely a model the scammer doesn?t know), your ?girl? can?t meet your friend. They will try all ways to get you to send money but stick to your guns, and if you offer enough money they will get greedy and offer to send their friend ? which will be your scammer of course. Well, let them! Accept their offer - Make a totally false appointment, by searching on the web for a large hotel or office in the city. Give them a time ? late at night if possible so they are stranded - and let them stand there!!!!!!! Email to say you are laughing at them, for when they next log on! Unless of course you prefer to string them along and set them up a second time by giving a new appointment another day!

    Or, and this isn?t as good but it?s a consolation prize

    ? you can tell them you have sent money via a money transfer, make up a fake reference number (normally a letter then 8-9 digits) and as money transfers ask for a password make up one that makes them look really stupid, i.e. IAMAKUNT or VANKER or FICKOV, anything. Enjoy the thought of them running around to the nearest office, sweating with greed and fighting with the bank clerk insisting they MUST have the money! Imagine all the scammer promised his girlfriend with YOUR money that he now can?t do! Email to say you are laughing at them, for when they next log on! Unless of course you prefer to string them along and set them up a second time by giving a new false reference for another day!

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Hello All Got a "hot" one here.
    This alleged russian gal got my email through yahoo personals and we started a correspondence.....As her pictures got more racier i got more concerned and happened to discover she is a well known scammer.Havent gotten to the "money " asking stage but i want to keep her occupied as long as possible.....Need some good ideas
    Anybody got some good suggestions?
    Below is the text of our current "love" letters:

    My name is Steve , divorced, father of one, age 43 ,USA
    I have been in contact with this Russian "lady" claiming to be Julia from Rostov-on-Don.
    Only problem being is that i checked on the "BLACK LIST" and discovered she has been well documented as a scammer.We havent gotten to the Money asking stage yet(Thanks to your great web site)....but here is our correspondence to this point:
    Letter 1: 5/26/07
    ----- Original Message ----
    From: Julia873477 <Julia873477@mam.by>
    Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2007 6:18:39 AM
    Subject: Greetings Steve

    Greetings Steve. It is pleasant to see the letter from you this fine
    day. I ask to forgive to me, that is required so long to answer your
    letter. I to live in the city of Rostov on Don. My city is in a
    southern part of Russia, it is the regional center. You to hear about
    it? Wash city up to Moscow approximately 2000 kilometers. I the doctor
    on a trade, my specialization-therapy. I work in city clinic. To be
    engaged reception and survey of patients, at necessity to appoint in
    it treatment or hospitalization. I was born in 1973, now to me 33
    years. My birthday on March, 3rd. I lived earlier in a civil marriage
    with the man, but two years ago we have left. It would not be
    desirable to be lonely therefore I have solved search second half of
    heart. I like serious and strong attitudes. My friend I to tell to you
    at once-theak to not search for entertainment, a distortion or simply
    virtual friend without an opportunity of a meeting in the person. I do
    not like simply casual communications so me to bring up parents. It
    would be desirable a quiet life with the favourite person, strong
    attitudes. As any woman I to want happiness, it would be desirable to
    love and be favourite, to give caress and to care of the beloved. In
    people I to appreciate sincerity and kindness of soul, to not love lie
    and a deceit, we shall hope honesty with each other. Pleasantly that I
    to meet you, hope we to learn better each other, and probably to
    develop feelings. And you were married earlier, have children? I to
    not have children, I consider that children should be brought up by
    loving parents, there should be a strong family. And I had no never
    enough serious attitudes to reflect on a birth of the child. At me
    quiet and kind character. Good to you of day to hope to see the answer
    from you. Tell about itself. When your birthday? What to wish to see
    in the woman? What character at you? You like travel or to prefer a
    house cosiness? A favourite hobby? Who you by a trade? I love rest on
    the nature and travel. It is pleasant to read love novels, to visit a
    cinema at leisure. I like to visit museums and exhibitions. I am
    engaged fitness, I am pleasant like a figure in the good form If to
    want that that still to learn about me-ask, I with pleasure shall be
    more story about myself. To send you my photos, I hope you too will
    send your photos. I not strongly to understand in a computer. Also
    asked the manager the Internet of cafe to find to me the man for
    acquaintance. And it has found to me your address.I shall expect the
    letter from you. Acquaintance to you is pleasant, I hope it will
    proceed. While. Julia
    This women/scammer is very sincere and convincing .Fellas beware!!!
    Letter2 : 5/27/07
    ----- Original Message ----
    From: Julia873477 <Julia873477@mam.by>
    Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2007 3:29:17 PM
    Subject: Good afternoon Steve

