What are those ladies are saying and thinking while no one is watching: In checking a Russian blog/forum, the topic came up of FSU women who have already married AM. As I expected, all the Russian/Kazahk (this is a Kazahk site) men argured against marriage to an American. They pointed out that it is abandoning their race, being traitors to their country, etc.

Most of the women on the other hand argue from a much different perspective. They write about how AM husbands treat them, respect them, make them feel loved, etc, while Russian and Kazakh men ignore them or take them for granted. They talk about how AM love children and value family more than RM/KM.

In fact, listen to how the female forum administrator rips apart one young Kazakh male who is here on a student visa in the US, after he posted some trash about how Americans are inferior:

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No, it wasn?t painful to read your post. It was kind of funny. ?. No nation is superior over another. That applies to KZ nation as well. You are no better than Americans, Americans are no better than you. Still?.U.S. is the most powerful nation in the world, my lord. You are here for this or other reason, going to school, I suppose? Hmmm?. Why didn?t you go to KIMEP instead, to be in a circle of people that you can actually compare yourself to? Why be here, and feel pity for White/Black/Hispanic/Asian Americans, who were born here to their American or immigrant parents, and who are proud to be called Americans and will gladly sacrifice their lives to defend this country? Americans are ?just immigrants?? Well these ?just immigrants? are giving you something you need (education that you can not receive in KZ?), otherwise you wouldn?t be here. Please remember that and be grateful.

You said: ?what do they have right now that i wouldnt have in the future?? It looks like right now you don?t really have anything, all your achievements are still ?in the future?. What is it that you actually achieved at your young age? Please, share you accomplishments with us. Tell us what is it that KZ women have to fall in love with you for (marry you, have kids with you), except for your arrogance? My dear, it is too early for you to rub yourself "to-be-accomplished things" into people?s faces.

You said: ?i wrote in my previous message is at LEAST 80% correct (its only my experience and i had to share it)?. What about the rest 20%? Your thoughts here, please?

Or, please also enlighten us here?you mentioned ?many young, aspiring Kazakh guys are conquering places in the globe you can not imagine??.care to elaborate? I?d like to know what is it that they are conquering that puts them above everyone else?

In general, your post stenches with ignorance. It is you we should feel sorry about. You were correct about one thing?. you are an average Kazakh guy who is trying to ?look fly and hot?, but at the end of the day hangs out at kindergardens getting drunk and hitting on girls passing by...

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