Hi, this is what happen to me last one week. I'm a member of singleparentslove.com there I met a man age 40. He pretend to be from Spain and has fallen madly in Love with me and that he is looking for the right partner. He was writing me that he is working for the mtnonline company in NIgeia, where he suddenly had a problem with the boss and didn't got his money back he invested for the company. He wrote me and we were calling each other every day. He said that the boss is not willing to pay his salary and he couldn't pay the hotel. He was planning to go from NIgeria to USA and from there to me to Switzerland. I have told him that I don't have any money to send to him and that I can't help him. I made the mistake and told the whole story to my aunty's husband who said that we should help him and was willing to send 300 dollars by western union which he did. The next day I got a mail that the guy I fall in Love with named Luis Maxwell got shut by mistake on his way to United states. His emailadress is: luismaxwell2000@yahoo.com and the website he send a false picture of him. http://profiles.yahoo.com//luismaxwell2000
I really believed him and never thought that this could happen to me.