    Good afternoon Steve. Now to go a rain here and little bit cool
    weather. To me very pleasantly our acquaintance. I probably to do it
    is a lot of mistakes in the letter, I ask to excuse me for it. I
    studied English language at school, and then during study in
    institute, but infrequently to have dialogue on it. To hope you to
    understand my letters. I wish to tell to you. I had some time back
    dialogue the Internet with the man from Canada. It has written to me,
    has told that searches for attitudes with the woman. We have got
    acquainted. But after several letters it has started to send obscene
    photos, and to demand from me the naked photos. And in letters has
    started to write only about sex, and offered virtual sex through the
    Internet, it is nonsense. Correspondence with it Was necessary to
    stop, I to think it frivolously-is simple entertainment through the
    Internet. I to tell to you about it because to not wish to have
    secrets from you. And it is more to allow you to understand of me. To
    me to be simple it would not be desirable lonely. And you had many
    attitudes through the Internet, they were serious? I to see recently
    transfer on TV, about that that now some people in the world to be
    engaged a deceit through the Internet of the attitude. It is bad to do
    a deceit on love and feelings. To hope you never will simply a joke or
    games with me. I to hope you honesty with me, I also to promise what
    never to speak a lie to you. We adults the man and the woman, also our
    dialogue will hope serious and opened. It is a pity that I do not have
    now phone. Two weeks ago I to go to the bus from work, in that put I
    was very long it is borrowed on work. There were many patients and the
    labour shift was necessary to be late after the termination. I to sit
    down in an armchair the bus and for a short while to fall asleep from
    weariness. And when has woken up-has seen that have stolen my handbag.
    It was very insulting, loss the monthly salary and a mobile phone. It
    would be desirable to hear you in the future. I shall think to save
    gradually, I shall get phone later and then we can speak. The truth it
    is necessary to save long, on purchase phone it is necessary to spend
    the monthly salary. I on work have phone, but in it service of the
    international communication as such calls expensively cost and it is
    impossible to borrow service phone for a private use is disconnected.
    I wish to tell to you about my habits. I to not smoke. On a holiday to
    dare to drink it is a little wine or beer. I like to sit in the
    evening on a sofa, to esteem the book the beautiful novel. In the
    morning I usually to do gymnastics. To be engaged fitness. As I to
    speak you I was earlier in a civil marriage. But when we to live about
    half a year I has learned that at mine men are the mistress. Was very
    sick to hear such. It has told to me about it, has told that we need
    to leave, and has left to it. This girl was more younger than me and
    probably seem to it more attractive. But will suffice about it. The
    life in fact proceeds. Here I to not meet any more the man with whom
    it was possible to connect destiny, basically they to want from the
    woman only sex and entertainments. But in fact it is impossible to
    have a good time all time? The Life passes, all we become more senior,
    it would be desirable simple heat and a cosiness. I to think
    appearance it not the main thing, in fact all people to grow old in
    the course of time. For me in the person the main kind heart quiet
    character and beauty of soul. To me pleasantly meeting you, also is
    pleasant our dialogue. I write to you from the Internet of cafe, it is
    public item of access to the Internet. I can not while to get a
    computer therefore it is necessary to come here. And you to have a
