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Thread: Irina 7536

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    cowboys505 Guest

    Default Irina 7536

    I only wrote a few letters,is she for real let me hear the scoop on this one.
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Blue Horseshoe Guest


    Hi Morgoth,

    I agree with you, a woman and child could be a good combination, but the drawback here is that apparently you need documents signed by the ex-husband to allow the child out of the Ukraine, correct me if I'm wrong?

    I can imagine the guy not missing his chance & coming up with some sort of fee for his agreement...I reckon the Ukraine is full of this sort of stuff....it's rotten to the core there.

    As for Irina, well....it's no big thing for me, I've certainly had better than her, and will again. I was just commenting because I saw her name & couldn't help comment. And yes, there were inconsistencies with her letters, which I overlooked.

    I think the reason why this sort of thing happens is that they have a lot of prepared letters that they have pre-written, which will do for a lot of punters. All that's needed is to tweek the top and bottom, and that's what a lot of her letters looked like. But I must stress, I don't think all the women are like that.

    I think the other thing worth commenting on is the total lack of a common language: English. Progress is impossible without it, and yet it's easy to overlook because your interpreted letters lull you into believing communication is not a problem, but actually it's the MAIN PROBLEM when you get there, and thereafter. A language takes years to learn, guys should consider: are they just looking for a partner in the bedroom, or someone they can communicate with on equal terms? If it's the latter, then it's not happening.

    Good luck to all concerned.....and again, if you do go to the Ukraine, take plenty of cash.....reckon on $3000+ a week.

    quote:Originally posted by Morgoth

    quote:Originally posted by Blue Horseshoe

    I've met this girl in Simferopol, thru c.c.., I don't think she was genuine at all, alternately she could have been. She's thinner than she looks in the pictures and quite shy, she's immature, and typical of her age: 19. It was nice to go around with her, but there's always the interpreter & driver around and so communication with her directly was impossible, so you won't get to know her, she literally speaks just a few words of English, that's all. In addition to believing she wasn't genuine, I thought she might possibly have a boyfriend, too....speculation on my part, but I read people well, and I'm rarely wrong. I was left alone with her occasionally, and I got a strong feeling that she felt uncomfortable about it.You can tell when someone wants you, the signs are there, but in her case they just weren't.
    She declined to exchange personal contact info, because she said she needed the interpreter(s) to continue our correspondence as she didn't speak English.
    I think 'scammer' is too strong a term for her, she was possibly not genuine, and also I don't think she'd properly thought out what getting involved with a foreigner might entail....she likes her life in Simferopol, and a life away from her parents and her niece (?) would not be easy for her, that was my impression, but it wasn't specifically said.

    The agency in Simferopol is up a muddy street and round a corner in a backstreet and in a basement of a vast apartment block!
    The webcam makes it look quite an enterprise and it probably is, but actually what you see is only the front part, the window, if you look up would look on to the side-street, I think maybe that's why they always draw the curtain so you can't tell....
    A guy I went around with initially, told me that cc had a good name, but were expensive, he offered to take me to another agency which was cheaper....the guy was helpful and independent, which isn't a bad thing, he'd also been around and knew stuff, if someone needs his website, can't think of it, I will search it out for you.

    I don't really know any more.

    Oh yes, it'll cost you thousands....take plenty of cash.
    Hi Blue Horseshoe

    I was in Simforopol before with cc and I remember well about the place, into the basement. The manager, Alex ( I don't know if he is still there...) was helpful but I got problems with the head office in Karkov because they didn't wanted to give me the address there. Anyway, you are right about the girl you meet because when they are interested to you, there are signs to show you.... Exchange of address, time alone even english speaking and so one... Do you remember the kind of letters she send to you? This is the same as her behavior at your meeting? Body talk.... Face talk.... Eyes talk... Manners talk.... It's rare that a girl don't have a boyfriend there. For me, I always dating with girls who are divorced and have a child.... They are more mature and serious in relationship. I have already children, so I must be sure she will be a good mother too....

    There is a list of good agency on this site, just look at it...

    Good luck,
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines



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