    computer of the house or also use the Internet of cafe? To send you
    still my photos, I hope they like you. While. While. Julia
    GREAT SET-UP here acknowledging scams and such....great fiction???
    Letter 3: 5/28/07
    Greetings Steve. Now I go from work, has come the Internet of cafe to
    check up mail from you. It is pleasant to see that you to write to me.
    Me you have liked a photo which to send in the last letter, with
    interest to look at you. Today fine weather. I now to come into city
    park, to take a walk a little on it. Pleasantly walk after the working
    day. On work all patients to come about a pain and illnesses, and for
    the working day to receive weariness. Pleasantly then after work walk
    on fresh air to have a rest. In park to play music, to walk many
    people. I liked walk today. My friend, and what music is pleasant to
    you? I like to listen to a jazz, also it is pleasant to dance under
    cheerful music. Sometimes I to like to listen classical music. I like
    and be able to prepare, it is pleasant to prepare for exotic salads
    from fruit, dishes from meat and a fish. Basically I to prepare for
    national dishes. And what dishes like you? You are able to prepare?
    Tell to me about your city, it beautiful? My city big, here is lived
    more than 800 thousand by person. I live in an apartment which I rent.
    My parents live at two o'clock driving from my city, sometimes in the
    day off I to go to visit them, or they to come to me on a visit.
    Parents on the pension now, is pleasant to them a life in small
    village. And I am pleasant like at them, there the beautiful nature,
    silence and pure air. I like rest in village after a life in the big
    city. But at me happens only one or two target days in a week, and
    work without days off sometimes is necessary when it is required to
    change whom that of colleagues. Therefore infrequently it is possible
    to visit parents. Or sisters I to not have brothers so to turn out
    that I one child in family. And you have sisters or brothers, how your
    parents? My city is on coast of the river Don. It is the beautiful
    river, I am pleasant like in the summer walk on a boat, to look the
    beautiful nature. And you like to go on the river, to receive rest at
    water? You often to happen in other cities? Than you today to be
    engaged? Tell to me if not a secret, it is interesting to learn as you
    spend day. While. To wish you it is pleasant to lead day.
    Nice touch throwing in the parents , she had me believing at this point
    Letter 4: 5/30/07
    Good afternoon Steve. I have no messenger about which you have told to
    me. In the Internet of cafe there is no such service. In fact the
    greater turn is going wishing to write to cafe the letter, and nobody
    will allow me to borrow communication for a long time. It is
    authorized to accept and send mail only. It is pleasant to receive the
    letter from you. With pleasure to read it and to present you my
    friend. You there is nothing I to name you my friend? I like to
    communicate with you so it is interesting to receive your letters, to
    learn better you. It so is interesting. A little unusually, in fact
    you so it is far from me. Several years ago I and present not could
    that I shall when that to have dialogue with the man from other
    country. I to think of you sometimes during work. How your mood today,
    than will be engaged? At me on work today was a few patients, it is
    possible to tell that an easy labour shift. Now I went to shop, to do
    purchase of products. To wish to go now home, to make a supper, to
    have a rest a little. And in the evening probably again I shall come
    to check up mail from you. To hope you will write to me in the
    evening. To wish you pleasant day my friend. To send you a photo, to
    hope to like you. While.Julia

    This stuff is really convincing

    Letter 5: 5/30/07

    Greetings Steve. I have no messenger about which you have told to me.
    In the Internet of cafe there is no such service. In fact the greater
    turn is going wishing to write to cafe the letter, and nobody will
    allow me to borrow communication for a long time. It is authorized to
    accept and send mail only.It is very pleasant to receive the letter
    from you. I pleasure when see your letters, and to give pleasure to me
    their perusal. You interesting the man, are absolutely unlike which
    men I to meet earlier. Basically I to hear the offer from men to lead
    together night. But I do not like such attitudes. Yes it and not
    attitudes and is simple employment sex. The woman likes caress and
    heat in attitudes more, pleasant dialogue with the man which is
    pleasant. I like dialogue with you, you are unlike other men from my
    last life. No, them was a little. I how to speak-not I love fleeting
    novels, I like constant attitudes therefore I had no many men with
    which was close. I to recollect now a youth then there was the
    cheerful time, any cares. And then I did not reflect at all on the
    future. Pleasure by a life Was pleasant to be young. But now I
    absolutely on another to think about a life. The silent and quiet
    life, a cosiness in the house Would be desirable. At me quiet and
    house character, probably therefore to me is pleasant to spend time at
    home more. Sometimes I to leave with girlfriends on walk, it is a
    little to have fun. But it infrequently to go right. Often it is
    necessary to work for six days in a week for 8-10 hours for a labour
    shift. Sometimes I weariness so what to not remain time to make a
    supper. Then it is necessary to prepare what for that a semifinished
    item, for example a pizza. And when to come the day off it is
    necessary many to have time to make all. Cleaning of an apartment,
    washing. It is necessary to descend shops, to do shopping to fill a
    refrigerator. The lovely friend, do not think that I to complain of a
    life. Simply I tell as I spend days, in fact to learn is better the
    person it is necessary to know not only what its character and
    hobbies, but also and interesting to know as passes its life.
    Therefore I and to ask you is frequent as you to lead day. If to you
    it is uninteresting such to listen-tell, write that to interestingly
    you to learn about me. Good to you of day my friend. I shall expect
    the letter from you. While.Julia
    Letter 6: 5/31/07
    Good afternoon Steve . Pleasant day today. With pleasure to read your
    letter, to present you and me these ideas are pleasant. I now after
    work have come into shop, purchase of products. Packages with products
    heavy, and I to get tired while now to reach to the Internet of
    cafe.Today in the morning I to receive the telegram from parents, mum
    to write that tonight they to arrive to visit me. Badly that tomorrow
    in the morning I need to go for work, and parents will leave in the
    morning. But I that some hours will be possible to lead pleasure with
    them in the evening. I to not meet parents about three weeks, and to
    miss them. I now to wish to carry purchases home. And then to go on
    station, to wish to meet parents when they to arrive on the bus.
    Excuse to me it is time. If parents will lay down to have a rest, I
    shall come later to check up mail from you. Send me a photo. Tell that
    interesting to occur to you today. Good-bye. Yours Julia
    Letter 7:
    Good afternoon my friend. I ask to forgive to me for silence. I leaved
    from city. Went to parents. Has lead with them some days. It was very
    pleasant rest. We left in a wood, to do rest on the nature. I to be
    expiated in the mountain river. It is very good to have a rest. Missed
    dialogue with you these days. I now only go about the bus. It is
    necessary to carry home a bag with things. I shall try to come again
    in the evening in the Internet, to check up mail from you. While.
    Pleasant to you of day. Your Julia
    I only have stopped to read your letter. Greetings Steve . To me
    becomes warmly and pleasantly in heart when I to receive your
    messages. I to hope you to not hold on me insult for long silence. But
    I had no place to find access the Internet when I to go to parents. I
    thought of you today all the day long. I to get tired today on work a
    little, but is so tired to write to you my darling. Do not think that
    I immodesty the woman, easier to not wish to hide feeling. I to start
    to cling you. I reflect now why it to occur. Probably from for that
    that you unusual and very attractive the man. Which you write letter
    bring pleasure in my heart. I to start to think of you is frequent. At
    the last night you to dream me, and I to wake up with sensation of
    such ease in heart. It is a pity that you to not live in my city. And
    we cannot a meeting today. With pleasure it would be desirable to meet
    you, to sit for a cup of coffee in the evening, to talk, take pleasure
    in dialogue. Kiss you the darling. I shall think of you in this
    evening, to hope you also to reflect on me sometimes. Tell to me. I to
    like you though it is a little? It would be very pleasant to Me to
    hear the positive answer from you. Do not think that I to be imposed
    to you my darling with my silly love. Simply I strongly emotional,
    also have decided to not hold in myself that that I feel to you. Yes.
    To not forget to tell Nearly to you. When to come parents I to speak
    them about our dialogue. In fact they are interested as to pass my
    private life, and I have not got used to hide anything from native. I
    the favourite daughter at them, and also strongly to love the native
    people. I to tell that I communicate with you, and did not begin to
    hide that you to like me. Parents to send the regards to you and warm
    attitudes. The whole again. Yours Julia
    LETTER 8:
    My darling Steve. Now the late evening here. Has come to write to you.
    It is pleasant to see the letter from you. You such lovely and young
    on a photo. Which I to send a photo to you I to do in my city. Today
    day on work was difficulty. It is a lot of patients. I weariness
    strongly. Has come home, to take a shower and has fallen asleep. Has
    just now woken up, and has decided to go to the Internet of cafe to
    write to you. My kiss for you. To close eyes now, and to touch with a
    sweet kiss you in my dreams. To hope you also to close eyes, and to
    feel my sweet kiss. You seem to me an ideal of the man, at you kind
    heart and fine Character, you are strong and during same time I to
    feel in you tenderness. It seems to me That I know you very much for a
    long time. To me easily and pleasantly to write to you letters, and
    mine Heart gently fights when I read your warm messages. Never earlier
    I did not test such inclination to the man. Both my inclination and
    tender feelings to you to become more strongly with each my morning
    awakening. You in my sweet dreams and dreams. The whole also I love
    you. To give you my gentle embraces and warm attitudes. To expect with
    love the warm message from you. While. Yours Julia
    LETTER 9:
    It does me happy reception of letters from you my darling. Greetings
    Steve. I fall in love with you my darling, and I hope that you fall in
    love with me also. I hope you will be trust to me. Without trust there
    can be no attitudes. I hope, that you have good day today. I hope that
    you can test warm and tender feelings to me, same as I to test to you
    favourite. I dream of you and your love to me. On work I today had a
    few troubles. One woman has come to me on reception. At it were
    suspicion on an allergy or an infection, it is I structure, and I to
    direct it to pass inspection at other experts. In fact my trade
    therapy. The woman has started to be indignant, speak that I
    incompetence because to not appoint to it treatment. I to understand
    that it experience from for the illness. But in fact I to make all
    that is necessary in such cases. This patient has gone to complain of
    me to our chief of clinic. It has come to check up my actions, has
    confirmed my actions. After inspection there was that at this woman an
    infectious disease. I was right, but it has not come to apologize at
    all for that that the insult me. To me to become so it is insulting
    today, there are such people which worry only about itself and it
    nothing to cost to offend whom that without the reason. It not the
    first case, but I try to forget somewhat quicker about such moments.
    Has now come to write to you favourite. All troubles happened in the
    afternoon I to forget and think only of you and to represent you in
    dreams. The whole and adoration you. I dream to feel your warm body
    against mine, and the whole your damp sweet lips. While favourite. Now
    I shall go home. Probably a little I shall return later to check up
    mail from you. It would be desirable to see the message from you
    favourite in this evening. Yours Julia
    LETTER 10:

    Favourite Steve. With impatience I dream of day when we shall meet for
    the first time you. When our eyes meet for the first time, I be able
    to see love in your eyes. I hope that it can occur in the future. You
    do me by the happiest person in the huge world. I dream of you every
    night my love. Feelings in my heart are very strong for you my
    favourite. My love to you becomes stronger with each new letter which
    I read from you. And my small heart to belong to you. I love and I
    grieve without you very much. My most The big desire to nestle on you
    my lovely and favourite and to present you all My love. To see you and
    then to feel in your gentle embraces-most sweet my dream. I hope, that
    we can have a long life together. I would like to make love very much
    to you mine the beloved, to wish to have passionate love to each other
    all the night long without a break. It is a few immodesty of dream
    probably, but I really to want it. I love you my favourite and I shall
    wait for your following letter of love. The whole it is passionate. I
    close eyes and see your fine eyes. While. Yours Julia

    LETTER 11:
    From: Julia873477 <Julia873477@mam.by>
    Sent: Monday, June 11, 2007 5:22:52 PM
    Subject: Greetings favourite Steve

    Greetings favourite Steve . Has come to write the Internet of cafe to
    you now. I to see at the girl which to sit next to me the chamber, I
    to ask it to photograph me at a computer. The girl has agreed, to do a
    picture me, and now I to send it to you favourite. To hope this photo
    to like you favourite. Than you employment in today? To happen that
    that interesting? My day today has been borrowed by work, there were
    many patients. I a few weariness. To wish to go now home, to accept a
    warm bath, it weakens after difficulty of day. I like to add in water
    foam about aroma of the sea or roses. It so is pleasant to close eyes
    and present itself on seacoast. I shall think and dream of you the
    darling. I love also tenderness attachment to you mine the man. All my
    warm attitudes to you my darling the man. My name Julia Rebrov. My
    address. The country Russia. The city of Rostov on Don. Street
    Krasnoarmejskaja 15. An apartment 10. The Postal index 344000. But I
    live in an apartment which I rent, therefore to have the right to
    accept mail only owners an apartment. Therefore it is not necessary to
    send anything, I most likely cannot this reception. The whole also I
    love. To expect with love the letter you. Yours Julia
    LETTER 12:
    My darling SteveStandard Header|Full Message View
    Julia873477 <Julia873477@mam.by>
    ViewTuesday, June 12, 2007 9:24:22 AM
    My darling Steve . Hello. Today in Russia Day of independence is
    marked. It is the big holiday. City today very elegant. In streets it
    is a lot of people. We with girlfriends to get tickets for a
    celebratory concert. It should begin in one hour. We now shall go
    there. I have come into the Internet on pair minutes. Girlfriends
    expect me now. All is good at me in this fine day, walk on city and
    pleasure a holiday would be desirable. To hope you also it is good to
    lead this day. My warm wishes to you my friend. You with me in ideas
    today. I shall write Tomorrow to you more detailed letter. I hope you
    also will write to me. Pleasant to you of day. The whole also I love.
    While. Julia
    ....................More to follow .................................................. .......
    I intend on keeping this foul scammer occupied for as long as possible...I have just replied that I need to come to her as soon as possible.Will keep you informed.....
    ...................More to follow .................................................. .......

    Steve F., USA

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    I couldn't even be bothered to type the stuff out!!.

    It's just the usual story any blindman could see through.

    The answer is simple. Tell hewr to get lost, delete her emails and get a life!!.

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    I couldn't even be bothered to type the stuff out!!.

    It's just the usual story any blindman could see through.

    The answer is simple. Tell hewr to get lost, delete her emails and get a life!!.

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    I miss bach1685. His simplictic approach to every situation is so child like and refreshing to those of us who sometimes do silly little things like... THINK.

    The truth is, all one needs to do is paste a letter here. You don't need to type the whole thing out, but I'm sure most people here already figured that out.

    So, evest43, if you're still around, how is it going with your play time with the scammer? I usually will do the same. It can be fun, as well as educational to a certain degree. It gives a person a chance to veiw how the scam scenario progresses. Then, when you go back and reread the earlier letters, (if you haven't deleted them in a whimsical bout of shortsightedness) you can start to see the signs of the scam that you hadn't before.

    Train returns

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    Quote Originally Posted by mace View Post
    Ihearmytrain, love the idea of the parents. I just about ended up heading to see someone who was a scammer. Thank God it fell through. I see how we would be stuping to their level, but I love the idea of it.
    well its not actually stuping to their level, its fighting fire with fire

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    Hi ,

    I have a been scammed out of 600 buck last weekend still pissed about it. I have an alternative email address as well and the same scammer is trying the same shitty thing on that one- doesnt realize its the same person. What should I do ???? HELP
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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